Tandon Doss breaks up fight at Inner Harbor

This has made the rounds already this morning, but it’s really interesting. Tandon Doss apparently broke up a fight on Thursday at a Five Guys in Inner Harbor. The story from the home of the great Chris Korman.

UPDATE: Here’s a Yahoo story on the incident (which also quotes the Baltimore Sun story) with a bloggish take on the incident.


  1. Good to know that knife wielding idiot didn’t make Tandon’s heroic decision out to be a very bad one. I would have to agree with the writer though…How does Tandon expect to perform at optimum level after downing a Five Guys meal?? I know I’m in no shape to be running around and taking hits to the gut after a greasy burger and sack of fries. To each his own I guess.

  2. Tandon also made two outstanding catches against Washington thrown by the #2 QB in the second half. I did not see James Hardy play a snap.

  3. Haha.. I work right down the street from that Five Guys. And #2 is Tyrod Taylor from Virginia Tech. Doss has had a great preseason and is gonna be the #3 in Baltimore IMO. GO IU!

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