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Verdell Jones has been a polarizing figure on the Indiana basketball team for years now. Love him or hate him, he’s part of Indiana’s renaissance. In my column, I delve into some stats to see whether or not he’s actually improved this season.

Will Sheehey might not play. Or he might play. But with their sixth man still “day-to-day”, the Hoosiers will take on Minnesota tonight, Dustin wrote.

The IU women are 0-4 this season, and a big reason for that is the Hoosiers’ lack of scoring, Jeremy writes.


Mike Huegenin of Yahoo! Sports writes that Tom Crean is living a dream with Indiana back in the national picture.

It’s been an unconventional climb for Matt Roth, Connor O’Gara of the IDS writes, but he’s a key member of the 2011-12 Hoosiers.

Terry Hutchens of the IndyStar wonders…will Matt Roth apply to play another year for the Hoosiers? It would make a scholarship situation awful difficult.

From the Post Tribune, Andy Proffett says the Hoosiers are primed to light up the Gophers from the perimeter tonight.

A look at Indiana from Ohio State’s point of view, coming from Ohio State blog “Eleven Warriors”.


You’ve heard “Lonely Boy”, but this is the best song on The Black Keys’ newest album:


  1. Ha! Ryan’s revenge. I think you just set the record for the earliest-ever Hoosier Morning installment. Eat your heart out Kellenburger.

    Thank you Ryan it is nice to have the stories to read over coffee. But please, I’d hate to think of you suffering morning after morning in the dark silence of 530 AM….9 or even 10 would be fine 🙂

  2. HT,

    Don’t worry, if I’m being honest, I didn’t wake up that early and simply set HM to publish at 5 a.m. Haha. Can’t guarantee that this will happen every morning, especially because a lot of stories don’t get published until the next morning, but I thought I’d deliver this morning.

  3. RYAN K

    Check your Scoop clock…..It appears to be on eastern daylight “saving” time, not EDT. If you set it to EDT (the correct time), your columns will appear to be one hour earlier. Thus, Hoosier Morning will become more morning.

  4. Hey JPAT, Glad you chimed in. I guess I’ll have to watch those bold moves about rumors. Did you read the post over on the peegs free FB board about the letter CKW wrote the family of a HS team mate of his who died unexpectedly. It is damn revealing and human. Miss your posts.

  5. Clarion, it is good to hear that kind of stuff, it really is. Maybe I can get excited sooner or later when things quiet down…I think sometimes I should move to another state far away, haha. Thanks for the kind words. take care buddy!

  6. Clarion, tell me a little bit about this RB Anthony Davis. Will he have to sit out 1 year on the transfer?

  7. Warren Central HS 2010-5’8″/180-2*-4.7/40-><7 yd. per tote, Dayton Frosh RB 2011. Not highly recruited but did have a bit of the "it" factor. I do not know if he is coming on a ride or walking on which IIRC would determine his 1st year status. I really do not understand this move unless it has always been a dream. I do not think he is size/talent/speed Coaches Wilson and McCullough would recruit for the position. Rumor started with tweet from a 2012 IU commit from WC.

  8. If he’s a quality back, can hold on to the ball and catch a pass, I don’t think his height matters (i.e., Walter Payton, Maurice Jones-Drew, etc). If he’s still 180 lbs upon arrival, he won’t be ready for a lot of carries in the Big Ten. I’d say, at his height, he’d need to be about 192 lbs.

    Anyway, it’s going to be “running back by committee at IU for a few more years.

  9. Coach Wilson has added another to the FB program. This time from a Yuma JUCO. QB Cameron Coffman from Mo. Looks like Coach Litrell brought 1 with him. Accuracy is supposed to be his forte. Looks like throwing is certainly in the Hoosiers future.

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