Wilson: Roberson the best QB so far

Kevin Wilson made it clear that reporters shouldn’t read to deeply into his words. He wasn’t naming a starter, and he wasn’t suggesting that he was definitively comfortable playing a freshman quarterback.

But when asked which quarterback has impressed him the most so far, he responded with the newest one.

“The best one is the high school kid right now,” Wilson said, referring to Tre Roberson, the freshman quarterback from Lawrence Central. “I ain’t playing a freshman quarterback, but if you watch the practice tape, he’s making the plays. Is he the answer? No. There’s a lot going on, but I’ve been very impressed. He’s made some plays running, he’s throwing it well. He’s a nice player.”

But of course, that means he also wants to see more from the veterans, not only sophomores Dusty Kiel and Ed Wright-Baker, who are considered the favorites for the job, but also junior Adam Follett and senior Teddy Schell.

“I think our older guys, I would like to see those guys be more consistent,” Wilson said. “All of them. Across the board. I think the young guy is playing every bit as good as those guys, which to me, shouldn’t happen. To me that’s encouragement for him, but maybe a little disappointing. I’d like to see those older guys pick it up.”

But Wilson made it very clear, he isn’t close to giving Roberson the reins.

“That doesn’t mean we’re gonna play a freshman,” he said. “I’m not close to saying that. Don’t read nothing into that. It’s just been very surprising. He holds his own. If you don’t know numbers, and you just watched, you would say that guy’s not a freshman.”


  1. So he “ain’t playing a freshman quarterback”, What does this mean for Gunner????

  2. Mean’s Gunner will redshirt his first year to gain bulk and learn Wilson’s system. Great high school QB’s still need an adjustment period to the NCAA most of the time.

  3. This seems to me to be a way for Wilson to fire up the upper classmen quarterbacks and get them working just a little harder. Psychological warfare.

  4. “…I think the young guy is playing every bit as good as those guys, which to me, shouldn’t happen. To me that’s encouragement for him, but maybe a little disappointing…”

    That’s not a good sign. If Tre is playing as good as the veterans, and the veterans aren’t playing all that well, what does that tell us about our quarterback situation?

    I was hoping one of the returning veterans would distance themselves from the others and firmly establish themselves as the frontrunner. Thankfully it’s early, (what are we four practices into preseason camp?) and there is time for things to get sorted out, but you would think that the four QB’s who went through spring ball would have a better grasp of what is going on.

    I wonder if this situation is taking place with other position battles? If Wilson’s true freshman or the redshirt freshman are outperforming the veterans that tells me we’ll be outmanned when we play conference teams with talented, experienced, players. I know Evans had made an impression on the coach prior to his ACL injury.

  5. 1992, My thoughts agree completely. I also believe it proves everyone on the roster gets a tried and tested look see for a fair evaluation. He has an eye for winners.

    Not a game yet played but I am contemplating if AD Glass can keep Coach Wilson in Bloomington for his seven years. Now he is a HC makes him easier to observe for anyone in need.

  6. Good to hear you Mike P. Must be that time of year. Does Gunner have good size already? I have not seen him in person. But he looks pretty stout in photos.

  7. Quick fact check. Roberson actually committed to Lynch. Wilson kept him, so not necessarily trying to take away credit there, but most of this freshman class were Lynch recruits.

  8. “So he “ain’t playing a freshman quarterback”, What does this mean for Gunner????”

    He means he’s not close to naming Roberson the starter, not that he refuses to start a freshman quarterback.

  9. IUHOOSIER1992, You nailed it. We are watching a master at work. He played Trudeau yesterday, beautifully. To use a cliche’, Trudeau was playing checkers while Wilson was playing chess. Now he’s subtly lighting a fire under the upperclassmen without even mentioning them. This is awesome.

  10. 1. Your point Dustin? …or is it just frivolous commentary?
    2. I think that we are all proud and happy that Gunner Kiel signed with Indiana. Welcome. However, Gunner Kiel will be at Indiana next year. The thing that separates winners from losers are that the losers are always thinking about next year. Quickly, next year becomes a cause for losing this year. This is the heart of the culture we need to change now!
    3. Why? Because we are no endemically losers.

  11. It’s all frivolous commentary Tsao. We’re talking about sports.
    Just pointing out the facts. I’m not arguing Wilson can’t recruit, he got Gunner Kiel. Just saw something about it being “Wilson’s freshmen.” Most of this class initially signed with Lynch. Wilson even made that point at availability last night (side note, sorry I haven’t been posting audio. Technical difficulties on my part). That’s not being critical of him in the least, as he’s obviously doing a bang-up job with this upcoming class. Just saying that any notion that there is a whole class of Wilson’s guys who are going to take away jobs from Lynch’s guys is inaccurate.
    That’s all. No one’s taking shots. No one’s putting the program down. Carry on.

  12. My read is that Wilson is trying to light a fire under the “older” QBs. He’s also throwing a bone to his freshman QB who is obviously making a positive impression.

    Wilson is an old-school FB coach. Love it!

  13. Tsao,

    Gunner Kiel has not signed with Indiana. He has to wait until February like everyone else.

  14. Mass Hoosier,

    Thanks, I’ve been around, but been really busy with work and the kid, plus dealing with some minor health issues, so my focus has been elsewhere, but football always draws me in! 🙂

  15. My gosh, can you imagine a football coach using “psychology” to light a fire under his starting QB’s? And the Freshman was “Mr. Football” in Indiana. I expect both Kiel and Wright-Baker to be much better than Ben Chappell (as a sophomore) and Tre Robinson to be much better than Kellen Lewis (as a freshman)!

  16. Good! And good answer. Sometimes phrases can be misunderstood without the context. That is exactly what I asked. Perhaps, you thought the question [“…the point…?”} was wondering what the point of the statement was and whether there may have been an underlying point. And, you would and were absolutely right thinking it was part of the question and answering it to make it perfectly clear. Great job, that’s why I asked the question directly of you…as a goo writer you know that it is best if the thought between the lines is made more clearly so the reader understands the assumptions underlying the statements.

    I appreciate your straightforward answers.

    By the way, you are also totally right that stationary bicycles have been used forever (well, nearly forever). I do have memory of seeing them in the NFL sidelines for quite a while. I did ask some friends who are trainers and they explained that the idea is to stretch soft tissue in motion (which carries oxygen in the blood and the soft tissue gradually warms up).

    (Andrew, you are right…misstatement on my part. Kiel basically made a personal, non-binding commitment to IU and coach Wilson. Given the character of the individual- Gunner- and his family, I counted him but you are absolutely right. Thanks).

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