Hoosiers add QB Sudfeld

According to several recruiting websites, including Peegs.com and 247Sports.com, Indiana has taken a verbal commitment from Nathan Sudfeld, a 6-foot-5, 215-pound quarterback from Modesto Christian High School in California. He’s the 24th member of the class after defensive end Mike Cotton de-committed and then committed to Northern Illinois.


  1. http://m.espn.go.com/ncf/recruiting/recruit?id=141059&wjb

    This guy may be one of the best pure passers this class has to offer. Sudfeld possesses prototypical measurables, close to elite arm strength, a smooth and quick release and more than adequate athleticism for the position. Works mostly from the shotgun in a multiple spread scheme, but takes turns from under center as well. Ryan Mallett would be a favorable comparison, but obviously not quite the same arm. Is an imposing player and certainly looks the part. He shows impressive overall touch, timing and accuracy. He gets good RPMs on the deep-out route and is able to fit the ball into some tight spots. Displays the arm to make every throw on the field. He has a very smooth and relaxed throwing motion. Keeps the ball high while dropping and shows a compact, quick delivery. Mechanics are consistent, and he is a very confident passer — stands tall, steps into his throws and is very balanced. Sees the field well and can get the ball out quickly under duress. Possesses a powerful downfield arm and demonstrates an array of different throws. We really like his ability to hit his fifth step and get the ball out on time on throws outside the numbers along the sideline. He has a knack for zinging the skinny post, shows the touch to lay the ball in between linebackers and safeties and does an excellent job leading receivers on slants, crossing routes and digs. Also does a good job of recognizing coverages and leading his WRs to soft spots in zone. Drop speed and footwork away from center is very good for such a big player. Sells pump-fakes and play-action fakes well, but is still a bit raw in this area and has room to sharpen up. Where Sudfeld is impressive is in his ability to buy time, move around the pocket and make plays with his legs. Shows initial quickness to avoid, re-set and deliver the ball, but also be effective as a runner and gain valuable yards after things break down. Sudfeld is flying way under the national radar and in our opinion is a high-end BCS caliber talent. Excellent prospect and in terms of pure arm talent he is ahead of the curve.

    Interesting writeup!….. Welcome to IU Nate!

  2. Other tidbits: Offers from UCLA, Stanford, Fresno St and Oregon State (schools which produced fair share of pro QBs). #14 overall QB in class of 2012.. if this is a stop-gap measure for the loss of Kiels, I say they did alright.

  3. Wow…looks like a great recruit for CW, let’s just cross our fingers that he signs his LOI next Wednesday!

  4. Wow, congrats to the staff for such a great pick-up. Sounds like he could be one of the real steals in this class.

  5. He sounds like an awesome pick up. I’m impressed. ESPN says he’s 6’5″, 220lb. He’s #14 in his class and ‘one of the best pure passers this class has to offer’. Wow.

  6. Just watched Sudfeld’s highlight reel on the IDS site. Wow, this kid has some game. He moves well for a tall kid, keeps his eyes down the field and throws well on the run. Several clips show he was not afraid to run the ball, and he’s got a strong time arm.

    With the number of great HS quarterbacks in California, I can see how some of the traditional PAC 12 powers could overlook him. But if he’d played HS ball in Indiana, he’d have gotten offers from numerous Big Ten schools. I’m pretty confident he’s already better than Dusty and EWB and I’d say Wilson has significantly upgraded his QB talent.

    Given that he had previously committed to Arizona, then recently changed his mind, it looks like IU’s new offensive coordinator earned his stripes this week. Nice pick up. There’s a lot of talent in California that is overlooked by the PAC 12 teams. It’s good that IU now has a coach with some relationships and recruiting experience in the state. If given the choice to play at schools like UC-Davis, Portland State, UNLV, San Jose State, and Idaho; or playing in the Big Ten, I think a lot of them would choose the Big Ten (Just look at Boise State’s roster). In terms of campus beauty and academic standards, there is no comparison between any of those schools and IUB.

  7. 1st Cameron Coffman now Nathan Sudfeld, the longer OC Rod Smith is gone the more I am pleased he had a strong relationship with RR. Give that man named Littrell a raise.

  8. This sounds like a good pick up. He could even be redshirted and that would give him more time to develop under coach Wilson. Playing in California means he played against better teams than we have in the Columbus area. Just my opinion.

  9. Highlight clips are just that, highlights, but this kid, to my non-scouting eye, throws as good a ball as that kid in Columbus. Strong, but with really nice touch. Mobile. BIG.

    I’d take a guess that he’s gonna be the best QB on the roster the day he hits campus. I haven’t seen any video of the JUCO kid, though. Dusty and EWB made the smart move. Good for everybody.

  10. He’ll only be as successful as the talent he has around him, particularly the talent on the offensive line.

    Saying that this young man is going to be the best QB on the roster by the time he hits campus is really making a huge assumption. He knows nothing of what is required on how to read a defense or disguised coverages. This young man hasn’t even experienced the speed of the game at this level, yet we have posters making outrageous statements about his ability. Can we at least wait to see how he performs in practice before we crown him the next Peyton Manning?

  11. I agree that Nathan should not be prematurely annointed, particularly in view of the fact that he has not even hit campus yet! That said, this signing (if he does sign) evidences some elevation of the program’s level of talent which we all agree is at the root of our issues. Clearly for Nathan or Tre or anyone else to be successful will require vast imoprovement in Oline play. I think our coaches know that.

  12. Great signing. The next big step for IU football and Hoosier fans is for us to develop a little swagger and pride. There are many reasons why this prospect, any prospect would choose Indiana over PAC 10 schools, other Big Ten schools (any of them) and why prospects would come here not because others overlooked them, but because they know it is the big Ten’s most beautiful school, has a great life environment, fantastic athletic programs with great facilities, a state full of Hoosier Pride, excellent, knowledgeable coaching staff and most important, offers an education second to none.

    We are all class…develop the swagger that goes with it!! We are happy Sudfeld picked us and Sddfeld will be one happy man to have picked IU.

    I don’t need to know who he turned down to compare IU’s program. There is no comparison. Grow the swagger!!!

  13. One other comment, one that needs to be made. Tre Roberson has given us an excellent year as QB and has shown he can play at the Big Ten level and win if surrounded by equally talented and focused players. We could not have asked for a better QB from this year’s freshman class, a fact he proved on the field by beating out two QB’s who came with credentials. Tre has earned the title of on the field and, as talented as the two incoming QB’s may be, they’ll have to take it away from Tre through their play. His is a right earned by performance, as it should be. All three QB’s in the picture now and fans who know anything about competitive athletics understand this. Those who think the positions are won in the papers, YouTube, the scouting services or the hype in the blogs need a re-education on the nature of ‘winning’.

  14. I’ll hazard speculation Coach Wilson’s posture will be no job is guaranteed to anyone, he thrives on competition; although I would suspect Tre and Will Matte are as close as you can get to that end. I have nothing against Tre but I personally hope JUCO Coffman offers stiff competition and may the best QB be a duel threat gunslinger.

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