Sheldon Day commits to Notre Dame

I know seeing posts of commits to other schools is getting a little old, but just thought you all might find this one interesting. Sheldon Day, the five-star defensive tackle from Warren Central who was regarded along with Gunner Kiel among the top football recruits in the state of Indiana, has committed to Notre Dame according to several reports, including this one in the Chicago Tribune.

Day reportedly had 20 scholarship offers from major schools, including one from Indiana. Also on the list were Auburn, Florida, LSU, Michigan and Penn State.


  1. Can’t really blame the kid for accepting an offer from ND. Real good school and obviously a great FB tradition. But I don’t think ND is ever going to return to the glory days of old. They’re just swimming against the current of big time college football. They have not been able to compete with the powerhouse FB teams for years.

    Every time I see them play on NBC, I wonder how much money NBC loses on that contract. I know ND alumns are very loyal, but does anyone else care these days? They’re no more a factor in college football in the last five years than IU has been.

  2. It’s tough to sell South Bend weather to a kid when he can play someplace warm. ND really is a great school with a great football tradition but they have so many things working against them in trying to rebuild their program. South Bend is a nice enough city but it’s not exactly glamorous. If they don’t turn it around in the next ten years they may never regain the stature they once had. We do have a local kid coming from North Carolina to ND but he’s all about the education. Most of his offers from traditional powers were from SEC schools and they didn’t interest him at all. One of his teammates will be playing next year at Brown. Our QB from a couple years ago ended up playing for MIT. Not bad for a public school in the mountains.
    None of them will make the NFL but they will probably be OK.

  3. Chet; yea, that’s what I meant when I wrote “swimming against the current.” I don’t think the weather is the big issue, it’s ND’s unyielding admissions standards. They don’t cut athletes much, if any slack. While I appaud their principaled position on academics, the truth is that the best FB players in the country won’t go to a school that requires them to be rigorous students, and many couldn’t meet ND’s admission requirements in the first place. Since I don’t see that trend reversing any time soon, it’s going to be tougher and tougher for ND to compete amongst the FB elete. They’re becoming Vandy with bad winters!

    If a kid wants nice weather, beautiful campus and great academics, Stanford has the advantage over ND.

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