Observations from Thursday’s practice

We were back to the first 30 minutes format on Thursday morning, so not nearly as much to get to as there was Monday, but a few things to note.

— Running back Darius Willis was back in practice for at least the beginning of Thursday’s session, though he did head to the trainer’s tent just as the media was leaving. Tight ends Ted Bolser and Paul Phillips and linebacker Chad Sherer were the only players held out of practice.

— There was a bit of a change in the opening of practice, at least from what we’ve seen. Out of warm-ups, O-Linemen, D-Linemen, running backs and quarterbacks went straight into a contact handoff drill. I’d call it somewhere between Oklahoma drills and actual scrimmaging, seemed like it jump started practice a little bit.

— Quarterbacks went into passing drills shortly after with three quarterbacks dropping back to throw three separate routes all at the same time. It’s still tough to pick a winner from the main three — Dusty Kiel, Tre Roberson and Edward Wright-Baker. Still seeing significantly better touch on the deep ball from Wright-Baker than I’ve seen at any point in his career. Again, these passing drills are against air, so you know, use some salt here, but still shows some development.


  1. Sounds like there is no QB really taking a lead over the other 2. Shaping up to be a tough decision. Good to hear Willis back in today.

  2. Man, I am so excited for the season to start in a couple weeks. I will be unloading my tailgating stuff from the shed and into the garage. The annual cleaning and organizing of the grill, tent, seats, chairs, tubs for dinner ware, cornhole boards, table, pom poms and footballs, radio, and flags…just love football season and Indiana football!!!

  3. Dustin or anyone, I am not sure exactly what channel the Ball St game will be on. I see IUHoosiers.com says espn3. What is that? Any help would be appreciated. I have the sports upgrade and cannot find the channel.

  4. J Pat, ESPN 3 is an online channel that is only provided by certain cable providers. You’ll have to inquire with your provider or do a little research to see if you have it. It’s similar to ESPNU

  5. It’s not similar at all to ESPNU, which is a TV channel. ESPN3 (formerly espn360) is online only. The (in)famous IU/UVA game of ’09 was broadcast on this channel. The North Texas game Sept. 24 is also on ESPN3.

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