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Plenty of people questioned whether Derek Elston’s mask was affecting him. Turns out, you’re right, Dustin writes. He’s starting to get used to it though, especially after a bounce-back effort against IU.

The Hoosiers’ defensive end coach Brett Diersen announced that he’ll resign on Monday night, Dustin wrote. Reportedly, Seth Littrell, a former assistant at Arizona and Texas Tech, may be Indiana’s next co-offensive coordinator, according to a tweet from BTN.com’s Tom Dienhart.

In a sorry effort in Minneapolis, the Hoosier women lost to Minnesota, 84-43. Indiana hasn’t had much luck this season.


Crean said at his radio show last night that IU is looking into a sixth year for guard Maurice Creek, Jeff Rabjohns of Peegs.com wrote.

Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune says Ohio State may have some challenges at the top of the Big Ten, including the Hoosiers. She also says that, “like the old days”, Assembly Hall may be the toughest place to play in the NCAA this season.

Terry Hutchens of the IndyStar shows us an email from an IU fan responding to Doug Gottlieb’s comments about the Hoosiers not being deserving of the Top 25.

Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall wonders whether IU should be ranked higher than No. 12 in the latest polls?


I’ll always link stories from Wright Thompson, my favorite writer and the best writer at ESPN in my opinion. Here’s his latest story, a defense of cricket.


  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would sure like to see the final score of our basketball team’s win against OSU posted in the top header of Scoop’s homepage instead of the football team’s loss to Purdue.

    In previous seasons, when we were getting our butts kicked every four days, the basketball scores and schedule were proudly displayed at the top.

    Also, now that the b-ball season is two months in, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to show the Big 10 basketball standings on the right side of the page instead of football standings. Or, maybe the latest polls with the Hoosiers now at #12?

    Sure doesn’t look like [i]”objectivity”[/i] at work when you were more interested in advertising/displaying the Hoosiers losing by double digits than displaying final scores of victories against the highest rated teams in the nation. Oh, yes, I would much prefer to look at: • Sat, Nov 26: Purdue L 33-25…Maybe you just don’t want to jinx our success…Is that it?

    All criticism aside(because I know how important being ‘objective’ is to guys that work IU sports that are from everywhere but Indiana), wouldn’t it just be handy to show us a brief look at the upcoming schedule…times, dates, location, etc.? A piece on Tom Crean’s water bottle being tainted with fighting Illini color is more important than updating your homepage?

    I know it pains your eyes….

  2. Harvard,

    Just spoke with sports editor Pat Beane about this issue. We should have it fixed within the next few days. Sorry there hasn’t been much movement on this when people complained before, but I’ll try to make sure that something like this gets up ASAP.

    Thanks again for the heads-up.

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