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In a barnburner down the stretch, the Hoosiers held off the Wolverines last night, 73-71, as Indiana earned its third win over a ranked opponent at Assembly Hall this season, Dustin wrote.

Plenty of guys have stepped up at different times this season, but it’s the Cody Zeller, Christian Watford combo that could make Indiana great, I wrote.

No. 19 Nebraska turns back the IU women on their trip out west, 62-48.


Verdell Jones has been a polarizing character throughout his IU career, but Michael Pointer of the IndyStar wrote that he did the job last night against Michigan.

Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall gives his thoughts on Indiana’s most recent win, the minute after Indiana’s victory over Michigan.

Mark Titus of Grantland.com with his latest college basketball top 12. Hint: Indiana is No. 7.

Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana asks the question we’ve all been wondering, is Indiana for real? ($)

The IDS takes a look at what happened in Indiana basketball since the students went on break.


Yep, it’s NFL Wildcard weekend. And as my Lions prepare to take down the Saints, here’s a solid preview of the entire weekend in the NFL from Bill Barnwell of Grantland.


  1. It was nice to see Marshall Strickland in an attendence at the game lastnight. Always great to see past players that come back.
    Nice win lets beat Penn State!

  2. To all of you fans out there that still badmouth the team and Coach, do me a favour and shut up. You say the same thing over and over, have you ever coached or played. Your not even real IU fans are you, stay with Kentucky or Purdue. IU is 14 and 1, not a bad record for a team that is growing every day/wait till next year. Coach Crean has this team rolling, and they play hard/they don’t give up. Go HOOSIERS!!!!! Don/CR Ia.

  3. Ryan,

    Please help me feel confident about the Lions chances — if you can as an unbiased journalist! I fear our chances of a playoff win were lost in GB last week. I think that GB just scored another touchdown…..

  4. Mark,

    I’m not feeling too confident about the Lions’ chances either. And luckily, I don’t have to be an unbiased journalist about the NFL.

    If they can establish the run (a pretty big if), then they might have a shot. I’m crossing my fingers.

  5. Don Taylor, In total retrospect it is not hard to realize, nor to state, Coach Crean has done a superb job since Day One. I could not be more pleased and proud while the future is even brighter.

  6. I think the Crean haters are pretty much gone from here. They just sounded stupid with all the wins piling up.

  7. thank you don taylor. the iu program is on its way back. people who say that tom crean can’t coach are idiots. rembember that we live in an age of complaining and second guessing. some people can’t be satisfied. i agree with your question of what have the complainers coached? i have asked that on this blog and they never answer tht question. it is easy to second guess when it is not your butt on the line. go hoosiers

  8. If anyone wants to understand why Tom Crean is successful with these young men I recommend they listen to the podcast of Luke Fischer, the kid from Wisconsin. CTC just communicates very well with young people and not just about basketball. We will have good people playing basketball for Indiana as far as the eye can see.

  9. Has anyone caught any of the dust-up at PSU over the O’Brien hire? Damn fierce. Some folks are irate, some express disappointment and some are just confounded. Somebody is going to get a good one in Bradley. PUke should have fired Dope and hired him. Maybe Coach Wilson will hire Elijah Robinson for our D-line opening. He has learned in front of the eyes of Larry Johnson for 3 years. Penn State recruiting ties and experience cannot hurt.

  10. CHET, The argument about whether Tom Crean can coach or not should have been over along time ago. So should have been your desire to keep saying “I told you so.” Don’t dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back. Move on.

  11. Personally, I don’t get tired of Chet’s back-patting. 3+ years of juvenile whining from monkey-brained Crean haters deserves more than a few weeks of “I told you so”.

  12. I think this year is instrumental in getting people off the “Crean can’t coach” kick. We had dismal seasons the last 3 years and there were a ton of possible reasons why it was do bad, including the possibility that CTC was not a strong enough coach.

    But this season, with moderate expectations and only one new addition to the lineup basically, the team has essentially overperformed. Crean has developed average players, developed a team first concept, made great 2nd half adjustments, and adjusted player roles effectively.

    If the team didn’t experience this success until next season, the Crean doubters could just claim it was all due to the talent of his recruits, not his Xs and Os.

    I’m thrilled to see the season going so well. Let’s keep it rolling, Hoosiers!

  13. Hoosier Clairon … Because “I told you so” is nothing more than a ego feeder. Those who feel the need to feed their ego the most are usually the ones who already have an ego the size of Texas. So “pat on” yourself.

  14. HC, I can’t help but wonder if Penn State will ever be a great job again. The locale is so remote and doesn’t offer much to appeal once you leave campus. It’s no Bloominton. It’s one thing to be a God-like figure in your own little world, as Paterno was, but a lot of potential candidates probably had wives and families that just weren’t willing to live in exile. I’m just not sure that Penn State will ever be what it once was.

    I don’t really need to feed my ego. I am unbelievably happy with with my lot in life. I don’t need a thing.

  15. Hoosier Clarion, HA ha ha! I’ll bet you do.I love to read your whimsical quips especially since they’re not as rambling and incoherent as they used to be. Keep up the good work.

  16. Only “blowhards” say “I told you so”?


    I’ll remember that the next time Righties cry, “I told you so” when they cry about Obama not fixing the economy overnight.

  17. Chet,

    I tend to agree. W/o including the scandal and in FB reference only, they at the least suffer an image dimming such as there is and has been in South Bend. If so what do you do with a 107k+ seat stadium in the middle of Pa.? That will be akin to steering a log wagon.

    Agree also with enjoying life with the cards I’ve played.

  18. RAM; the comments that you label as “I told you so’s” are far more than just an “ego feeder,” especially the way Chet and others do it on this site. It’s really a way of shaming, and to a lesser degree “punishing” people who post incredibly stupid, consistently negative and destructive comments. It’s a harmless way of cleansing this site of the fools who post really stupid comments, or of those haters whose comments are strictly intended to spread hate and negativity. Actually, those reprisals, which you call “I told You so’s,” are very healthy, both on site like the Scoop and within any group of people.

    I’m sure you will acknowledge that there are people who’s consistent and irrational negativity overrides any intelligent thought they are capable of producing. They’e just miserable people and they can not help but spew their hate or contempt. Maybe they have an agenda or maybe they have an ax to grind, who knows? While they have a right to “free speech,” everyone else has a right to disagree and then, when they’re proven wrong, ridicule them for their stupidity or their contempt.

    It’s one thing to post criticism of players and coaches and try to support your comments with facts or sound logic, but it’s another thing to just continue to post inane negative comment after negative comment without providing any supporting arguments or basis in fact. The “I told you so” comments are a way of shutting those fools up and even discouraging them from posting in the future. Because, unless they enjoy getting abused and ridiculed in a public forum, if they are capable of any rational thought at all, eventually they will stop with the stupid/negative posts or just go away.

    Besides, if you want to come on this site and say really stupid, irrational things like “Crean is a terrible basketball coach,” if you can’t defend or justify your comments, you deserve to get a verbal pounding and then be reminded for a while just how wrong you were.

  19. But this season, with moderate expectations and only one new addition to the lineup basically, the team has essentially overperformed

    How dismal would it be without that “one addition to the lineup?” How dismal would next year be? How many of those 2012 recruits coming in would have chosen other schools without that “one addition to the lineup?”

    Some players have grown in confidence and are reaping the rewards of the “one addition” that no opponent can let get out of their sights.

    I have a feeling the tone would be considerably different without the “one addition.”

    Crean has done a marvelous job but “one addition” is not Danny Moore getting his scholarship.

    Everyone who has had doubts, concerns,questions,or criticisms over the last three years is not ANTI-INDIANA or a “Crean hater”.Chet himself has questioned the coach’s “love affair” with VJ.Does that make Chet a “Crean hater”? It is NOT Chet’s job (or anyone’s) to “punish” people for making comments on this site. This notion that there are only certain people on this site who will decide who is “a real Indiana fan” is BULL.99% of people who post here are Indiana fans. It’s way past time to drop this “it’s us against them” bravado.

  21. Actually, Dustin did assign me that job. Bummer, that. I wanted something in choreography. Harvard collects overdue fines. HC is the navigator. TTG is in the finance department. Geoff is the recruiter. I think he put you in landscaping or maybe underwater demolition or, but I’m not sure. You have GOT to start reading those memos.

  22. RAM- As far as real fans vs. non-real fans, I agree on your point. No one gets to make that decision in the end. I wouldn’t stoop as low as to call anyone from the 4guards camp a “non-real IU fan.” We are all real fans with real opinions.

    The more important point being made is: if part of being a “fan” for you is to post consistently negative, short-sided, un-analytical comments that show a complete lack of respect, maturity, depth, and insight, should people be able to call you on it when you are wrong? Or do you get off scott-free for your three years of mockery of the coach’s tan or his tweets?

  23. Steve in ottawa , and if you check the record you will see I went after 4guards as much,if not more than anyone,so your attempt to associate me with him isn’t going to fly. If you want to check under your bed for the “Crean haters” every night before you turn in knock yourself out.I’m sure Chet,Clairon,and few others will be right there with you. I’m glad to see you have your priorities straight.

  24. RAM; you’re responding to things I did not say or imply. I agree, no one has the right to determine who’s a real fan and who’s not a real fan. This site is open for all. In fact, I like reading contrasting opinions and debate on this site (and I have encouraged that in previous posts).

    I too have criticized IU coaches when I think they made mistakes. That’s part of being a fan of any sports team. I was a major critic of IU’s former football coach, Bill Lynch and openly stated my belief that he needed to be terminated. But the difference was, I tried to support my opinions with facts and logic and was not just typing in the same old “Lynch is terrible, Lynch sucks, etc.”

    This site, like most similar sites, limit what we can write. I think that’s a good thing. But when people come in for the sole purpose of spreading negativity, hate, or unwarranted attacks on IU’s players or coaches, other readers have a right to vigorously disagree. Given the limitations of what we can write in response to some idiot who said “Crean is a terrible coach,” I think most of the “hater” get off very easy.

  25. CHET,So that is your job? I always suspected that it was.You do it well.Don’t forget to report it on your tax returns.

  26. RAM; we don’t have to check under our beds, they’re usually right out there in front trying to out-do each other in expressing their inanity.

    You just told us you “went after 4guards as much if not more than anyone,” so I guess I fail to see your point or which side of the debate you’re on. Sorry, just a little confused by your last post.

  27. “if you check the record you will see I went after 4guards as much,if not more than anyone”

    Dude, you are all over the map. Are you opposed to admonishing people for being asinine or are you validating yourself by claiming that you go after people who were being asses or are you claiming to be the King of Prussia or what?

    Hey, I think I saw something run under your bed.

  28. Chet and Podunker,

    If you’re ever in Bloomington at the same time I am, I’m buying you a ‘pound’ at Nick’s. Thanks

  29. Chet and Podunker,

    Sorry. It dawned on me that I was being too cheap. I’ll also buy each of you a ‘Strom.’ Thanks for reminding everyone that it’s not “Bobby Knight University” nor does it need to be “Steve Alford University.” It also isn’t “Tom Crean University.” It’s IU and those of us who are alums/fans recognize that. IU is doing extremely well and it’s due to the coach they have right now (be it recruiting or game coaching or both as it probably is). I am enjoying the ‘Hell’ out of this and I can’t understand why everyone isn’t.

  30. How about Lee Corso? I loved him as coach. I’m not sure I loved his coaching (at least not all the time) but I loved having him as coach.

    A strom and a pound sounds GREAT. It’s been about two years since I had a pound and a strom at Nick’s. My oldest son was with me at the time. It was actually a reunion with some very good friends I went to IU with back in the day. My wife had to work and my son is my best friend that I’m not married to so he came along. It was great fun. He was all over the whole IU thing (he’s a Hokie).

    I may be in town next June. We can have a Scoop get together at Nick’s and all be disappointed with each other. Unless my wife comes. Not a disappointment. She’s ridiculous.

  31. That sounds Great and let me (and everyone else) know when you’ll be there. I live in Illinois so getting to Bloomington is no Big Deal for me (or my oldest so who also graduated from IU). I too have a ‘huge’ soft spot in my heart for Corso. I’ll never forget him popping out of the coffin on his TV show after getting ‘pounded’ by Ohio State and proclaiming, “We aint dead yet folks.” He was one of IU’s better coaches and he and Hep were personalities who made you smile regardless of their records at the time.

  32. Chet,All over what map pal? There’s time to call people out and a time to let it go.Apparently you’re so enchanted with your own “legend” you can’t see the difference.Did I dare question the “Great Chet”? Too damn bad. HAVE A NICE NIGHT.

  33. Chet,

    I don’t even know who you are but I hope you have the judgment to ignore RAM. If so, it will be 2 Pounds and Fries with the Strom.

    Back to important subjects…IU has one loss, plays Penn State tomorrow, and is ranked 12th in the country. HOOSIER LIFE is GOOD. That’s all that matters.

    I really think that everyone should be Pollyanna. Cool Out and Enjoy. This is Great.

  34. Chet’s name can be rearranged into “Tech” and “Etch.”

    IULONGAGO’s name can be rearranged into “I GO ON A LUG” and “I LUG A GOON.”

    Harvard for Hillbillies can be rearranged into “A liverish barf hill lord” and “A horrid five shrill ball.”

    This should settle any questions of greatness and legend.

  35. HfH, You had to of found a program to do that or you’ve been working on it for days. Fess up.

    Ram it looks like Bravado wins.

  36. I think “A liverish barf hill lord” pretty much trumps everything.

    IULONGAGO, I was born into a house full of Kentucky fans but I remember being devoted to IU by the age of 4. I’ve attended 3 colleges/universities but, outside of a passing interest, my only collegiate loyalty is to the Hoosiers.

    I think the Hoosiers should be very wary of Penn State. What on earth happened to Purdue? That wasn’t even competitive. I’m sure Tommy will have them ready.

    RAM, it’s all good.

    – Etch

  37. Saturday was sure tough on the top 20. Since those were all odd #’s maybe IU enjoys immunity. Boy still much debate over PSU’s new FB coach and just how well BB disciples have done as HC’s. They are genuinally pissed in HV.

  38. The fans should be kissing the ground that guy walks on. He’s apparently a good coach and NOBODY wanted that job.

  39. IULONGAGO; your invitation made me salivate there for a minute or so. Great memories are tied to a Pound and a Strom at Nicks. Next time I’m headed to B-town, I’ll let you know.

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