Perea, Ferrell, Hollowell ranked close together by Scout released it’s latest Top 100 today. Most of you who are interested have probably seen them by now, but if not you can find them here. I don’t think it’s subscription only.

Anyway, to the important points. Hanner Perea is ranked No. 32 followed by Yogi Ferrell at No. 33 and Jeremy Hollowell at No. 37. Neither Ron Patterson nor Peter Jurkin are in the Top 100. IU target Gary Harris is ranked No. 13, the highest of any player in the state. Former IU target Mitch McGary was bumped up to No. 3 in the class behind Shabazz Muhammad and Andre Drummond, the consensus top two.



  1. We need to remember both Patterson and Jurkin. They will be a huge part of the “Movement”!

  2. These ranking services are a joke. I really don’t know what purpose they serve, except for the fans to get interested in. The other day, someone said that pro scouts follow the higher ranked players along the line. I don’t buy that though. They make their own impressions of these players, and don’t rely on pay site rankings for their professional opinion.

  3. I like the NBA sites since they are more relevant. Hanner, Hollowel and Yogi do better in this one - ….otherwise agree with other comments reflecting inherent bias towards players not committed being ranked higher than committed players.

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