Mitch McGary shatters backboard, needs stitches.

So Mitch McGary eliminated Indiana from his list sometime ago, and it’s sort of a stretch to put this on the blog then. But I’m putting it on anyway because, well, you kind of have to see this.

McGary was in a dunk contest, shattered the backboard all over himself and needed 37 stitches. Also, Dave Telep makes a cameo. Here it is.


  1. This guy is so over-rated, it is laughable. I saw video of him over the last 6 month, and wasn’t all that impressed. I’m not a recruiting analyst, but I think he was closer to reality at #80, than #2 (really Scout, #2???).

  2. I think the guy seems like a bit of a punk. I’m not sad that he wasn’t interested in IU anymore.

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