Hoosier Brunch


As always, my IU review.

Indiana coach Tom Crean had a similar theme in all of his answers in Wednesday’s press conference: Don’t panic, Dustin wrote.

Despite giving the Boilermakers a push, Purdue had too many weapons for the IU women, Jeremy wrote.


The Hoosiers look to end their three-game slide against Penn State this weekend, Kevin Bowen of the IDS writes.

Jeff Washburn of the Lafayette Journal and Courier writes that Indiana has 25:1 odds to get a commitment from 2013 forward Derek Willis today.

Dustin and I came on Hoosiers Sports Nite to talk with anchor Lucas Mayer about IU’s recent skid. Check it out, we’re in the third segment.

Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana joins Inside the Hall on the newest Podcast on the Brink to discuss what’s wrong with IU.


A great story from one of my favorite writers, Kevin Van Valkenburg of the Baltimore Sun, in preparation for this weekend’s conference championships: How Ricky Williams found peace with the Ravens.


  1. Fantastic stuff, Ryan. You made my day with the Hoosier Brunch title. Has a nice ring to it and gives you a more flexible window from about 11AM-2PM to post the thread.

    Have a great weekend and go Hoosiers!

  2. Nice recap on Belcher at the college all star game from his home town news paper.

    I like what Belcher said about KW.

    “I was devastated,” Belcher said of his removal from the team. “It took awhile for reality to hit me in the face. … Coach (Kevin) Wilson did the right thing. I didn’t. I could have handled my situation in a different way and I didn’t. He did what he had to do.”

    “It feels kind of awkward, but me and coach Wilson, we worked some stuff out,” Belcher said. “I always knew coach Wilson was a great guy. We came up with a conclusion and found a way so I could work out and still use the facilities. I’m glad we worked that out. If I couldn’t have done that, it would have made my situation a lot harder. He definitely looked out for me on that part.”


  3. Chicago- Thanks for posting those words. Surprising! When taken along side Clarion’s post a week or so ago about the letter Wilson wrote in memory of a former team mate, it seems like the guy might actually have a heart – despite the rumors truths about him that have supposedly leaked on this blog!

  4. “Brunch” was inspired by “Smorgasbord.” It was damn near copyright infringement. Should have at least asked for permission.

    We’ve had our big slip… our 3 game slide..Time to get those Big 10 Basketball Standings on the front page of Scoop. Or, are you waiting ’til we fall out of the Top-20 to post the ESPN CB Rankings?

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