1. The sky is falling.

    The team is obviously a poorly coached bunch of under achievers. I thought we’d have won the NCAA tournament AND a Stanley Cup by now.

  2. I’m actually surprised we didn’t fall farther, although honestly I haven’t checked to see how many adjacent teams won/lost over the week. Gives us a solid chance to move back up if we can correct some of our recent issues.

  3. We’ve been cursed since Bobby Knight was fired! I’m surprised they even rate in the Top 20 after seeing them play yesterday. Poor coaching? Lack of talent? Or ‘out of their league’? Stay tuned, Hoosier fans!

  4. Worst defense in the BIG , guards are fundamentally flawed except for Roth, and CTC is not a top coach. Great offensive talent and Zeller is potential All American.

  5. Higher than expected but this has been a strange year in hoops. Why do you people hate CTC? Im being honest unless your just butler or purdue fans it must be miserable to hate your head coach.? I swear If I hated him as much as some of you I think everyone would understand if you found another team to pull for. Plus It’s safe to say he’s going to be in Bloomington for a while!!

  6. CHET,What’s cooking tonight? I see you’re stirring the pot as usual with a little help from “real iu fan”. Good job fellas, that should keep things interesting.

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