Hoosier Brunch

Feeling a bit under the weather today, so I let myself sleep in. Hence, Hoosier Brunch.


The Hoosiers weren’t going to get by without a scratch in their road visit to Penn State, but thanks to a whole lot of 3-pointers, they outlasted the Nittany Lions, Dustin wrote.

Will Sheehey is one step closer to be back on the court – he dressed on Sunday afternoon – which should happen sooner rather than later, Dustin wrote.

The Hoosier women couldn’t complete a comeback against Northwestern and overcome their poor shooting and poor assist-to-turnover ratio on Sunday afternoon, I wrote.


Matt Roth and Jordan Hulls carried Indiana from behind the 3-point line, Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star wrote.

Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel says the Hoosiers should be looking at a top-10 ranking soon enough.

Connor O’Gara of the IDS writes that Penn State forgot about Matt Roth, and that was its demise in the end.

Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall, as always, gives his thoughts The Minute After IU’s win over Penn State.


Required reading on this night, as Alabama and LSU square off for all the marbles:

Jeff Passan of The PostGame knocks it out of the park with a profile of Les Miles. Great stuff.

John Brandon’s preview from Grantland.com.

Fifteen reasons each team will win from Ivan Maisel of Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN.com.

A great story from Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com on the loss of Les Miles’ sister.

Thanks to sports, New Orleans has made a comeback in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Jen Engel of FoxSports.com writes.


  1. Happy but also cautious. This is probably the highest we will be ranked all season, since I don’t see us being able to rip off more than 2-3 game win streaks from here on out.

    As Ryan wrote a while back, a good time to temper expectations. I see us settling in between #12-#18 from here on out.

  2. I have no expectations. Just enjoying the ride.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sit through the scintillating drama of a 6-3 championship game as a bunch of future NFL players march back and forth between the 40’s.

  3. I was watching the Big Ten network and they mentioned that the eventual winner of the Big Ten will probably have 4-5 losses and the 2nd and 3rd place teams could easily have 7-9 losses.

  4. Don’t wet yourself, JPat.

    According to Lord Funzucker of Maine, these rankings are a spoof and not anchored in truth!
    They are an illusion of the mind pushed out some novice coach or sportswriter’s round hind.
    Salivate over the stack of home wins your puffy pancakes…
    Drown over the sweetness all the syrupy naiveté of the young!
    It’s Aunt Jemima’s artificially colored gloopy water those wins stuffed in tummy,
    Nothing real fed from the sturdy roots a tall Vermont maple, your short blind fun, you think so sunny.
    Dig in quickly, your sugary griddle cake, while you fatten up over one Big 10 road game on the run,
    Get back to me in four weeks, and see how they’ve done!

    Yours true to be truly,

    Lord Funzucker

  5. Harvard, I had to laugh at what you wrote. After the last 3 years with football and basketball I am just loving it. I watched so many people jump off the ship after one then two then three losing seasons and now IU is way above where anyone projected! I am not taking this for granted right now…I know how fast it can slip away!

    and let’s be honest, I can say nothing right on here about football because when you read 2 or 3 people on here it is like Coach Wilson is a GOD and is going to turn it around and he is recruiting so well and has kept his team in place and coaches in place and has a great reputation around b town and on campus and is so easy to deal with and is one classy individual!!!

  6. Those football pollyannas would hate nothing more than for you to keep talking our great hoops story. They love nothing more than to talk success where it isn’t while ignoring our triumphs of the day.

    And isn’t it time Scoop removes the ESPN College Football Standings displayed on the right of this page and replace it with the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll or AP Top 25 college basketball rankings? LOL. Again, if I were to go back a year ago this time, I believe I remember staring at a box displaying the Hoosiers in the cellar of Big 10 Standings. Please tell me my memory fails me. Does it now show too much favoritism or bias in displaying the same conference standings or maybe rankings more relevant to the major college sport currently in full swing? Scoops quest for “objectivity” remains in question when they don’t remain seasonal to a sport. Is it because it gives excessive highlighting of our school’s success. We get pieces about Michigan and questions about Dustin’s roots in Penn State…We get doubters from Maine and tempering our hoops from Ryan…All fine and dandy we want to stay soundly on the ground and deny a small pat on the back our own school a bit. I just love watching Ginger more infatuated with his own face on a ScoopTalk rather than have him jumping up and down over Tom Crean or Indiana’s success. Give me a break. The only thing that is being tempered is our chance to see the truth displayed in pride how peers in their profession view our achievements. I’m not seeing the balance. I don’t care if journalists refuse to wear red and, instead, run around in blue shirts and gray ties..I don’t care if they don’t jump up and down with pompoms like the IDS guys when Indiana wins…I don’t care if they take the course of doubt like many bloggers on here and highlight our weakness rather than our strengths at every opportunity to open mouth or put words to screen..All I ask is that they just cheer up a bit and not change their happy habits when we were bottom-dwellers and display the damn basketball standings when it’s basketball season. And is it too much to ask when the Hoosiers win a big game that the ScoopTalk crowd doesn’t carry the facial expressions of funeral goers? It’s pretty bad when a tempering kid from Michigan is of more positive outlook and cheering me up.

  7. Agree J Pat. Just enjoying the ride. The fact that we will most likely make the tournament this year is victory enough.


  8. Great ride this year. I was one of those who had questions, felt the Hoosiers had played very poor basketball the last couple of years even after considering the lack of experienced quality players. But, I also felt strongly it was only fair to let this play out and let the coach coach and recruit. Given the reservations, it is also the point at which I am happy the Hoosiers hired Tom Crean, have no doubt he is fulfilling his promises and our expectations as fans. Crean deserves our respect and gratitude for returning us to top level basketball.

    Harvard…some of your musings are priceless. I enjoy them and am glad I was one of those who encouraged you to join us.

    JayPat, welcome back (really mean it). All of your thoughts (good or bad, legitimately critical or not, whether I personally like them or not)) are appreciated;…just as long as we stay away from unsubstantiated or malicious rumors, character debasing or reputation destruction of coaches and/or players; or back fence Aunt Gertrude ‘cheap gossip doo-doo stories’. Everything else, have at it.

  9. Hey, to all that are posting, welcome. The more the merrier. Just don’t take yourself too serious or be too thin skinned. It’s all good. Go Hoosiers.

  10. I can imagine Tsao being real quiet if Wilson builds a lowly football program, achieves a 7th in the nation ranking, and it’s not displayed on Hoosier Scoop during the heart of pigskin season. It would be rather thorough musing, indeed.

    So why should any blogger be crucified for still having reservations about Crean? My God, this place is called Hoosier Scoop and our basketball team’s success can’t even be displayed on equal terms to a day when things were in total decimation? Sure be nice to see those Big 10 basketball standings with the national ranking next to the team names.

    Let’s not pretend Wilson is the guy not getting respect in this town. Let’s not pretend JPat, Aunt Gertrude, Geoff, Tsao, or any blogger this place fueling doubt or spewing labels on a blog have anything to do with what is written by those that are empowered and in the business of delivering this product evenly and fairly. We have a coach and team that has turned it around and is “winning today” and we get football standings on the page? Come on, Tsao..I thought you have background in this business..Are you telling me that’s less concerning than Gertrude’s nephew calling a coach a jerk six months ago?

  11. I’m with Chet. I’m enjoying the ride. Not just because this is a talented, really good team but they are also a very likable bunch. You want these kids to win and when they do, they enjoy it like the young guys they are. They revel in their success without being jerks (many on other teams are closer to the ‘jerk side’ of the spectrum). They seem to be Good Guys.

    Great Season so far.

  12. Harvard…you are not off-point. Perhaps because of the point you make about journalism I’ve been more reluctant to comment; because I do believe in the importance of balance and, at least, making any biases clear and open. I’ve also had similar questions. But, I’ve also gotten a bit war-weary and more hesitant to raise questions (or raised them directly with the writer on emails).

    The last three weeks have been somewhat disappointing with respect to the issue you raise. Penn State and its football program and problems have barely been mentioned, outside of one of the greatest and most shameful scandals to ever hit sports in America. Yet, little was written outside the margin of the breaking original stories (3-4 days).

    Our basketball team has had a story book beginning to a season that ends one of the saddest chapters in the beautiful story of Hoosier basketball. (In the sense of Indiana University and the beautiful story of Hoosiers, Part II).

    Yet, last week was so frustrating. I don’t know, maybe its the negative narratives in nearly every lead, perhaps an issue of style that seem to turn the huge success of this season of rebirth into a dependent clause,(i.e. we celebrate the good because we sucked so badly in the order of bottom feeders of the Western Hemisphere). The stories just ‘seemed’ to identify the greatness of the Michigan State, the potential greatness of Michigan’s individuals, the genius of Coach Izzo and Beinlein… yara, yara; the inability to grant CTC the same.

    And, the fans respond…players who are making us participants in this true ‘sports story of our love affair with IU, not merely criticized…they are ravaged daily. Yeah…I also felt some of that undertone.

    Harvard…does it concern me? Probably. But what really catapults my belly button in blogs such as this one is when the crossing of boundaries, attack the participants (coaches, staff and players) through false rumors, unsubstantiated and unsupported innuendos and Aunt Gertrude gossip. Attacks about someone’s personality, the innuendos (without basis) about out-of-control tempers, or venomous rumoring about ‘drinking problems’ and ‘abuse of players’, etc strike real human beings where they use their shovel to work to feed real families, real children, sustain real careers and reputations. And that’s a bit harder to allow to slide by.

    The reason I’m ‘quieter’…I’ve done a lot of reading of other postings (really, really enjoy some, even most of them- yours included) and frankly, some of others are so out there that it made me take a more reflective look at some of my own. Chet said it really well, ‘[relax…enjoy] it’s all good’.

    Finally, (and quickly). Yes, I’m pretty sure we have a good man in Coach Wilson. Yes, I have hopes and expectations. I think he too will go through a process similar to CTC. I do think he has the vision, the intelligence and the character to get us to the point where we will no longer be ashamed or dismissive of our own program…but that demands patience from us as well. Have a great 2012.

  13. Have enjoyed reading this thread but I am not sure I was ever malicious on here. I don’t want to debate what a rumor is or is not but I feel when you hear something 2 or 3 times from people connected with players and coaches for a living, there is some truth to it. Now something you hear from the guy in the bar on Kirkwood 2 seats down…now that is a rumor. This is just my opinion! I agree Happy 2012 and enjoy this basketball ride. I stopped at Mickey D’s so I will enjoy my yogurt and plain biscuit now!!!

  14. Harvard, thank you again for furthering my reputation around here… Even if you couldn’t be further from the truth. Every time you attempt to put words in my mouth you miss the mark by a mile. I’m a little upset that after all this back and forth that you don’t understand me better. It’s okay, I guess. We still have time.

    In fact, I absolutely believe IU should be ranked in the top 10. I thought we should have made the national rankings a little sooner than we did, and climbed a little higher sooner than we did.

    I don’t think there are 5 teams in the country that have played better than us to this point, so maybe we should be ranked just a smidge higher… I think there are a couple far more talented teams that should be ranked behind us.

    All I have ever said is that we have some areas to improve on if we want to sustain the success on the road. I know, I know, it’s not sun to hear that.

    Of course if we shoot 67% from 3 every game then we don’t have to improve anywhere else, we’ll just have to shoot more of em. How’s that for a strategy?

    FWIW here’s my top 10 and best 10

    Top 10
    1. Syracuse
    2. Kentucky
    3. Baylor
    4. Michigan State
    5. Indiana
    6. Missouri
    7. Ohio State
    8. UNC
    9. Virginia
    10. Murray State

    Best 10
    1. Ohio State
    2. UNC
    3. Kentucky
    4. Michigan State
    5. Syracuse
    6. UConn
    7. Duke
    8. Indiana
    9. Baylor
    10. Mizzou

  15. Glad to see your breathing JPat.
    Geoff I appreciate your stat backed awareness, and comments. As a player, coach, father/coach I know where you are coming from.( By the way, where is Cold War ?)I believe most on here do. Harvard, you are very entertaining as well. I can only hope, that I can find the time to improve my writing, to a level such as yours, and others on here.
    My mantra is worn, but comfy. Live and let live. There is room for everybody, and each person is an additional spice to this collection of Hoosier fans.

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