1. Ben, stay in shape and near your phone. The Redskins are going to need more Quarterbacks to replace their injured starters before the season is over. Even though the NFL might as well put pink dresses or flags on them these days, Washington’s O-line is going to get those guys hurt. Stay ready.

  2. As an IU fan I always want our boys to do well, but as a realist I have to admit that Ben doesn’t come across as having the intangibles for playing at the next level. Unless he really did something in camp that really made the coaches stand up and take notice the odds are that he was cut because he simply wasn’t good enough.

  3. I would have said that Ben had all of the “intangibles”, but lacked some athleticism. Look for him to sign on somewhere for a practice squad position to keep learning the pro game. Many teams want a QB in the organization at that level.

  4. Waiting, I agree. Some thought he would be an NFL qb. I was not one of them. If Kellen Lewis would have stayed out of trouble, Chapell would not have received much playing time. He would not have racked up the numbers. He also benefited from good receivers and no running game, so he had to throw alot. But also suffered because of the same.
    That said, he did graduate and played well, just not at the NFL talent level.

  5. Ben did well with what he had. He was an above average college QB his Senior year. But I never watched him and said “Wow!” Honestly, Gunner has a more impressive arm in HS than Ben did his senior year in college. With Gunner, the first pass I ever saw him throw, I said “WOW!”

    The new rules protecting NFL quarterbacks (ridiculous, by the way) and the value placed on NFL experience serve to extend the veterans’ careers for so long, it’s very, very difficult for a good college QB to break in. Not counting the guys on the rosters and practice squads, there are probably another 50 quarterbacks with some NFL experience that could be called in and plugged in as a back-ups.

    With that said, Ben’s intelligence, work ethic and attitude still gives him a chance to make some NFL roster if the breaks go his way. Regardless, he’ll go on to be a successful man.

  6. Those new NFL rules do extend QB’s careers just as they are intended to do. They are hard on new QB’s who need longer careers to develop to make a impact in performance. I would say that after watching 2 years of Curtis Painter in Indy the Colts need to make an immediate offer to BC just so they have somebody that can absorb and put to use what Peyton pontificates.

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