Crean brief on discussion of lineup changes on radio show

Tom Crean was asked about both of his most significant alterations in lineup changes on his radio show and was relatively short in his explanation of both of them.

He was first asked about junior guard Jordan Hulls, who didn’t start in the second half of the game and played just 18 minutes, well under his average of 29.6 per game.

“Why didn’t he play more?” Crean said. “We had some other matchups that we had last night. That’s what we went with. We scored 103 points inside of it. We went with what we felt was best inside of the night. Jordan Hulls is an excellent player. He’s been a big part of what we do. Again, I don’t make decisions on who’s playing based on who’s playing based on what someone on the outside is gonna think. I make them based on what’s best for the team that night. That’s what it was. We fully expect that Jordan will play real well again on Wednesday night when we go to Michigan.”

Hulls was 3-for-4 from the field for six points with two assists and two turnovers. He appeared to be limping after halftime, but Crean said Sunday Hulls is fine physically and that had nothing to do with the decision not to bring him out at the start of the second half.

Crean was also asked if he thought Victor Oladipo is a bigger spark off the bench than as a starter.

“That’s just a situation where we went with the matchup,” Crean said. “I’ve said all along we have, in my mind, seven starters. That’s how I feel, even when guys don’t play as well. Yesterday, it was really important that we got off on a very good start on one of their guys, and that’s what we tried to do.”

The Iowa player he was referring to was forward Zach McCabe, who was defended by sophomore Will Sheehey. McCabe scored just three points in the game after scoring 20 in each of his previous two outings.

Other notes from the radio show:

— Crean was asked about the progress of guard Maurice Creek, who is out for the year with a torn achilles tendon after missing most of the last two seasons with knee injuries. He said Creek has recently been cleared to run and has been involved in shooting drills for sometime, but cannot practice in live drills yet.

— Crean was also asked about senior guard Daniel Moore, who sat out Sunday’s game with an apparent hand injury. Crean said Moore injured his hand in practice this week. He expects Moore to be unavailable for Wednesday’s game at Michigan but is hopeful he will be cleared for Saturday’s game at Purdue.

— Crean was asked about how much he “works” officials and what his philosophy in that regard.

“We’re dealing with human beings,” Crean said. “They’re smart people. Most of them have got businesses. They’re all professional. I think the moment that you start ‘working’ somebody is the moment that you lose respect and credibility with them, because it looks like you’re manipulating them. I try to have conversations that matter. There’s been times in the past where you lose your temper. I don’t think that’s good for anybody. I think your team plays off of your emotional state sometimes. Just because it’s not a rant and rave and incite the crowd type situation, doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to get my point across.”

— Crean was asked why he doesn’t set more screens for Jordan Hulls and Matt Roth.

“We’re shooting very well,” he said. “I’ll just go with my stock line. Our offense is evolving. We have different things we have for different games. One week it’s ‘Are we not giving the ball for Cody enough?’ The next week, we’re not running enough screens for somebody. We’re just trying to win games. So whatever it takes to win the game, that’s what we’re most locked into.”


  1. I’ve been asking around about Mo Cheeks, sounds like he is coming around. Really be something to have him emerge in this talent and soon to be talent. Hope he can continue a strong recovery and contribute.

  2. Considering Mo Cheeks went from Portland head coach, to Philadelphia head coach, to OKC assistant coach, I wouldn’t say he is really coming around or posed to emerge.

    #HoosierPlus #IUsuperfan #SuperIndy

  3. I will see to it IU and the idiot known as Tom Crean will go down again.

    Crean cheats, lies, and is going to get caught soon.

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