Oladipo, Watford and Red team advance to finals at Indy Pro-Am

For most of this summer league season, Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford had it a little different than their Indiana teammates. While Jordan Hulls, Will Sheehey, Matt Roth and Tom Pritchard were on loaded squads and usually had to defer, Oladipo and Watford were scoring priorities on the Red team.

That changed thanks to some recent roster moves, but those moves have also propelled the Red team into the Indy Pro-Am finals.

Indiana Pacers guard and IUPUI alum George Hill made his debut in the league this season with the Red squad and he was joined by former IU stars Eric Gordon and D.J. White, who now play for the Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Bobcats respectively. Those three led the Red team to a 112-92 in over Hulls’ Purple team on Tuesday night, with Hill leading all scorers with 50 points.

“They just told me they were playing with us,” Oladipo said. “That’s kind of different playing with three pros, but it’s a great opportunity.”

Gordon had 26 points in the win, but there were still enough shots to go around for Oladipo to score 13. He continues to show a diversified offensive game, hitting shots from the outside and showing a much better handle on drives to the basket. He was 5-for-9 from the field.

“They’re pros, you know?” Oladipo said. “They’ve got a lot of respect around here, so I just let them play. But when I get a chance, I do what I can do.”

Watford didn’t score but had seven rebounds. Hulls had three points in the loss.

The Red squad plays the Green team, which includes Matt Roth and included Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers on Tuesday, at 7 p.m. Thursday at IUPUI.


  1. Geez…..the longer the lockout rolls along maybe we can call this league the new NBA! HAHAHAh Does look like they have some really nice talent in there, though. Great opportunity for the area’s college kids.

    Plus if you have ever been over to see these games it’s a lot of fun. Bumping elbows with some good pros and All Stars. Closer to the action than ever.

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