IU knocks off No. 2 Ohio State, 74-70

With four critical stops in the last 40 seconds, No 13 Indiana pulled out a see-saw victory 74-70 victory over No. 2 Ohio State in front of 17,472 at Assembly Hall on Saturday night, becoming the first Hoosier team in school history to beat the No. 1 and No. 2 team in the Associated Press poll in the same season.

The Hoosiers fell behind 70-69 on a jumper by Ohio State’s DeShaun Thomas with 1:53 to go but didn’t allow the Buckeyes (13-2) to score again. The Hoosiers forced four turnovers in the last 1:24. A steal by senior guard Verdell Jones led to a layup by sophomore Victor Oladipo that gave the Hoosiers the lead for good. Another critical stop forced Ohio State to put Jordan Hulls on the line, and Hulls made one of two free throws to make it a 72-70 game. 

Ohio State’s William Buford forced a 3-pointer early on the next possession. Junior forward Christian Watford got the rebound and hit two free throws to seal it.

“Defense was what really got us the lead in the first place when we had it,” Hulls said. “That’s what kept us in the game. We were just staying active. (Jones) did a great job there at the end forcing a turnover, making him throw a bad pass and we got a deflection.”

The Hoosiers got just 21 minutes from freshman center Cody Zeller, who fouled out, but he still scored 14 points and foul trouble for three Ohio State stars hampered the Buckeyes for much of the game. Sophomore center Jared Sullinger, sophomore forward DeShaun Thomas and senior guard William Buford each finished with four fouls and had three early in the game. Sullinger still had 15 points and nine rebounds, but Thomas scored just five points and Buford had just eight after a hot start.

“It made them use their bench,” Jones said. “A lot of the film we watched, they went six deep, maybe seven. Today they used a lot of guys that usually don’t get much playing time. Playing in an atmosphere like this is different.”

Meanwhile, the Hoosiers finished with five players in double figures. Hulls led the way with 17, including four 3-pointers. Oladipo had 15, Zeller and Jones had 14 each, and Watford added 10. The Hoosiers shot 50 percent in the second half to finish at 45.8 percent for the game.

Ohio State opened the game on a 7-0 run and led by as many as 10 points in the first half, but the Hoosiers had a 33-32 lead by halftime. By the time it was over, there were 11 lead changes and nine ties, but the Hoosiers had their biggest lead when it ended.

It was the first time the Hoosiers beat Ohio State since Feb. 10, 2008. The Buckeyes won the last six games by an average of 19.3 points.

“All that stuff we go through, we can’t come out here and get punked,” Oladipo said. “We just went toe-to-toe with them. They’ve been punking us for the past couple of years. This year, we had to go toe-to-toe with them, and we came out with a victory.”

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls, Victor Oladipo and Verdell Jones

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 1

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 2

AUDIO: Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, Derek Elston


  1. The thing I like the most about this year’s team is that they play better in the second half than in the first. They weren’t able to do that last year. It show’s they’re able to grasp what the coaches are telling them and then doing it.

  2. When we get Sheehey back, we’re going to be a force. BTW, that last foul on Zeller was as lame a call as I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. After patiently wathing this team the past three years,its very exciting to watch them. Im keeping expectations reasonable,but i lovethis team.GO HOOSIERS!

  4. The referees completely ruined that game. So many bad calls, and too many calls. They slowed down the pace so much that IU couldn’t get any fast breaks going, and took the crowd out of it (to a certain extent).

    Despite the constant whistles, I’m glad IU prevailed. I don’t think any team will come to Assembly Hall without fear in their hearts for many years to come.

    Oh, did anyone else think Sullinger was a total jerk in that game? How about his beating of the chest when he thought he drew the charge? Not smart when playing away from home. In my opinion, during the brief stretch when they could actually play head to head, Zeller did pretty well against him. Too bad the refs didn’t let them both play.

  5. Great game! It is thrilling to see IU strong at the end when you know OSU had to be thinking it would be OSU strong at the end.

    I got the impression that the team is still not comfortable with how they are to play with Zeller on the floor. They seemed to actually play better when Zeller was on the bench. Or was that my imagination?

  6. Hey, I just noticed that we didn’t storm the court after this victory. That’s the real proof that we’re back, because knocking off #2 isn’t such a big surprise anymore : )

  7. I agree,the officiating was awful,way too many touch fouls.Think how the players must feel after the way the MSU game was officiated and then here where everything was a foul.Can’t Jones ever foul out?Oh yeah,hard to foul when you don’t play defense.

  8. So do the Big ten refs have to watch tape of the games they call? The two old gray head dudes need to retire. They missed illegal moving screens like they were blind. It makes the game not nearly as enjoyable when they are constantly calling fouls on ticky tacky stuff then miss the obvious

    Regardles…..great gutsy game Hoosiers. Sure will be glad to get Sheehey back.

  9. Personally, I thought that the only advantage Sullinger brought was a weight/strength advantage. Cody looked quicker and more skilled. I didn’t mind Sullinger’s exuberance. I like players to be excited. If he had actually gotten the call it would have been a big play. It WAS a big play. For us.

    Does anyone else think that MSU’s front line looks a lot better?

  10. CTC is certainly to be commended for ‘reading’ the officiating. He just had the guys feed CWat down low and, as soon as OSU made contact, here comes the whistle. He seriously outcoached Thad.

  11. Sullinger actually tweeted that “IU basketball is back…tough team” or something to that extent. So he showed class after the game. What’s wrong with him showing emotion during the game? If Victor did something like that, we’d love it. He thought he got the call and was excited. No big deal to me.

    On another note, we probably didn’t storm the court because there weren’t as many students there due to the break.

    Great game overall, despite the pace being stalled by a lot of whistles. IU adjusted better than OSU.

    Excellent point earlier by someone who said that the team plays well in the 2nd half. This team has come out strong in the 2nd half of basically every game this season.

    Can’t believe we have 13 wins before the sun sets on 2011.

  12. Not only 13 wins but 13 that include one each against the #1 & #2 ranked teams…that is AMAZING. I love it, and the exciting part is this team has a lot of room to improve still.

  13. Times are good. Happy New Year to all (including Downing). Feels great to be a Hoosier. Dont F@&?! with Indiana!

  14. Good win. Now which underclassman will get booted off the team in the off season to make room for “The Movement”? I’m not sure there is one I would want to see leave. I suppose if CWat keeps playing like a pro, he’ll declare for the draft.

  15. 5 seniors, 5 recruits Why does anyone have to leave? Also the Big Ten lets u have 1 extra
    i thought? Besides we need to worry about next year, next year, and enjoy this year without rumors of who is getting cut. 2011 13-1 who would have guessed that!!!!
    GO IU

  16. Florida, Wisconsin, and Louisville were all ranked ahead of IU this week. All three lost this past week and didn’t have any significant victories. MSU beat us at their place, so they should move ahead of us.

    If I was a pollster, Indiana would move up from AP No. 13 to about No. 11 then and from ESPN No. 15 to No. 13 with MSU one or two spots above them.

    I have a hard time believing IU will fall in the polls, but moving up a spot or two makes sense.

  17. Forgot about Marquette, who was ranked two spots ahead of IU in the ESPN Poll (one behind in the AP Poll). So No. 12 in the ESPN Poll would make sense too.

  18. Southport – Barnett is not a scholarship player, so IU only has 4 scholarship seniors (with Daniel Moore being awarded one this season).

    But regardless, it’s not worth talking about anyway. It’ll work out in due time I’m sure.

  19. I’m tired of seeing VJIII getting dogged on these forums. If not for him, we don’t beat OSU, and we never would have been close in the MSU game. Seems to me that ripping VJ has become a habit. Does he have limitations? Obviously. But so does every player, yet no one else gets that level of scrutiny and abuse. Just try to remember, he is one of ours.

  20. Hey John,did you see Hulls take a charge and hit his head on the floor?Did you see Roth take a charge on Their star and get floored?Have you ever seen Jones do anything but get out of the way and maybe swat at them?Forget the multitude of turnovers ,bad shots,matador defense.He is soft.All we are saying is take him out when he makes mistakes.maybe he would get the idea it is not OK to dribble into people,take ill advised shots,etc

  21. I love this team! They are a team that competes…they find a way to win. 5 guys in double figures, again! I am not a big fan of VJIII. I don’t like trashing him because he is one of ours…but, he makes so many glaring errors….but then he scores when we need him, too. Every time I curse him he comes back & does something good, unfortunately, the reverse of that happens way too much as well. The B10 is a tough conference…IU will lose some games. Let’s keep winning all the home games, win some road games and go dancing in March! Go IU!!

  22. Is it just me ,or did Assembly Hall and the Kohl Center (Wisconsin) just trade places this week ???? Visiting teams will fear playing at Indiana again … Great win last night! IU IS DEFINITELY BACK !

  23. Not sure why people bust on Verdell Jones III. He has been with this program through thick and thin and deserves the respect of all Hoosier Nation.

  24. I just re-watched the game, and my initial feelings were confirmed… IU FINALLY GOT THE GOOD END OF A TERRIBLY OFFICIATED GAME!!!!

    I am glad we are finally good enough to take advantage of gifts from the refs.

    I have been waiting to have that feeling for so many years. After the first half I was actually feeling guilty because we were getting the benefit of so many bad calls, but then I remembered all the times I have felt the opposite and just started to enjoy it. Then the refs decided to try to even it out and fouled Cody out on 4 non-fouls.

    I thought we would have held on at MSU if Hulls hits one of those good looks down the stretch. In this game he did his thing. That’s what I was saying before about learning things of this team. How do we play on the road, how do we react after a loss, how does a player like Hulls respond after a bad game… We know a lot more about this IU team now.

    Great win, but… I don’t know how it turns out if the refs don’t take Sullinger out of the game on some of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. I went back and replayed all of his charge/block calls and they all went wrongly against him. The first one he was already in the air on the way to the hoop and ball way out of his hand when Jordy slid in for position. The second one was the worst, when Roth didn’t give him a place to land. And the chest pounding incident was definitely a charge, he had both feet about 10 inches outside the circle and took it square in the chest.

    As several of you have mentioned already I thought Crean severely outcoached Thad. But hey he is used to getting the raw end of the deal. Thad and his players rarely have to overcome adversity. Rarely have to overcome getting the short end of the reffing stick (see win vs Duke when the refs allowed OSU to play defense WWF-style all game and then call ticky tack fouls on the Plumlee’s).

    So just like I am taking the MSU loss with a grain of salt, I am going to not get overly excited about this win.

    We are a good team. We are a deep team. We can overcome having Zeller in foul-trouble against a good team. We can win without Sheehey. We can beat a good team without Watford having a big scoring night. We can stay composed at the end of games. Kentucky wasn’t a fluke. We are learning some things.


  25. Guys IU is back. We probably got the shaft on a few call at MSU Like……when jordan accidently got his foot tangled up with the MSU player which was probably a foul, but then the player took 4-5 steps to lay in shot and shoot a free throw. NBA Cont…in college now. Some cheap fouls on Zeller last night that used to never be called in BIG10. Everyone wants to pick on VJIII, but what about Pritchard, he could’nt guard is own shadow. When we get Sheehey back look out rest of league.

  26. Also, I really enjoyed listening to Dan Dakich do the commentary. He certainly was objective, but he also gave a lot of great insight into the IU program and the IU fanbase to a national audience. He probably didn’t say anything that those of us on this blog don’t understand, but he did give everyone else a lesson on Hoosier hoops. I think it was good for our visibility and hopefully recruiting.

    Again, it was all subtle stuff, but he was certainly re-legitimizing IU on a national level.

  27. Where is the love for Oladipo? He brought the energy to the team and crowd with his two steals from Craft. He has as much upside as any player on IU. Just saying…

  28. Oladipo probably doesn’t get enough credit. I see him almost as essential to this team as Zeller. Without his defense, we would be screwed, and he REALLY adds energy. He is a human highlight reel with all his dunks.

  29. First of all, congrats to IU on your win. Now seriously to the Big 10 commissioner, this was one of the worst ever officiated games. Consistantly over and over, bad call after another. Not for one team over another but both. To bad, I was looking forward to a great game, up and down, back and forth, but no it was decided by the officials that “THEY” would control the game and not the players. Let the players do what they do best, perform and let the best win the game. The refs did not cost OSU the game, they played horribly, but question is, on what level did the refs change the chemisty of the game. Great job IU and glad to see your back, here’s to better officiating. Yes I’m a Buckeye fan, good luck.

  30. Oladipo is the heart/engine of this team. His energy changes the game. I must say, Abell was solid as well as Elston. Jordy and Zeller sat a while yesterday, those two backups filled in nicely. Gotta give Roth some credit too.
    Carl, I don’t think you will get much disagreement on the officiating. They took two of the best players out of the game. Kinda robbed us all of a better game to watch. I was frustrated with the calls, and, I felt bad for the teams.

  31. Watching the OSU game yesterday, I saw IU players make a lot of mistakes, certainly enough to lose the game. But I also saw something, on the positive side, that is much more important than playing mistake free BB. I saw IU fight. IU’s players fought for each other and they fought for the fans in Assembly Hall. They fought off a slow start and a deficit in the early minutes. They fought off some ticky-tacky calls by the referees and the loss of their post man in the closing minutes. When other teams would have folded, they just fought harder. IU never got down, never became discouraged and never got frustrated with each other. They never stopped believing they could win, and when it mattered, they found that extra effort necessary to win. That was beautiful.

    Twice now, IU has faced teams that had more talent, more size, and more notoriety. And twice they fought harder and pulled out the win. Regardless of how the remainder of the season turns out, this team is one we can all be very proud of.

  32. Not a fan of Dan Dakich. He reminds me a lot of past Scoop journalists that went on to bigger and better things…He uses the old “strive for objectivity” persona to mask the fact he has a real desire to see IU falter. That’s my take. There’s sour grapes and prejudice under all that love. The expertise is no replacement for the superficiality.

    Next time Dakich does an IU game, I’m drowning him out with Don Fischer’s radio broadcast.

  33. Not a huge Dakich fan, either. On his radio show he sort of tries to play the no-nonsense, straight-talkin’ tough guy…I think he imagines himself as Robert Duval playing Tom Hagen in the Godfather (kinda looks like him, too). He comes across as obnoxious and full of himself. The guy was a mediocre coach at Bowling Green and scared off half the Sampson kids when he took over as interim coach. Hard to take him seriously.

  34. Great win Hoosiers. Congrats to the kids for playing thru their mistakes and doing enough good things to win the game against a pretty good ball team. It is refreshing to see IU Basketball being played at a level that is both competitive and entertaining. Added Fischer to the ’13 class too. Nice.

    Can you imagine how good IU could be if Crean could coach?! /sarc off (screw the Crean haters)

  35. I listen to Dan’s show when I’m in town, and I also stream it from time to time… I don’t hear him all the time so I actually enjoy him. I think it’s a little far-fetched to think he secretly wants to see IU falter. I don’t get that at all. I see him as an IU guy who is doesn’t allow his history to interfere with his objectivity. I think he is doing a service for IU during the broadcast, but again, not FOR IU fans…

    Javan/JfB/Mass/etc – I agree. I thought Dipo was the MVP of the game and one of 3 indispensable players. His defense on Buford and Craft was key. He shifted the momentum going into halftime with those 2 plays, and then his play to put us ahead for good was typical transition highlight for VO. I love that we have a player that has typical transition highlights…

  36. The game was played at a very fast pace and not one of the ref’s was probably under 60 year’s old..they could not keep up and trying to protect Sullinger just made terrible calls.The thing that impressed me more than anything was..the last 4 minutes of the game when Cody fouled out..it was the same 5 player’s that finished this game with a win..that was on the team last year.They have improved so much even when Cody is not on the floor.I sat 10 feet away from Sullinger’s dad and he was amazed at how much IU has improved.He said he never doubted that OSU would pull the game out..and when they didn’t he was very impressed and said they will finish no worse than 3rd in the Big Ten.I also heard a big kid from Wisconsin verbally commited to IU for 2013.THIS IS INDIANA!!!!

  37. History always interferes with objectivity. I wonder if Geoff watched the replay of Hulls blowing by Buford on a drive to the goal as many times his “objective” eye wanted to watch cheap foul calls against Sullinger over and over and over and over and over….LOL. Excuses, excuses…. The train has gone by and then they scream like cabooses.

    I think Matta rolled the dice keeping Sullinger on the bench for almost 10 minutes of the first half. He killed OSU’s momentum with the gamble. It will be nice to see the ex-Butler coach, a mediocre coach that built his early credentials in OSU’s b-ball program by stealing talent from Indiana, finally go back to Columbus with the usual smirk wiped off his face.

    Oladipo already has far more game than I ever imagined he was capable.

  38. Harvard, I guess my point with Dakich is that he is giving non-Hoosiers a good education on our tradition and our fan base. He does it from an insiders perspective without sounding like Tommy Heinsohn during a Celtics broadcast… I doubt that a 3rd party viewer (fan of neither team, just watching because it’s a good matchup) would think he is a homer or a hater. I do think they would come away with more pertinent knowledge about IU than if Vitale did the game…

    That is a good thing for the program. I am not interested in an argument as to whether or not Dakich is good for, or liked by, IU die hards.

  39. as far as the Hulls penetration, that was awesome. He was in “the zone” at that point, and the offense was making a concerted effort to attack Buford, who had 4 fouls and wasn’t really defending with any physicality. It was a smart play by Hulls.

    It is also a small sample size. It’s not like he got to the rim at all against MSU, or OSU with the exception of that one play. I love Hulls, and I am happy he is our point guard. I am not disparaging him for his limitations… I am realistic and accepting. I think his positives far outweigh his negatives, and I have never said otherwise. It’s kinda like my dog… He’s a great dog. He’s smart, cute, doesn’t bark all the time, protects my wife, etc. He’s a great dog.. However, sometimes he has a mind of his own. Not the most obedient dog in the world. Doesn’t mean I don’t love him or would trade him for any other dog. I know that’s him and I accept it as part of his personality.

    The 3 charge calls against Sullinger were brutal. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t thrilled they went our way. Don’t get it twisted Harvard. I have seen IU get screwed enough to not look that gift horse in the mouth. And as I stated, the refs made up some for those by screwing Zeller. Four of his fouls were terrible calls…

    I am objective enough to understand though that a lot of things went our way that we didn’t control and led to our win. It was on the way to a blowout before the refs took Sullinger out of the game for the first half.

    It’s kinda like the Tebow phenomenon… I am not gonna get carried away in hoosier-mania just because we won. I am thrilled, and I’ll take a win any way we can get it, but I am not going to pretend there aren’t any warts on this toad. I am not going to get into the entire list of areas we need to continue to improve in to be a true contender, but the top 3 are: Post feeds, creating penetration opportunities in the offense, VJ3 turnovers.

    I am overjoyed that we are playing as well as we are. Two months ago I couldn’t have dreamed we’d be 13-1. We are definitely one of the best 15 teams in the country, which is wonderful and far ahead of my schedule for these players or Crean. As this group continues to prove themselves I simply am going to continue to raise the bar. Don’t hate me for wanting them to improve, pointing out truths and realities, and not just hopping around delirious with excitement.

  40. Geoff, You have the Dakich issue just about right. Although I think I hear a faint bit of IU pride from him slip through on occasion. But he does offer objective views during games.

  41. I’ve watched several games in which Dakich provided the commentary. I don’t listen to his radio show, ever. He’s not the best, but I don’t have a major problem with him. In fact, I appreciated it when he criticized the refs for calling ticky- tacky fouls yesterday. I also agreed with some of his comments when he pointed out some of the mistakes made by IU players. For example, IU’s guards still don’t do a great job feeding CZ the ball, and on several occasions, they made turnovers while attempting bad passes into the post.

    Anyone with Dakich’s history at IU would be challenged to do a better job and probably accused of similar motivations. I watch other teams and have noticed that a lot of their alumni commentators are simply cheer leaders dressed in a suit and tie.

    The college basketball commentator who should be fired is that jerk on ESPN. Boy does he have a bug up his butt for IU. What a loser.

  42. The refs definately altered the game, but not the outcome. The game was close at the end. When Zeller fouled out, Sullinger and Buford were still in the game. On paper, in the minds of experts, IU was done. But, IU won, they won because of kickass defense. Sullinger and Buford were rattled, Jordy and Victor wanted to win.
    It was there for the taking, OSU could not get it done. I like to think IU had somthing to do with that.

  43. Don’t hate me for wanting them to improve, pointing out truths and realities, and not just hopping around delirious with excitement.

    Huge chuckle, Geoff. Hate is a strong word. I like you a lot though I certainly don’t think you do a very good job at concealing a subjective slant that frequently diminishes the Hoosiers, collectively, and invididually, at nearly ever opportunity you can hand pick an example. Don’t confuse dislike of your slants with disliking you as an individual. You’re very smart. You know what you’re doing on here…It reminds me a lot of a guy that used to blog on Hoosier Hype that claimed to be a huge IU fan but reserved his deepest affections for where he did his undergrad studies(Washington Husky basketball). It’s not hard to see right through it.

    A lot of journalists and broadcasters that sell themselves as being objective have the same cellophane trait.

    Jordy did drive past his man more than once with a resultant score. You must have forgotten about Jordy’s move going right(not exactly at the rim, but he did drive to the basket)..He tossed up what looked to be a wild runner that found the bottom of the net. I could almost envision your controlled delirium at that moment.

  44. No, the refs did not change the outcome. Even the visiting Buckeye poster concurs (Classy post BTW. Good for you, but I hope you understand that we all think WE played poorly as well. If IU hit the open shots we usually do we’d have scored another 20 points). It was a level, if bumpy, playing field.

  45. Harvard, anyone that knows me personally would more than chuckle at your accusation. I used to be smart… when I was younger. Now I know that I am pretty un-smart. The funny thing is that I actually played for a college whose mascot was a Husky as well. I wanted to play college ball, and since I wasn’t good enough to play at IU I chose not to attend my favorite university and the alma mater of all 4 of my parents and countless other relatives throughout the generations. However, I grew up on IU hoops, have bled IU hoops my entire life, and defend our program vigorously outside of this forum. Here is where we can be honest… here is where we are surrounded by our own… this is where we can debate the state of our program because we are the ones who care deeply. If you were to ask any of my friends there would be no question where my allegiance is. I have gone so far as to bet $20 every season for the last 4 seasons against a woman at work who is a Duke fan on final season record. I knew full well I would lose the last three years, but I never wanted to show an outsider any chink in my hoosier faith. This forum is where I come to have entertaining and honest discussions with my Hoosier brethren. Please don’t accuse me of having an alterior motive. That would hurt even coming from you Harvard.

  46. It’s hard to imagine IU beating anyone let alone OSU without knowing how to get 100% efficiency out of Zeller. I am amazed how well this team is doing. They played hard the whole game! When OSU tried to get physical we got in their face (something we didn’t do at e.lansing.) Tom Crean will be the coach of the year so all of you haters please find a new team to pull for. Does anyone think we will ever get the ball to Zeller this year? Im starting to give up. They miss him on pick and rolls every time. Imagine if we could get him the ball at least once every possesion! Seriously does anyone think as the season progresses that Hulls and Jones will do a better job finding him or is that uncoachable?? And firecrean2011 is that a joke or are you serious with that slop? You do know how stupid that makes you look from a BB Iq standpoint right?

  47. I was watching the game with my family whom are all UK fans when DD had diahrea of the mouth. My uncle asked me who he was and why IU let him in the building. When I explained his history with IU he couldn’t beleive this was a former player let alone coach. He simply tried to look way to bi partisan. That was uncalled for. Tom Crean should at least ask him why he would say those comments as many times as he did? He clearly with out a doubt has some problem with IU. Maybe one of Knights former nazis or just bitter about his release. When people like my uncle who never watch IU ball point that out you know theres a problem. You would never ever ever hear a former UK or UL player or ex coach just keep making negative comments about their former teams. Did he ever mention anything about sullinger getting his diaper changed by the refs?

  48. I’ll quit nitpicking you, Geoff. You want the best for Indiana and you see things differently than a romanticizing sap like me. You’re a breath of fresh air on here and you have understanding of the game that’s applied through applied experience and insertion into the sport beyond the type of fan that has only sat in the stands(yours truly).

    There just seems to be a trend to take romance and mystery out of sport. Upside down and inside out we analyze and dissect players and contests until what’s on the table looks more like hamburger helper than a simple cut of prime beef I just want to savor with my own opinion. So much damn objectivity with shredded cheap cheese strewn over the whole mess that I just want to throw up.

    You can blend all the objectivity into one pot of boring crap coverage with no flare and unique taste/angle to offer the viewer/reader. What many a journalist and broadcaster don’t understand is that the audience is always subjective and may prefer a different meal than the one they serve night after night. Even guys that work for a place called Hoosier Scoop can’t wear red. I think Chet pointed out a while back that Ryan has an enthusiasms that hasn’t been around for a long time at HT. I don’t think he meant Dustin isn’t great at what he does…We just like to feel that they get a bit infected with our bias and love for candy-stripes. Is Ryan doing it to gain our favor or is he truly falling a bit for the nostalgia and mystique that surrounds Indiana hoops? I tend to think the latter…I enjoy seeing something other than perfectly measured words and more heaping helpings of neutrality. It’s like finally getting mom to cook something different.

    Now quit taking it all so personally. Faith in team and the cheers from a crowd is an energy never found on the spaces between the lines of a stat sheet..Even Carl Sagan didn’t rule out the possibility of origins and forces in the galaxy that could never be explained ..I see no reason that cannot be true for space directly in front of our noses.

  49. FWIW Cody wasn’t open very much against MSU. Verdell threw the ball away more than once trying to force an entry pass.

  50. Chet- Off topic, but just read about the recent UK-Louisville game on ESPN. Writer called the matchup “the most heated, rabidly provincial rivalry in college basketball right now” and detailed how much the two places hate each other. I think I remember you talking about how UL fans were UK fans deep down. Just sayin’, I don’t think that’s true.

  51. I promise that I haven’t, nor will I in the future, taken anything personally EXCEPT you trying to paint me as a fake IU fan… That is just too hard to swallow.

    You still haven’t taught me the picture trick…

    Happy New Year!

  52. Also, I love listening to Tommy do Celtics games. I’m not looking for objectivity from my teams’ commentators, but I don’t like listening to other teams’ guys spout their favoritism all game. It gets annoying. That’s why I think it helps IU on a national broadcast to have a guy like Dakich that can speak to the masses without getting on their nerves.

  53. Dakich loves nothing more than being objective…because he’s a bigger fan of himself than anything wearing cream and crimson.

    Did you read hoosierfaninky’s post #54? I sense the same thing when listening to Dakich. His quest for balance more often sounds more like preaching to me. There’s an ax..and he’s grinding.

    If I may give Dakich some credit..He could have easily packed it in when his prospects for continuing to coach were drying up. I admire the way he found a new calling and reinvented himself. I don’t like the way he handled the young Hoosiers after Sampson was removed..I admittedly carry that prejudice every time I hear his all-knowing tone on the air.

    I’ve been doing the picture thing for so long, I’m not sure if I can explain it. I’m really not much of a computer guru…I just use a BBCode from Mozilla that simplifies the process of adding a link and giving the URL a name.
    I’m not sure if Dustin wants more silly links dropped on Scoop. I best not give full details or he’ll be forced to monitor 24/7. Hope you understand.

    Lastly, sorry to corner you and make you get overly defensive about your allegiance to IU. I shouldn’t have applied to you my views on how some use the Holy Grail quest for objectivity as a shroud for hidden prejudices and axes to grind. As I said, I don’t hear objectivity from Dakich, but my ear is born of different experiences and perspectives that fuel my own distorted interpretations. I’ve always believed we filter and hear what we want to hear.

    Happy New Year to you. How’s the weather in Maine? Lots of snow yet?

  54. You’re talking about dinner table conversation during the holidays in my family. UK and U of L NEVER used to play. Kentucky just wouldn’t risk it. The ‘rivalry’ has just been going on for a few years, relatively speaking. I grew up across the river from Louisville and most of my family was from Kentucky. They were both U of L and UK fans as are most U of L fans. My niece went to Louisville, her Dad went to Kentucky. He has been a season ticket holder of both for 20 years. UK fans that are not also U of L fans are more ambivalent than anything else. U of L will always be the red headed stepchild in Kentucky but calling it a ‘heated’ rivalry is laughable. It’s as ‘heated’ as the Indiana/Ball State ‘rivalry’. The writer is an idiot.

  55. Now, the TEAMS may be big rivals. That’s a different argument. Kentucky fans are also pissed about Pitino.

  56. Chet- Still hard for me to believe. I can’t imagine how two basketball powerhouses, both having won national championships and inhabiting the same state, can’t be considered at the very least moderate rivals and enemies. If they weren’t before, they are now.

  57. Chet is right it’s not a heated rivalry. The bad blood didn’t start until Patino gave up his mediocre nba career to become UL’s head coach. My sister went to UK for three years and finished up at UL and currently lives in louisville. There are as many UK fans in louisville as UL fans but to say UL fans are secretley UK fans is a stretch. The football rivalry is as (heated) as the basketball rivalry if that tells you anything.

  58. I just went back and read #54… I didn’t hear the same broadcast as his dad. I wasn’t there for his conversation so I’ll have to just go on what my interpretation of the broadcast was and I didn’t hear the negative slant. Maybe I was just too caught up in the game…

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