Report: Indiana in contact with Willis is reporting that Indiana has already been in contact with Derek Willis now that the 6-foot-9 forward has de-committed from Purdue. Louisville and Kentucky have also apparently been in contact.

However, Willis’ father said he will take his time with the process and take his official visits before making a decision.


  1. Didn’t Willis’ dad say he wasn’t sure he could trust Pitino and Calipari? Wow. That was a quick turnaround.

  2. To clarify, I read Willis was at Louisville watching a practice today.

  3. It’s football season. Enough with this speculative BB recruiting stuff. Let us know if/when he commits, otherwise this is getting monotinous.

  4. Mary, not that I disagree, but where did you see that about his dad?
    Podunker: with all due respect, just don’t read these articles than.

  5. These BB recruiting stories are so prevalent, there’s not much else to read. I love IU BB as much as anyone in the Hoosier Nation, but the volume of these speculative “articles” on BB recruiting seem out of place on the eve of football season.

    I wonder if the number of these BB recruiting “articles” is normal and if I’d find the same volume of such articles if I were to be reading other college-town newspapers? I suspect the volume of such articles reinforce the notion that IU is a “basketball school.” And unfortunately, I don’t think that label is good for IU or that it makes the task of building a competitive football program any easier.

  6. Totally, totally agree with Podunker and the importance of his observation.

    At some point last year there was a blog entry promising broader coverage and more articles about sports other than basketball (though we are all very interested in round ball). I’ve mentioned this before. At that time, the narrow scope of commentary was blamed on Hoosier fans’ ‘unwillingness’ to write about anything else. I believe the answer suggested (paraphrased) ‘that is all they care about or want to discuss…etc.

    The same blog entry promised a conscious effort at more balance and broader coverage. So I decided to back off and see where that took us. It is actually worse than I thought it may be.

    Football is starting. Football is important to IU fans. We are all not only hopeful about Kevin Wilson’s Hoosiers, but we are excited and deeply involved.

    Most important, many of us are interested that I.U. show it has the will and focus to play quality football, continue its stellar and highly respected soccer program, and that our community is not only interested but also demands a comprehensive and competitive athletic program.

    We are also proud of other Hoosier teams. Soccer is very important to us. Our Hoosier program has not only been a celebrated program but a source of national respect in the world’s most popular sport. Even cross-country and a couple of other sports (i.e. tennis) are of interest to large segments of our Hoosier Nation.

    Women sports are just as important. And, there are women who represent Hoosiers with the same dignity and pride when wearing Hoosier red/white, and who we follow.

    This blog attracts many fans and alumni who continue to be involved and care deeply about all the Hoosier programs and its athletes, It would be simply great if this sports blog, principally inhabited by Hoosier fans, were more reflective of our wide sports interest and not appear so provincially mono-thematic. Thank you.

  7. Tsao, let’s put it this way, there’s a premium package to this site that includes more in depth football stories and a lot more coverage of non-revenue sports. I seriously did a number of in-depth features on non-revenue athletes this spring, including Eric Ress, Alyson Vavra, Matt Powless, DeSean Turner, Faith Sherrill, Dustin DeMuth, Morgan Melloh and Sara Olson. If you want to read those, all you have to do is pay for a subscription. You chose not to do that, so you don’t get at all the depth and breadth of what we cover. Which is fine, that’s your call. But what you’re basically doing is telling the cable company that you’re not happy there aren’t movie channels on the basic package.

  8. Podunker,
    That’s sort of a chicken and egg question I guess. I mean, we do a lot of basketball recruiting stuff, but it’s obvious that there’s a lot of attention paid to it. From what I can tell, IU basketball fans absolutely care about every single detail when it comes to recruiting. I mean, look at what R.J. Curington said. How much has R.J. Curington even been discussed as an IU target? He doesn’t even have an offer yet. And yet, he walks onto campus and everyone knows who he is. The interest is obviously there, so we have to play to that a bit.
    And football is about to pick up as we get some access. There hasn’t been anything since Big Ten Media Days, so you’ll see more starting later today.

  9. DD, I understand your interest in your newspaper. I once subscribed for two years and at renewal time, eventually decided the content in the sports section was inadequate and allowed it to lapse.

    The blog is open and you suggest separate from your function at the paper. Either way,I do hope you turn your attention to other sports, it would round you out and possibly gain your paper new readers.

  10. I’m not saying it would be funny if Willis left Purdue and chose to come to an IU program already putting together great recruiting classes I’m saying it would be hysterical. My only concern is why would someone interested in charachter listening to Cal or Ricky?

    Also, I read this site for basketball information. Anything football related is fine, but it’s not why I tune it.

  11. I am very satisfied with the provincially mono-thematic. It is what creates the buzz on the blog and entices more readers into participating.

  12. Tsao,
    I don’t know if I’d call it an entirely separate function. We have to handle it a little bit differently, but it still has to fit into the fabric of my day. I don’t work for the Scoop one day and the H-T another. Maybe I’ve made semantic failures in the past in explaining this. There aren’t exactly hard and fast rules for explaining what goes on here and what doesn’t, but at the end of the day, there needs to be some integrity to the paywall.
    And if you stopped subscribing two years ago, that’s before I got the beat. So I argue that you don’t know what you’re missing. Again, I won’t tell anyone what to do with their money, but the areas that you have cited as my weaknesses in the past (depth in reporting, respect for sports other than football and basketball) are actually, I like to believe, some of my strengths. It bothers me, especially because you are a former professional in this business, that you’ve taken time out of your day on repeated occasions to come on here and tear into us for our lack of journalistic ability without considering even close to half of what we do.

  13. I’m fine with the content.

    Go onto an Alabama blog and see how much balance between sports you get. I work with several Alabama fans, and less than half even know their basketball coach’s name. Most of them literally only pay attention to SEC football, and if their team in another sport gets deep into a postseason tournament, they’ll watch those games because it’s not football season. THAT, my fellow Hoosiers, is provincial monothematicness (I may have invented a word there).

    It’s the same with many other SEC programs–check how much attention they pay to anything other than football at Georgia, Florida (couldn’t even sell out home games as defending national champs in ’07)and LSU. Before Bruce Pearl, UT men’s basketball (not women’s–the power of Pat Summit)was the same way.

    So given IU’s tradition of success in basketball and futility in football, I think the Scoop’s coverage is remarkably persistent in trying to draw attention to sports other than men’s basketball.

  14. Dustin,

    I appreciate it that you keep us up on the latest basketball news. That’s why I come to this site. While I enjoy finding out what’s going on with Football, IU really is a basketball school. I think you’re doing a great job.

  15. I have to back up those who have in essence said that it’s really lame to castigate a journalist for responding to the market, particularly given the fact that the contraction of the journalism sector we have been witnessing is in large part due to its practice of ignoring that market.

  16. The more basketball I see here the more I read. I like football and glance at the football articles but I love the basketball stuff, even the speculative recruiting articles. Sorry Tsao Tsu and Podunker I believe you are in the minority on this one.

  17. I read them as well but I do not tire of the recruiting articles as the others have mentioned.

  18. Twitter post from is copied below:
    GoldandBlackcom Brian Neubert
    Derek Willis’ father said he doesn’t know if he can ‘trust’ coaches at UK and UL. ‘Their agenda is more for their benefit than the kid’s.’
    4 Aug

  19. To throw in my two cents, I’ve been impressed by how much the Hoosier Scoop has evolved in the past year or so, and much of what has impressed me is Dustin (and Hugh’s) tireless coverage of IU bball recruiting and the performance of prospects. In the past, I’ve had to depend on recruit aggregators like Scout and Rivals to follow prospects’ play, but Dustin and Hugh took coverage of IU recruits to the next level in recent months. Stuff like their frequent inclusion of videos (that, for the most part, I believe they filmed themselves) and profiles of young recruits IU is only half-involved in (the type of thing that wouldn’t have the impact to make it into the HT) really goes above and beyond the call of duty, and it’s a sterling example of how journalists can adapt in a changing, increasingly web-based and multi-media industry to take reporting to the next level. All of that combined with the fact that the Scoop is, after all, FREE, makes me grateful for their continued service. As for the imbalance of coverage, it merely reflects the REAL (not perceived, not misconceived, but extremely REAL) imbalance of readers’ interest and enthusiasm for one sport over the other, especially the readers who frequent this particular site.

  20. Agreed. I read this blog for the basketball news, and can’t get enough of it. Thank you Dustin! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

  21. DD, I appreciate your trying and your loyalty to your employer. No other business promotes the feeling of ‘our’ paper more than the business of a daily. And, you are right that it is part of the writer’s job to be aware and contribute to the financial health of his employer. I support that.

    Dustin, I tried hard to present my argument about broadening coverage in a positive form (“…it would be great if…”, etc. Nowhere did I mention or refer to you, it was an honest and open comment advocating for broader coverage and adding my voice to a respected fellow blogger.

    I regret you took it as personal criticism (yes, you saw a reference to a commitment you had made but a reference of fact not one of criticism; actually, even if we disagree, I think a basic entitlement of a blogger is his/her right to a position and I’ll stand with you on your right to think and write whatever suits you). It was not personal.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your detailed coverage today. I do (and have always felt that when you do involve yourself, your enthusiasm is enjoyable to the reader. Perhaps that is why we care that you not be pigeon-holed.

    And, kudos to Podunker for starting the discussion and to JPat for understanding and commenting that some in the blog do not think it needs to be an either-or (bk)issue. It is all good.

  22. I agree with JPat..I want more coverage of the team coached by a huge jerk. Good grief.

  23. I have to admit, I look here daily for basketball and football news. And probably in that order. It is however nice to hear about other sports, and, the many wonderful athletes that IU has. It keeps me informed as I want to be. But the latter is not why I visit here. I enjoy the comments, the writings. Dustin, Hugh, Chris and the other gentleman(can’t recall name, apologies) have done a good job. This is a great site for us fans that live out of town/state. I know more about what is going on with IU sports, than most of my friends that live in Bloomington.
    Most people that complain or bit!? on here, probably do that in general. Those people come on here because nobody else wants to here them, so they come here and pollute. Hope all are well, and GO HOOSIERS!

  24. I started reading and posting on the Scoop for football. Basketball plays second fiddle.

    I find that the IU football fans better fit the mold of well-rounded and intelligent sports fans. They are willing to discuss and stick with a historically bad team.

    The basketball crowd tends to draw more of the fickle, bandwagon hopping types who only come on when they want to rant about firing the coach.

  25. I have a good friend that is a big NY Yankees fan and a big Duke basketball (but NOT football) fan. The guy is from Iowa. I can not relate at all.

  26. Hope he goes to IU just for another laugh at Purdue.

    The stuff on this site is good. I like all the football and soccer stuff.

  27. Indiana was once one of the most revered basketball programs in the nation. The other day bloggers on here were having a meltdown over a kid with only one year eligibility that couldn’t start on most better high school teams in Indy. I couldn’t understand all the fussing to the point of getting in on the lunacy. Didn’t we land Zeller? I thought putting Cody in candy-stripes was what everything was hinging. I thought Scoop would just end once Cody committed. It’s like electing a president..Who the hell cares waht happens once the campaigning is over? And isn’t Cody the main reason we even have a decent football coach? Where’s Fourguards? I was hoping he wouldn’t go quietly into the Knight without seeing the plans to auction off the Championship banners and use the funds to erect a bronze statue of Crean & Cody at the corner of Fee and 17th. Funny how the tiniest speck of hope for hoops put his big mouth to final rest but yet inspired the dead to come out of their graves and cheer for Hoosier football again…The irony of it all..More coverage, Dustin! They ask for more coverage!…because even 6-feet of coverage won’t ever keep a gnawing zombie in the ground.

    Let’s not be too hard on those lonely Hoosier football souls that need to get a little drunk on pigskin…It’s either the bottle or turning to the old home movies when the house/Hall was so full of life. I’d much prefer mom pretending to be happy while foolishly wasted on cheap football than watching dad just moping around the garage and finding new places to hang the Alford poster. Balance? There’s never balance…There’s only complaining, compensation, and clinging to days never recaptured.

    Win at basketball again and the zombies will return to their horizontal cheering position and the lifeblood our school’s youth will flow through veins forever immortal.

  28. ‘Rehanging the Alford poster’…what a great post (even if it does yank our chain!). Don’t ever die…keep them coming!

  29. Mission accomplished. That was fun.

    As I said, I love IU BB as much as anyone, and I mean anyone! Saw my first game in 1965 and as a student and graduate, I never missed a home game in eight years until I was transferred out of state. And even then we’d drive eight hours, one way, several times a year to get our fix of Hoosier BB at Assembly Hall. IU BB was a very important reason I chose to attend IU.

    A person can love IU BB and IU football at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive, really! Being passionate about BB does not preve3nt one from being passionate about FB. It’s about being passionate about IU!

    I just thought that on the eve of the 2011 football season, with a new coach and as much optimism about the future as I’ve seen since Hep was hired, it would have been nice to see less speculative BB recruiting stories and more FB stories. The FB stories published today were a major improvement. My sincere compliments.

    My brother-in-law, an All-American (at Tenn) and NFL Pro for five years has attended three IU FB games in Bloomington. He’s attended IU-Penn State, IU-Wisc and IU- Mich games. After the last game, as we were walking to the car, he turned to me and said, “Three Big Ten games against good teams in three years. None of the games were sold out. It appears you Hoosiers got the team you deserve.”

    IU can be more than just “a basketball school.” In fact, it is a financial imperative that IU be more than just a basketball school.

  30. Im an avid and I mean avid IU fan, but I would say that avidness is 99% toward basketball and 1% toward football. I will take any and all the basketball news you can feed me please!

  31. Basketball money is a drop in the bucket compared to football money. Texas athletics brought in $138 million in 2010, North Carolina brought in $70 million despite an enormous basketball facility packed every game and pretty good football turnout but in a tiny stadium. Who knows what IU athletics could do if the football team started generating OSU or Michigan type revenue (which, I know, isn’t possible in our stadium, but still…)? We finally have a nice facility. The fan base is there. If Coach Wilson puts a winner on the field I think everything changes. I have no qualms with fans that don’t turn watch the kind of teams we’ve been fielding recently (and all too often in our history). If I lived closer I would have come to games but I also would have not shown up if someone, say, offered me a ticket to see Notre Dame/USC on the same day. I like IU football but I like good football better. I enjoy reading about basketball year round but it’s football season, baby. Bring it on.

  32. IU has been crap at football far too long to make any argument “a financial imperative” for the survival of any the other sports;athletic programs at IU. All I heard on this blog was how essential for IU Basketball in “locking down the borders” as to not let our prime basketball talent continue to be cherry-picked by top b-ball schools we used to find little threat luring our prime high school players out of state. It is by bloggers on admissions on this site that Indiana is saturated with talent primarily concentrated in one sport. And I’m sure the same backwoods mentality goes far beyond this tight-knit blogging club home to five geniuses and former journalists.

    I believe it is far more financially imperative for IU to abandon such ridiculously outdated thinking and begin to look immediately for hoops talent outside our borders. Though we may want to believe there is no state in the nation that has as many mothers holding eggs in their ovaries destined to to born baby Birds and Baileys, we need to get off the Cody dream couch and become more aggressive in Chicago and other markets with strong talent. If we go down a road of selling IU as a balanced school that must find football talent(coaches and players) from all corners the globe to make the program competitive, can we please, at minimum, adopt the same theories for our walled-off hoops camp headed by preacher Crean’s Globetrotters of Christianity? It is fine to have a passion for both sports as long the same rational goals to maintaining there health applies to both. In this blogger’s humble opinion, it’s rather insane to act like the best hoops talent in the nation can be found within a 50 mile radius of Bloomington(or simply by plucking commitments out of 14-year-old kids on an Indiana Elite squad), and then scream for football equality. People were ready to fire Crean if he couldn’t land Zeller… Is that rational? Does that not sing to the heavens just how out of whack and egocentric we treat hoops in this state? Don’t cry to me you want balance.

    Start realizing you need a basketball program that is as modern-day your vision for football. We brought in a coach for IU football from one of the strongest programs consistently in the national spotlight. We thought that was the cure-all for pigskin. Yet, we believe there is such a plethora of b-ball talent in the state that our head coach in charge of rebuilding our hoops from the ashes of destruction needs almost zero notoriety because we breed 5-star players at a Cook Cloning facility in a large shed behind Bloomington South’s football stadium. Balance? Get me some b-ball talent in a Hoosier uniform from Chicago or NYC(Hell, maybe even find me a 4-star freshman center from Oklahoma instead a 5th year overinflated average pimple on Cody’s butt from LSU!) and then we can talk of your desire to have balance that can feed your equal passion for a vibrant football program imperative to our survival…blah…blah..blah.

    Wake up, people. You’re fine with closing off IU basketball to kids all over the country that should want to come here and then you put football snake oil in your suitcase and tell an Oklahoma check-cashing opportunist how modern we are. What a ton of hogwash. Chet from NC?..Husky from Seattle?….Didn’t Calipari steal a good one from your backyard? Or was that kid from Indiana? Where is Tsao from? California? Do they play basketball in California or do all the kids just grow up to be USC football players? It’s just a damn shame some of the cities our popular bloggers call home couldn’t be next to the names some young men on our b-ball roster. I realize Wilson will make us a football magnet across the country, but maybe you guys could help our poor basketball coach get a few kids to come to Indiana from your home turf. Could you spread the word on the streets? Just imagine how modern and relevant we could one day become.

  33. oops…

    It is fine to have a passion for both sports as long the same rational goals to maintaining /their/ health applies to both

  34. I think that was nearly 3-pages double-spaced. Purdue here I come! Watch out, Tsao. Granted it wasn’t on quick demand, but it does prove Tsao is not the only guy in the waiting room that can produce a sizable specimen in a plastic cup. Though, I wholeheartedly admit, the globe does momentarily stop spinning when Tsao hits the “Submit Comment” button(also known as the flush handle)…Maybe he can do it ten times in a row and make us all younger.

  35. Chet, once again you said it perfectly. “It’s football season, baby. Bring it on.”

    Everyone knows that IU football has been terribly disappointing for most of the last 40 years. I share every Hoosier fan’s extreme frustration over the low quality of play that most of those teams displayed. And to compound the problem, when we have a coach that begins to build success, the moron administrators fire him. Then, just when we have a coach that inspires us and begins to build a competitive program, trajedy strikes.

    But I think Glass is a pro,and Wilson and his staff represent the investment that IU has made in FB. this should allow all of us to have renewed hope, to get excited about something that for many people has been a source of despair and embarrassment. It has been so frustrating that some people seem to have permanantly lost the ability to become optimistic about IU football. That’s sad on so many levels.

    With tempered and realistic expectations about the 2011 season, there is a lot of good news about IU football. There are a lot of reasons to get excited and renew that old optimism. I just hope Hoosier fans don’t take that old “wait and see attitude.” The players, coaches, and the entire program need people in the seats and displaying a lot of enthusiasm. And they need people to believe the program can be turned into a winner. They also need the Bloomington media to show a lot of support.

    For all you fans that are only interested in BB, here’s my question to you. Which IU team, BB or FB, will be first to experience post season play? I hope it’s both teams, but which team is more likely to extend their season? Will Wilson take his team to a bowl game before Crean’s team goes to the big dance? Or will Crean break through this year?

    And for anyone that believes IU sports, in general, can remain competitive without a successful football program and the revenue it produces, you are sadly mistaken. Football revenue is essential. And by the way, for all those fans living in Bloomington, a successful football team will be a huge boost for the local econocmy.

  36. Top 5 things I will never read:

    5) Anything by Ayn Rand

    4) The Koran

    3) Posts that speculate about the basketball class of 2015

    2) Going Rogue: An American Life, by Sarah Palin

    1) Post #40 by Lord I Was Born a Rambling Man

  37. That’s pretty funny. I might browse the Koran, certainly before I’d read Sarah Palin. It’s geared to a less fanatical crowd.

  38. Jonathan, agree about point #1 for sure. Same thing crossed my mind. $h*t or get off the pot. I would say in the next year or so, you can read about the 2015 class, but I agree right now.

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