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Why hasn’t Remy Abell played more? Dustin asks that question, as Abell’s absence in the last few games has been relatively puzzling.

If you haven’t read them already on the Scoop, here’s my Big Ten Power Rankings.

Florida wide receiver Ricky Jones Jr. is happy to settle in with a commitment to Indiana, Dustin writes.

Former Hoosier Randy Wittman now the coach of the Wizards.


Avi Zaleon of the IDS gives his five-eighths season review.

Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall looks at the offense early on in the second half against Penn State in his Film Session.

Why is the 2012 recruiting class special in the state of Indiana? Mike Pegram of Peegs breaks down 2012 ($).

I didn’t link this yesterday because it came out too late, but here’s the updated ESPNU100 with Yogi Ferrell, Jeremy Hollowell, and Hanner Perea.


My Detroit Tigers made a huge (in more ways than one) move yesterday, signing Prince Fielder. Here’s the best column on his signing from Detroit Free Press’ Mitch Albom.


  1. Looking at that recruiting list, Michigan State is got a heck of a class coming in next year too.

  2. I find it very interesting the enormous disparity between IU recruits rankings in ESPN vs Rivals.

    Perea 16 vs 67
    Yogi 17 vs 32

    The Perea gap is just, well, a chasm… I’m hoping he closer to 16.

  3. Geoff- I hate Scout. It’s irrational to prefer any one ranking system over the other, but I do. Maybe it’s because they always seem lower on IU recruits.

    Ryan- was really hoping the Mariners would get Prince. They failed yet again to land the big fish and will be swimming in last (again) next season. Congrats to Detroit- their rebuilding is an amazing success story.

  4. Did anyone with a subscription to HT read Dustin’s story about Remy? Many of you likely already know I was a big campaigner for Remy before Crean actually offered him a scholarship. Sure be curious Dustin’s take on why Remy has been riding the bench. Guess it wouldn’t be appropriate to leak information from their subscription section..Never mind. If I lived in Bloomington, I would stop by a convenience store and buy the paper on a regular basis. I just sorta value my anonymity.

  5. As far as Dustin’s article, a couple of things I took away from it were 1) Crean thinks Remy will not be given the benefit of the doubt by the refs for playing tight D, since he’s a freshman; 2) While Remy plays good D,the guard position requires a lot more responsibilities, and Crean would like to see Remy “get better at some of the nuances”.

    It seems like there is more PT ahead in Remys near future, as per Dopi’s quote from TC.

  6. Thanks JPat and HT. Reason #1 just sounds bizarre as all hell. Refs pay attention to that sort of stuff? Huh? We’re afraid he’ll get called for a foul for playing tight D, thus we leave in guys that play lackadaisical D and don’t have the body to clamp down on a more athletic offensive threat? Reason #2: Nuances? I think he brought more nuances to the floor in terms of filling in the vacancies in backcourt speed and size deficiencies(he also went to the glass with fury) that could disrupt an opponents game plan for defending our perimeter, than anything absent his lack of experience. Sorry, ain’t buying it. We witnessed Danny Moore coming into a game before Remy. Talk about your nuances.

  7. I’d like to see Remy play more the rest of the way as well, and I think he will. I agree that his play in limited minutes has been positive and it seems that he has potential.

    That said, he hasn’t played enough for me to have a strong opinion one way or another as to whether he is ready for major minutes. It appears the coaching staff, who sees him on a daily basis, believes he isn’t quite there and Crean offered some reasonable explanations regarding that stance. Anyway, time will tell. I would like to see him get a few more minutes too, but if they feel he’s not ready, I’m sure they have their reasons. And while he could definitely provide some much-needed help defensively, ball-handling and beyond, I don’t think he’s a complete game-changer either. And Danny Moore hasn’t played much at all in quite some time, so I don’t think that’s an issue at this point.

    Additionally–and I don’t mean this to be hostile–but I don’t know if you are insecure and feel the need to prove yourself or just want everyone to acknowledge your basketball IQ, or bash Crean or what, but is it really necessary to remind everyone of your previous comments, predictions, etc., every time you post? Oh, scratch that, better not say every time….how about often, or ever. It’s not the most becoming habit in the world, nor the most Hoosier, in my opinion…but to each his own.

    Finally, where does Harvard for Hillbillies come from?

  8. I don’t take it all that seriously, Wisco. If the gloating bothers you, I’ll gladly do more. I don’t give a rat’s bottom if I don’t sound “Hoosier” enough for you. That type of gibberish likely points more to your own insecurities. If it were truly “to each his own,” then you would likely have left it alone.

    Have you witnessed the infighting on this blog lately? I don’t believe I saw you weighing in on the ego-tripping surrounding a pertinent Hoosier debate concerning Bill Belichick cheating his way to a Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I love the frivolity and diversions into other topics. Fun stuff. Heaven forbid give close examination of what we claim, cream and crimson, our most fervent love. It’s just a bit strange how we can paint so many in the world of sports as thugs, liars, cheats, unfit, and unqualified, but don’t dare to question anything going on in our own house without some bigot claiming you’re not a true Hoosier.

    JPat has faced the same garbage on here. He handled it with a lot more class than I care to ever exhibit. Here’s another prediction: You will get a ton more crap thrown back in your face for your wrongful aim and small insinuations that blindly discriminates on there merry way to the park for lacking in truth and perspective. That’s where Harvard for Hillbillies comes from.

  9. Right. Anyway, I’m fine with the criticizing, just not the bragging. I was trying to be polite, let me re-phrase: you sound like an annoying d-bag. And, yes, I should bite my tongue because I don’t care to waste the time on here. I’m not up to the football cheating convo because I usually don’t ever read the comments because typically a couple idiots like you ruin the discussion. Later.

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