1. This guy is such damaged goods. If its true that his mom broke down on Monday because he was moving all the way to LSU, then I’ve totally lost all respect for them. I honestly feel bad for Dusty…its not hard to imagine that he got swept up in something that he did not intend to when he first came to IU.

  2. cln,

    I agree with you. He is ranked so high that coaches are willing to overlook his wavering commitments. Being that he is an Indiana kid, I hope he does well. The schedule that ND plays will favor him a lot better than playing for LSU in the SEC.


    Do you mean by going to a state school like IU or PUke?

  3. Mike P. is right, his chances for a productive, possibly even headline clipping career are improved at the Dome vs. down in the SEC. Kelly will make sure pass protection is solid and the passing schemes will be as strong as the run. This is a better opportunity for GK.

  4. Who will he commit to next week? This is becoming a bit of a joke. Obviously his word is not his bond.

    As for the pros & cons of ND compared to LSU, here’s my take:

    Pros for ND:
    1. Gunner will get a much better education. He’ll take real college classes and actually have to study at ND.
    2. Closer to home, making it easier for Mom and Dad to watch him play.
    3. Potential to become another legendary ND QB.

    Cons for ND:
    1. He won’t get to compete for a national championship at ND.
    2. Kelly won’t survive through Gunner’s time at ND. Adjusting to another coach is hard.
    3. Kelly runs off more QBs than Wilson does.
    4. Every year, ND will recruit the best High School QB in the country. If he ever gets to start, Gunner will never be secure in his position.
    5. Gunner will actually have to go to class and study.

  5. Who cares? Gunner will have to DO something on the field. He might. He might not. We will see.

  6. With all of this indecisiveness, I can only guess how he is in the pocket. Can you imagine going to dinner with him? Probably takes him 5 hours to decide what he wants to drink.

  7. While I was very disappointed GK decided against coming to IU I think this is simply a young man who is looking for the best opportunity for himself & family. Granted, he should keep his commitments so perhaps he should have spent more time evaluating options rather than skipping around from one commitment to another. Keep in mind this kid is 18 years old. He is considering HIS future and while it certainly disappoints fans (me included) it is HIS life, his education, his future.

  8. Hope he likes snow. I don’t know what it says about him or his family but it’s hard to feel good about it. I do know that he hasn’t played a down and he’s already pissed off a lot of people.

  9. everyone who doubted me and my comments about this jokester can eat my shorts! Told ya…but the best is yet to come…Earl Haniford who?

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