Big Ten Power Rankings

Andy Manis | Associated Press1. MICHIGAN STATE

Last time around: 2

This week: at Wisconsin (tonight)

Choosing No. 1 this week was one of the tougher decisions I’ve had to make so far in these power rankings, but I’m sticking by my decision to anoint the Spartans. Michigan State is one of the hottest teams in America. It beat Indiana, one of the other hottest teams in America, by double digits, and their talent is clicking all over the floor at the right times. Keith Appling is looking like an All-Big Ten-capable point guard, even in a conference chock full of top-flight point guards. And if they can win their next two tough road games, the Spartans could prove any of their doubters wrong.


Last time around: 3

This week: Michigan (Jan. 5), at Penn State (Jan. 8 )

The Hoosiers, by all accounts, could be No. 1 on this list. They have the two most impressive wins in the NCAA this season, and that deserves some serious respect. But a double-digit loss to Michigan State on the road has doubters questioning whether Indiana can win a tough Big Ten road game. I think they will, and although it won’t be Ohio State that they beat in Columbus, they have a chance to beat Bo Ryan’s Badgers at the Kohl Center (crazy, right?). Anyone calling the Hoosiers pretenders this season hasn’t seen this team extensively, but I still doubt that the Hoosiers can maintain this level of dominance all season long.


Last time around: 1

This week: Nebraska (tonight), at Iowa (Jan. 7)

The Buckeyes are the best team in the Big Ten, and I think they’ll show that by the end of the season. They’re No. 3 on this list because they were exposed at Assembly Hall and showed definitively that they’re not quite there yet. Whether it be Jared Sullinger’s health – he definitely wasn’t 100 percent against Indiana – or some erratic play from Aaron Craft and Deshaun Thomas – Craft had six turnovers against IU and Thomas was in foul trouble – not everything is right in Columbus. But don’t doubt the Buckeyes too much. They’ll end this list as No. 1. Mark my words.


Last time around: 5

This week: at Indiana (Jan. 5), Wisconsin (Jan. 8 )

The Wolverines have consistently gotten it done this season and have quietly lost just two games to top 25 teams. It should be a heck of a battle at Assembly Hall on Thursday, as two resurgent teams who are both hot collide in Bloomington. Trey Burke is not just one of the hottest freshmen in the country; he’s one of the hottest players in the country. He dropped 27 against Minnesota and could cause fits for Jordan Hulls this week. Michigan is for real this season, and it’s only a matter of time before people notice.


Last time around: 7

This week: at Penn State (Jan. 5), at Minnesota (Jan. 8 )

I’ve been tough on the Boilermakers, and their lack of a post game still concerns me in terms of their potential in-conference, but Purdue grinded out a win over a resurgent Iowa team on the road and demolished Illinois at home. Robbie Hummel had just five points against the Illini, as Kelsey Barlow and Ryne Smith carried the load. That’s good news for Matt Painter and Co., as Hummel can’t be Purdue’s only weapon going forward. It’s also helpful for the Boilers that their tough games this month (aside from a Jan. 21 matchup with MSU) are at home. I still think Purdue will slide, but they’ll likely take a 4-0 conference record into their Jan. 12 matchup with Wisconsin.


Last time around: 4

This week: Michigan State (tonight), at Michigan (Jan. 8 )

Is it too early to say that the Badgers were overrated to start the season? Jordan Taylor still just doesn’t look the same, and without him on top, Wisconsin won’t contend for a Big Ten title. The Badgers’ deficiencies were on display in the New Year’s Eve home matchup with Iowa, as Bo Ryan’s crew lost by seven to a clearly less-talented Hawkeye crew. They aren’t scoring very well, and although their defense is still superior (the 72 points they allowed to Iowa were 15 more than their second-highest allowed total), not all is bright in Madison.


Last time around: 6

This week: at Northwestern (Jan. 4), Nebraska (Jan. 7)

The Illini got absolutely smacked by Purdue and needed double overtime to squelch Minnesota at home, and all of this came just a week after an impressively close defeat at the hands of Missouri. Simply said, it’s hard to get a read on Illinois right now. Against Purdue, Meyers Leonard – one of the best players in the Big Ten – took just four shots. That’s inexcusable. If Bruce Weber knows what’s good for his team, he’ll funnel the offense through his 7-foot big man and lighten the load onguards D.J. Richardson and Brandon Paul. Luckily for Weber, Illinois has two very winnable games coming up.


Last time around: 11

This week: at Minnesota (Jan. 4), Ohio State (Jan. 7)

Aside from Indiana’s pair of upsets this season, Iowa now owns the next most impressive win in the Big Ten. By winning at the Kohl Center, Iowa showed loud and clear that they’re not content being bottom dwellers this season. And I think they might just be for real. Fran McCaffrey is a good coach. Aaron White is a dynamic, up-and-coming freshman. And guys like Roy Devyn Marble, Melsahn Basabe, and Bryce Cartwright are playing better as time goes on. The Hawkeyes still have losses to Campbell, Northern Iowa, and Iowa State to atone for, but if they can steal one in their next few games, they could be an interesting team to watch down the stretch.


Last time around: 8

This week: Iowa (Jan. 4), Purdue (Jan. 8)

I actually find myself rooting for the Gophers this season, as Trevor Mbakwe’s loss severely hindered Tubby Smith’s team. There’s no doubting that effect, as Minnesota is now one of the worst rebounding teams in the Big Ten. They’re 0-2 in-conference, both tough losses, and their ceiling isn’t that high this season. But guys like Julian Welch and Rodney Williams continue to keep this team afloat. Even Ralph Sampson III is doing his part by learning how to rebound (he had 10 against Michigan). They won’t move up much higher than the eight or nine spot this season, but without their best player, who expected them to?


Last time around: 9

This week: Illinois (Jan. 4)

Northwestern’s only losses this season have come to ranked teams, and aside from an eight-point loss to Creighton, they were stomped by said ranked teams. The Wildcats have a brutal stretch coming up with Michigan and Wisconsin on the road, along with Illinois and Michigan State at home. It gets easier from there, but for a team that has been one of the worst on the boards in the entire nation, physical games like that could spell their demise in the Big Ten picture. John Shurna and Drew Crawford are going to put up points – they did in a win over Penn State – and sometimes they’ll outshoot teams. The Wildcats might not deserve to be this low, but the Big Ten is proving to be awful deep.


Last time around: 10

This week: at Ohio State (tonight), at Illinois (Jan. 7)

You have to feel for Nebraska, as the Cornhuskers’ welcome to the Big Ten involved a triple-header of ranked teams to start, two unranked teams, and a another triple-header of ranked teams to basically close out January. Ouch. They won’t look very good to start, but with a scorer like Bo Spencer, the Huskers could come on late, especially considering eight of their last 10 games are seemingly winnable. I think Nebraska will take advantage of that stretch and surprise someone come conference tournament time.


Last time around: 12

This week: Purdue (Jan. 5), Indiana (Jan. 8)

It’s going to be a long, long year for the Nittany Lions. They’re liable to knock somebody off at home sometime, but they’ve shown little to suggest that they’re going to climb out of the Big Ten cellar. Penn State hung with Michigan and Northwestern for a bit, but eventually teams realize that by forcing the Nittany Lions to shoot, you will eventually beat them. They’re the 319th-best shooting team in the country – dangerously near the bottom – and it should be interesting to see how Indiana handles its upcoming game in State College.


  1. I’m not sure of the significance of the smiley face wearing sunglasses…?

    Quite an impressive writeup on Michigan…Showin’ the love fro the alma mater. No surprise…The Hulls doubters crawl out of the woodwork once again. Big mistake. Hope he reads your comments.

  2. If IU can win games on the road, I will agree with HoosierinChapelHill. Cause as the two top ranked teams in the country have discovered, it’s hard to beat IU in Assembly Hall.

  3. The Michigan and Wisconsin games will give Hulls a real chance to prove himself. I am looking forward to it. There is nothing I would love more than to see our little slow guy outplay their quicker, more athletic, hyped-up guys. Although I would settle for him being outplayed as long as IU wins both games.

  4. Ryan, I’m pretty much in agreement up and down here. One small note, saying OSU got exposed by IU when Aaron Craft coughs the ball up twice in the closing minute of BOTH halves is probably overselling it. IU made OSU pay for some bad decisions, and beat a final four contender. Good for us. It shouldn’t really a bad reflection on OSU.

    Also, Michigan’s Burke is a bit turnover prone – a freshman point guard coming into Assembly Hall against a team that has feasted on turnovers? Naw, Hulls-Burke is not the matchup that I’m worried about. I’m looking at Smotrycz as the guy that could give us big problems.

  5. Podunker- In case anyone lost track IU won at NC State this year, a team that is 10-4 thus far. A good omen.

  6. “Our Little Slow Guy”..? Sounds like something you could name a topsy-turvy challenged Weeble character. Gosh, Geoff, do you ever ease off?

  7. Why can’t I call the kettle black? I’m still rooting for him… Why are you so offended by the truth?

  8. Michigan proved it deserves to be #1 with a hard-fought victory at Wisconsin. Wisconsin isn’t the team people thought it was, but I’d be very afraid of Jordan Taylor after he scored 28 points and dropped some crazy 3s at the end of OT. That might have been just the boost to get him rolling. Problem for WISC is, I don’t think he carry that team.

  9. It’s just funny that OSU couldn’t find any guy tall enough, quick enough, or athletic enough on their NBA rich roster to stay on his slow short ass and stop him from shooting 67% from the field, 80% from the 3-point line, get the games’ leading scorer honors, and be the kid on the floor that made the crucial quick defensive deflection of an OSU pass with under a minute to play that resulted in a Hoosier breakaway layup and sealing of victory. I guess that truth does take a bit longer to say than he’s our slow short guy.

    Other than all of those “truths,” you named the kettle perfectly. Kinda like summing up Shaq on his kettle black free throw proficiency…or summing up Wilt by claiming his teammates never felt the love ’cause he was a stat-padding egocentric giant that only wanted to score more points than everyone else….Lots of simple brushes for simple people with simple tongues. That’s the truth I see.

  10. I never said Hulls wasn’t a good player. I never said he wasn’t better than Craft. I love Hulls. I just accept the fact that he is short and slow, and you seem to take offense to it. Hulls is a really good college player and I am thrilled to have him as a Hoosier.

    I never painted Wilt with a simple brush… remember I spent about 15 hours and 75 paragraphs in breaking down that whole situation.

    for the record, this is how we got on the Hulls thing about a month ago. Someone (maybe you) said something about Hulls and All-B1G and/or All-American honors. I basically scoffed at the All-American thing and doubted his chances of cracking the top 3 in the B1G. I qualified those statements VERY clearly at the time saying it wasn’t because Hulls isn’t good but it’s because there are a lot of good PG’s in the B1G, a couple of which will be on higher profile teams. At the time of this initial debate there wasn’t a single Hoosier fan thinking we’d be 13-1. Not you, not anyone. I thought Hulls All-B1G ceiling was 3rd Team – again, not because he isn’t good, it takes a good PG to make 3rd Team, but because Taylor had a great year last year and there was no reason to think he wouldn’t be at least as good this year. Taylor is still the individual player to beat out for 1st Team, despite his slow start. I also thought Craft was as good as Hulls, and would be on a more high-profile, more successful team. That is still up for debate – Hulls got the better in round 1, as did IU (which by the way made my New Years Eve!). I also noted that there would be stiff competition from guys like Appling, Maniscalco, Burke, etc… Burke and Appling have certainly proven their worth to this point, so I think all my original points are all still valid. On the national level there are plenty of other names he will have to contend with for honors.

    Then the discussion turned to NBA prospects for IU players. (by the way I never started any of these topics) For some reason you think that because I realize that Hulls doesn’t have the prerequisite physical gifts to be an NBA draft pick that I don’t appreciate him as a Hoosier. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I find the 2 things mutually exclusive and am perfectly content that he is a very good player for us, leading us in a direction we haven’t gone in quite some time.

    You on the other hand seem to take offense at the idea that he won’t play in a league that you can’t stand anyway… at best that is odd, and at worst it’s hypocritical. Relax and enjoy that you, as an IU fan, get to enjoy his talent. These are the last 2 years we will get to watch him. I can accept that and therefore simply enjoy it.

  11. Geoff-

    You’re free to move outside of the Big 10. Why don’t you spend six pages on listing guards throughout the country that are taller, faster, more athletic, and will have NBA scouts drooling?

    You can do it until a Nostradamus crystal ball comes true for you.

    Did you ever listen to the John Feinstein radio interview I placed on the blog a few weeks ago? Rather than tell you to go to a specific section, I’m placing part of the transcript here on the Scoop..My appologies for it taking up space, but it far more eloquently drives home the point about fans/journalists/viewers/bloggers tendency to dumb down athletes with comparative analysis rather than attempt to understand just how far out of the reaches of the 99.9% that walk the planet their gifts have to be to play at the levels they’re at.

    If you have 30 minutes somewhere, I think you would enjoy the entire NPR interview conducted with Feinstein.

    DAVIES: You’ve seen so many sports up close and, you know, millions of people watch these games on television, where it kind of looks, well, if not easy, not like it does when you’re at ground level, really seeing how incredibly fast, you know, these guys are and how incredibly agile and talented they are. Do you often sit there and just think people have no idea what this is about?

    FEINSTEIN: I do. It’s funny because I see the phrase to describe athletes often as a journeymen – you know, the guys who play on the PGA Tour. Again, one of the guys I’ve written about for years, Paul Goydos, has been described as a journeymen golf pro for years. He’s been on the PGA Tour for 19 years, has made millions of dollars. He’s only won two tournaments but he’s referred to as a journeymen. Do you know how good you have to be to play on the PGA Tour for 19 years? My brother is a very good player. He’s a one handicap and he can hit the heck out of a golf ball. He’s not even close to these guys. Not even, not even playing the same sport as these guys, they’re so much better. Just to get to the tour you have to be extraordinary. To be a college football or basketball player at the highest levels you have to be an amazing athlete. You make an interesting point, because one of the most frightening things you can do, and I mean that literally, is stand on the sideline…

    …at a college football or a professional football game because the speed of the game is so incredible that every time there’s a rout – what looks like, on television, a routine play – running back takes the ball, goes in the hole, linebacker tackles and everybody gets up and goes back to the huddle. If you’re standing there on the sideline, you can’t believe that either guy got up. Because the collision takes place at such high speed and with such force.

    And the level that these guys and women are at, is so different than that of, you know, your good garden-variety weekend athlete, the guy like my brother or people I know who are very good amateur tennis players or any sport you want to choose.

    You continue to push your arguments into a comparative nature and look at Hulls in a simplistic labeling fashion against other guards in the Big 10 you consider premier. I don’t know, when you manage to have a better looking stat sheet(and Hulls is definitely not a guy that plays with self-centered desires to pad his own numbers) in a game against an opponent rank #2 in the nation, you must have something to working to your advantage.

    At the end of the day, I see it more like Feinstein…They are all premier. Danny Moore is premier. John Laskowski was premier. Verdell Jones is premier. I consider any kid that suits up for a Division 1 school, in a conference as competitive and skilled as the Big 10, to be much more than defined as a hard-nosed, turtle-dwarf.

    Blogs would be a bore without diversity in opinions. I don’t like to anchor mine in stone. Hulls still has nearly two years of Big 10 play left on his plate. I’m not ruling out anywhere he could take his game.

  12. At this point I will not count out Hulls as an All-American candidate. IU is just performing so much higher than expectations that as of right now he should be in consideration. The catch in the whole All-American debate though is that to some extent its a popularity contest, which is part of the reason I scoffed at the idea early on. I still don’t believe Jordan will be named an All-American, although as I stated before that doesn’t mean he won’t necessarily perform at that level, and that’s more important for us.

    Hulls is currently averaging 12 ppg, 3.5 ast, and 54% 3-pt for a 12th ranked 13-1 team. Those numbers are all good, and they are wonderful if you’re an IU fan, but don’t necessarily stack up to other more well-known or highly touted players, some of which will play on teams that are very successful as well. As I see it here is the competition at guard for the 6-9 guard spots on the 3 All-American teams (teams DON’T consist of 1 each at pg,sg,sf,pf,c).

    PG: Jordan Taylor, Aaron Craft, Keith Appling, Trey Burke, Tony Wroten, Kendall Marshall, Tu Holloway, Tyshon Taylor, Casper Ware, Brandon Triche, Shabazz Napier, Peyton Siva, Ashton Gibbs, Dee Bost, Damian Lillard, Isaiah Canaan, Marquis Teague, and Scott Machado

    SG: Jeremy Lamb, Doron Lamb, Marcus Denmon, Austin Rivers, Bradley Beal, Will Barton, John Jenkins, William Buford, Tim Hardaway, Darius Johnson-Odom, Jason Clark, Kim English, Kyle Kuric, Kenny Boynton, Reggie Hamilton, Nate Wolters, and J’Covan Brown.

    I am sure I am leaving a couple worthy candidates out, but that is currently 35 names that either have superior statistics, comparable statistics for successful teams, or in some superior statistics for highly ranked teams. Hopefully you can see that I am simply being realistic when it comes to Jordan’s chances.

  13. Harvard, that entire post is nice and all, but has nothing to do with what I am saying. I am not comparing Hulls to you. I am comparing Hulls to his Big Ten and NCAA peers. I am also comparing him to the guys who play at the next level. I am not sure why you’re even introducing that interview into the conversation. I play with guys who are still in their 20’s and played high D1 ball, pro ball, and even guys that had a cup of coffee in the NBA. I know exactly what kind of athletes they are, because unlike Feinstein I did, and do, play with and against those guys still to this day. I am not the athlete thats Hulls is, and Hulls is not the athlete that Derek Rose is… I get all that. Hulls is a better basketball player than Dwight Howard, so am I for that matter… But none of that matters because neither Hulls nor I is 6’11” with long arms, huge shoulders, and a 40″ vertical leap.

    So again, all my points are valid, and that interview has nothing to do with the debate.

  14. by the way, Danny Moore is not premier. I play against guys like Danny Moore all the time, and he would not stand out in the Men’s leagues I play in. Hulls however would…

    I am not sure why you bother engaging me in this conversation. I feel like we are talking about 2 different things. A month ago I started debating the specific point that Hulls would/wouldn’t be all-B1G or all-american. Now you seem to be simply trying to argue that he is a premier athlete and player compared to John Feinstein’s brother. I never debated that he was a good player, or that he would kick Arthur Feinstein’s ass in a game of one-on-one…

    Are you conceding the debate to me at this point?

  15. You just know so damn much about hoops it makes me sick..The interview was a diversionary tactic that you saw right through…

    Hey, now…I’ve got 25 years on Hulls and I still think I could beat him to the rim while wearing my blue jeans. I also have a bit of a size advantage and decent range from the perimeter. I was my high school’s leading scorer over twenty games in my senior year..captain of the team and hoisted the championship trophy(intramurals). Don’t count me out in a game of one-on-one. I think I could shut him down.

    You won the debate. You’re impressive. I kinda quit reading your list of names…I bet those came all off the top your head. You eat, sleep, and drink this stuff up in your compound for retired NBA guys in Maine. I can’t compete with that kind of knowledge and research. I think I owe you a lobster dinner.

    Indiana 82
    Michigan 70

  16. harvard, i am with you. jordy hulls is one hell of a college basketball player. being a good college player has nothing to do with playing in the nba. it’s like comparing apples to oranges. it makes no sense. there are times that jordy gets beat on defense and the help defense is terrible. that never gets brought up when people are judging jordy. you are a right in saying that these players are elite at this level. if they were not elite anybody could play major college basketball. we live in a society that thrives on judging and second guessing: FROM THE SIDELINES. harvard, some people will never be satisied. i said a few days ago that a lot of people owed jordy an apology after the ohio state game and i still have not seen one. i don’t care what his post season awards may or may not be, but i do want him to help the hoosiers win games.

  17. T.burns – Exactly. Well some of it at least. The guys who get scholarships are on that elite list for the most part, but the guys who walk on are not… They are almost always guys that couldn’t get Division II scholarships. There are exceptions of course, but that is the general rule. Danny has turned himself into a nice player through hustle and hard work, but how bout you shoot me the list of colleges offering him a scholly his senior year… Same for any of the other walk-ons on IU or any other D1 program.

    Harvard and t.burns – one reason I didn’t post a single comment after the MSU game was because I knew there would be people jumping to foolish conclusions. It was one game. I didn’t think it defined IU or Hulls or Crean, etc. Harvard you would probably try to get people to believe that I was the leader of the anti-Hulls posting after the game. The fact that I wrote absolutely nothing must be hurting you a little.

    I love Hulls, and I don’t need an NBA exec’s approval to justify my respect for his game.

  18. MSU had a lot to throw at us..Playing close to home during holiday break might have had a little something to do with being mentally down on the road..No excuses though. MSU is a great team with great depth in the backcourt. I’m still astounded they’re was a loophole in NCAA eligibility rules for Izzo to put Brandon Wood on that team..He killed us as much as anyone.

    I wonder if anyone watching Horizon League ball could have predicted Wood tearing it up for the one of the best teams in the Gig 10.

    We’ll see how it goes down once we get the Spartans in our den. I think Hulls and Cody will bounce back with big games.

  19. I actually thought it was hilarious you didn’t post anything after the MSU game. It showed a guilty conscience more than anything.

    if they were not elite anybody could play major college basketball. we live in a society that thrives on judging and second guessing: FROM THE SIDELINES. harvard, some people will never be satisied

    t.burns understands my point of view. Glad to know he understands. Fact, or no fact, calling a kid playing at an “elite” level short and slow is certainly painting with limited brushstrokes and artistic expression.

    Many were using the same brush on Watford a month ago. By season’s end, they’ll be splashing compliments of color on him as if they were painting Starry Night.

  20. Calling a 5’11” kid short is not anything but the truth. This is basketball we are talking about right? Calling him slow is, of course in context, how is it that you are missing that? He is short and slow in the context of his position in the sport he is playing.

    Why are you debating this?

    I have nothing to feel guilty about. I am proud of our team, and I was proud of them after the MSU game. I was proud of them last season and the season before. The difference is I don’t let my pride influence my perception of the obvious, as you clearly do. I am proud of Hulls, however I still understand he is shorter and slower than a lot of the guys playing his position at the D1 level. I am also proud of my wife. I think she is beautiful. She is amazingly strong. A cancer survivor. She has a great body. However, I realize that she is shorter and a little less curvy than a Victoria’s secret model. I have a very clear understanding that she won’t be moving to NY to become the next “Angel”. That doesn’t mean I don’t love her and that I am looking to trade her in. It doesn’t mean I am not proud to have her as my wife. It simply means that I don’t let my love and affection for her cloud my judgement.

    I am afraid it seems that you are guilty of that.

  21. Geoff, just out of curiosity how would you compare Jordy to Bobby Hurley?

    I always like to keep my wife guessing. I don’t want her to get overconfident. It helps keep that edge.

  22. I agree that keeping em guessing is a good strategy, but it gets harder the older I get. I also lost a little of that edge when she was in treatment…

    As far as Hulls/Hurley goes…
    Physically – I think Hurley had a little bit more natural athletic ability. They have different builds, jordy is kind of stumpy and shorter limbed, while Bobby was more lithe. He was a little quicker and could get into the seams better.

    Mentally – I think they are pretty similar. Hurley obviously had one of the best surrounding casts in NCAA history, which made his job a little easier, but he was exceptionally mentally tough, made the right decisions with the ball, was clutch, and was a good leader (although to a large extent Laettner was the leader of those teams). I think Hulls has all those qualities.

    Skill – I think that Hurley was a little bit better passer and a far better ball handler. He was a better penetrator because of it. He was a slightly better individual defender. I think Hulls is a slightly better shooter, but Hurley was very good when it counted, and had a little more diversity to his offense because of his ability to break down a defense.

    Overall Hurley was better player. It isn’t a huge margin. I think Jordy would have done very nicely with that Duke team, but he just isn’t as good a floor general. Hurley didn’t work out in the NBA…

  23. How’d I do? Did I pass the test?

    Or have I cemented my status as a hater because I don’t think he’s quite as good as one of the most successful PG’s in NCAA history… Guess what Harvard, I also think that the UNC version of Michael Jordan was better than Victor Oladipo.

  24. I was just curious, like I said. I don’t give out grades until after the final. BTW, we’ll never know how Hurley would have worked out in the NBA as he was in an horrific auto accident his rookie year that nearly claimed his life. He was never the same.
    I thought he was an amazing point guard, as well, but I could never stand his whining behavior. He didn’t believe he committed a foul his entire collegiate career.

  25. Yeah, its hard to say what effect the accident had on him.. He played 260+ games in the league after that, and never really did much.

  26. I do believe the comparison is highly flawed(not your wife to a Victoria Secret model) because Hulls has two years left to play in college.

    I hope your wife is recovering and clear of her cancer..Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the infection of love dominates the senses that refuse to acknowledge the imperfections.

    I will admit my prejudices that cloud a truth you seem to claim keys to the vault. Most of our talent on our team are getting the first taste of winning at this level..Confidence has a very powerful affect on the slope of improvement. Jordy is short, but that gives me no desire to sell him short.

  27. Yeah, I don’t think I’m selling him short… I have given him a multitude of compliments. I also don’t think describing his physical attributes has anything to do with selling him short.

  28. Good thing IU doesn’t play top 15 teams every game. IU is no fluke- they are a good team with quality wins unlike Michigan.

  29. geoff, i was not defending daniel moore but i do think he is on scholarship this year. i was not pointing at you about the apology owed to jordy hulls. after the msu game many people were all over jordy and i did not understand it. iu will lose more games this year and i wish people would not panic every time they do. i thought you were on jordy for not having nba talent. if i misunderstood you i apologize. for all you people who ripped jordy after the msu game, having a bad night shooting does not equate to playing bad.

  30. IU is really good (better than I thought they’d be though I thought they would be good) and they have some Good (a lot of lousy pre season teams) to Great wins this season. However, Michigan State has proven they are better, Ohio State will show they are better in Columbus, and Wisconsin is probably (though not definitely) better. IU is the 3rd or 4th best team in the BIG TEN and could wind up a couple of places higher or lower. This is a special team and my hopes and expectations rise in every game but they aren’t prohibitive favorites for anything yet. They’ll work to get there though.

  31. T.burns – yeah, that was my take on Jordy, and it was in response to a certain someone wondering if he could play at the next level. It wasn’t like I just chose to come out of the blue and find a reason to chop down one of my favorite players a notch… Daniel Moore has earned his scholarship at this point with hard work and dedication he has shown to a program during its darkest hour, but that doesn’t mean I think that other teams would be offering one to him if he transferred…

  32. If a certain someone else keeps gushingly watching Jordy make toast out of the conference’s NBA-worthy talent, he may have to go back to his drawing board for a short while…or is that a coloring stat book offered with two stubby crayons made of black and white?

  33. I hope Jordy is able to make toast out of the conferences PGs, however I don’t see many of the B1G’s point guards being potential NBA players. Taylor may have a shot at being a back-up and Trey Burke does have the most potential of the group at the next level, but between Craft and Appling I don’t see any NBA future… Oh and hopefully he will next time, but in the last game he didn’t exactly toast Mr. Appling…

    He did have a good showing against Teague who may have a little NBA potential, but he is really only an after thought on the NBA draft boards right now and has looked over-rated so far this season. There is also a huge developmental gap between freshman and juniors. Jordy is a savvy and talented enough player that he should be winning any head-to-head matchups against freshmen.

  34. Geoff-

    I commend you for being a great sport. I still see NBA written all over that short and slow descendant of Indiana ‘Leprechauns of the Final Four Corn.’ He’s got two years to slowly prove me wrong. Until then, I’ll just enjoy him ripping apart nets and coloring books.

  35. Don’t sell yourself short…On the stat sheet, you clearly look like the winner of this debate.

  36. Hey I’d love to see Jordy make the League. It would be huge win for all us 5’11” stocky, white point guards from Bloomington! He would instantly become my favorite NBA player and I am sure I would watch every game of his until the end just like I did with Alford and the Mavs back in the early 90’s…

  37. I have a vision of how Geoff could see it all playing out for Hulls…Similar to how Geoff tears through a Scoop thread, a long and successful stint for Jordy in the NBA would look something like this.

  38. I’m the underdog here, Geoff. I have to use what is at my disposal and seize on your vulnerable moments.

    I model my game after Hulls.

  39. My buddy Keith Smart gets another chance! The kings just fired Westphal and he is assuming head coaching duties until further notice.

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