Hoosier Morning


Tevin Coleman, a running back from Illinois, had plenty of offers and a lot of them were from high-powered Big Ten teams. He chose the Hoosiers yesterday, Dustin wrote.

If you havcn’t read them on the Scoop, here’s my Big Ten Power Rankings again.


Your must read for today comes from L. Jon Wertheim, a Bloomington native who writes for SI.com. Wertheim writes that Indiana fans from across the nation are starting to accept that the Hoosiers are back.

A difference-making Will Sheehey is inching closer to a return and that could be a game-changer for Indiana as it competes at the top of the Big Ten, Pete DiPrimio of the FW News-Sentinel writes.

Cody Zeller pops up on the ballots of both Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish of CBSSports.com for their midseason top 25 candidates for the Wooden Award. Pretty high praise there.

Seth Davis of SI.com offers some thoughts on college basketball at the midseason, one of which is praise for Cody Zeller.

Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall tells us what to expect from Minnesota on Thursday.


Dana O’Neil with a solid column, as always, about Brandon Paul’s historic (and fluky, in my opinion) performance against Ohio State in a huge upset.

Michael Weinreb, in a column for Grantland.com, tells us why 2011 was the ugliest year ever in college football.


  1. Don’t mean to tease you Ryan, and I know you’ve been sick, but I swear I have yet to see a Hoosier Morning installment come out before 1130 AM. With Korman I could always count on being able to read Hoosier Morning with my 9am coffee.

  2. Actually, it was Kellenberger who was money with the early Hoosier Morning. But he had a competitive advantage. A child who woke him up every day at 6 a.m. I don’t think either Ryan or I know what 6 a.m. looks like.

  3. Doesn’t know what 6 a.m. looks like? I guess Ryan has never taken a walk of shame…
    for that haircut! lolololol


    (just kidding)

  4. Honestly, one of the more interesting facets of this job is that little happens in sports before 11 a.m., so we’re better served staying up until 3 a.m. instead of waking up early. It works for me because I’m very much not a morning person. I’ll try to get it up a bit earlier though if people actually feel that way.

  5. Was it just Hugh? Thought I remember Korman being pretty on the ball as well. Maybe I’m “misremembering”.

    In any case , we need to either put Ryan through early riser boot camp, or chage the name of the segment. “Hoosier Afternoon?” “Hoosier Midday?” “Hoosier Lunch?” Or how about “Late Risin’ Ryan’s Hoosier Review”?

  6. Hollywood looks allows him to set his own hours. They only ask “Starry Eyes” to bring in the afternoon Starbucks. Lately its been a revolving door of hot female college students studying journalism that are lining up at HT for a shot at summer internships. They’re coming in droves wearing sporty blue short skirts and blazers with cute scarves gently tucked into the low-cut blouses donning the Michigan colors…

    There are benefits to closeting Andy Graham that only your limited imaginations can touch surface.

  7. Harvard – You just made coffee come out my nose. That was hysterical! And this spam protection thing keeps messing me up mosty because I forget it is there. Plus, who wants to have to add while reading a basketball blog? Which makes me wonder why there isn’t some sort of button that you can use to melt the components of spammers computers when you see one of their annoying posts. I think that there should be some research grant on that…

  8. I don’t care when you guys upload these stories but I just want them to be consistent, and is there any news on the sheehey injury? I think he’ll play some limited minutes tomorrow but I was looking for someone else’s input?

  9. Has anyone read on Peegs free FB site the heading “What kind of Coach you guys have”? It is tremendous, personal, heart felt and genuine. The man is special and we have him at IU. JPat it’ll make you damn near cry, it did me. ENJOY.

  10. W34, Sorry, I rarely refer to outside reading. Just never thought through the matter but Walt did. I kid you not it is most human.

  11. Man, this morning thing, I don’t know. My wife is unbelievable. Smart, hot, incredibly fun…but, dear God in heaven, she thinks that 5:00 am is a reasonable time to get up. I think it’s the middle of the frickin’ night. I’m draggin’ out of bed (on my day off) at 7:30 and she’s ready for lunch.

  12. A touching note from KW. I know all those places. Maiden is not far.

    For coachv,
    ‘irregardless’. How I hate THAT one. ‘Regarding’= concerning, in regard to; ‘regardless’ = the antonym of regarding; ‘irregardless’ = the antonym of regardless, in other words, ‘regarding’.

  13. I probably shouldn’t comment on this, but all I read from that letter was that Wilson was a selfish sophomore…

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