Rod Smith adds clarification to quarterback situation

Co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Rod Smith said that just because Indiana isn’t ruling out playing multiple quarterbacks, that doesn’t mean they are going to have a rotation.

They will pick someone to start the game, he said, but they won’t guarantee that person will finish the game. The starter will not be scripted to only play so many series, and he won’t be pulled after his first foul-up.

“We’re going to decide tonight, tomorrow or whatever, it will be before Saturday, as far as who will go out,” Smith said after practice Tuesday. “Whoever goes out, we don’t want him looking over his shoulder. I don’t want him thinking, ‘Hey, I’m gonna pull you if you make a mistake.’ Because we’re gonna make mistakes. Very rarely do you play a perfect game. Mistakes will be made. Hopefully it’s just not costly ones. So we don’t want him playing over his shoulder whoever it is, but at the same time, if it gets to the point that we need to play both of them, then we will. We can handle that because we’ve shared some reps with guys all camp. They’ve all gotten quality reps. Hopefully we have three ready to play. That’s always been my goal from Day 1 is to have three guys ready to play. Do we have three? We have three that can take snaps. We don’t have three ready to play, but we’re getting there. We’re making way on it.”

Smith said he has seen improvements in the quarterbacks in recent weeks. Neither he nor Kevin Wilson was thrilled about where redshirt sophomores Dusty Kiel and Edward Wright-Baker were midway through camp, but Smith said he’s seen their consistency improve.

“They’re becoming a little more consistent, which is what we’re asking them to do,” Smith said. “Their reads are getting better. They’re making smarter decisions with the football. That’s what we’re asking them to do. Take care of the ball. … They’re both becoming more consistent as they take each rep, which is pleasing.”

Smith said he’s continued to be impressed with Tre Roberson. He said he’s not sure where he is in the competition, but that he’s not going into the season considering the possibility of a redshirt.

“We’re not concerned about the redshirt part,” Smith said. “If he’s good enough to play, he’s gonna play. He’s gotta prove that. He did some very good things in fall camp. We’ll do that and the process. Will he start for us? I don’t know if he’s gonna start for us or not, but he’s had some real good (practices). Will he play? There’s a chance he could see a package and we’ll do some things with him, just because he’s that athletic and he’s manned up and done enough good things that it makes you sit back and say, ‘Hey, this kids got a little something.’ There’s always a possibility that we could do something with him.”

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  1. I’ve never had the pleasure of debating a collegiate quaterback controversy i genuinely cared about… i’m looking forward to that for the next couple years.

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