Ex-IU offensive coordinator Canada gets Wisconsin OC job

Former Indiana offensive coordinator Matt Canada, who coached at Northern Illinois last year after being dismissed with the rest of the Bill Lynch regime, has been named offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Wisconsin. He replaces Paul Chryst, who left Wisconsin to be the head coach at Pittsburgh. Canada had been coaching under Dave Doeren, the former Wisconsin defensive coordinator. Northern Illinois finished among the top 12 in the country in scoring offense, total offense and rushing offense in Canada’s lone season with the Huskies, winning the MAC Championship and the Go Daddy Bowl.


  1. As soundly as Chappell developed I always considered Canada a fair QB coach but his play calling in my estimation was suspect and at times impotent and his Wildcat offense was bland and listless. From Chryst to Canada, I don’t get it.

  2. Difficult to compare what Canada did at IU and what he might do at UW. We’re talking a huge disparity in talent between the two programs.

    2010 IU had nowhere near the talent that he will have at UW. He’ll have White and Ball running behind one of the best offensive lines in college football. The only thing UW doesn’t have is a quarterback with any measurable experience. He’ll earn his keep this season trying to develop a viable QB.

  3. Now that really surprised me. But how hard can that job be? Most of the time, the play is a run up the gut or off tackle, behind the biggest offensive line in college football.

    Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the interview, when they discussed IU’s beat down in Madison a couple year’s ago?

  4. Are you guys forgetting how poor our offense was this year with a “offensive genius” as head coach. Matt Canada is a great offensive mind who got the most out of the talent he had. Wish he had never left

  5. Po has a point. Big Ten football will never be mistaken for the Oregon Ducks. Of course, there’s a lot more to in than just play calling on Saturdays but, in that particular area, Canada was as predictable as you get.

    Was it Chappell or Canada? Was it Peyton or Caldwell? Brady or Belichick (he was a terrible head coach in Cleveland). I wonder if Stanford will win 10 games next year?

    Who knows? Best of luck to him except when they play the Hoosiers.

  6. Why do IU fans care if Canada was a factor, either positively or negatively, about the offense in 2010. That’s ancient history.

    Canada is at UW now. If he was as bad as some people believe isn’t that to our advantage?

    If he is the next coming of Chip Kelly then it will be of some concern, not only to us but the rest of the league.

    IU is the only thing that Wilson can control. He needs to start showing he can develop the talent he is recruiting and win some football games. As far as I’m concerned Wilson is at square one, again. I hope he can get to square two by the end of this season.

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