Indiana lands JUCO QB in a hurry

As of Wednesday, Cameron Coffman had resigned himself to at least another semester and possibly another season in junior college. The Arizona Western quarterback had led his squad to the El Toro Bowl — which served as the National Junior College Athletic Association national championship game — before losing to East Mississippi Community College and was hopeful that would lead to some Division I offers.

It hadn’t throughout the fall and throughout the semester break so he headed back to Arizona from his home in Missouri for the spring semester. But on Thursday he got a call from Indiana assistants Kevin Johns and Seth Littrell with a scholarship offer. Indiana had never even spoken to him before, but without making a visit or even speaking to head coach Kevin Wilson, Coffman committed and started driving East, first looking to stop at his home in Raymore, Mo., then trying to reach Bloomington by Sunday night to start classes on Tuesday. When reached by the Herald-Times on Friday afternoon, he had just passed Amarillo, Texas.

“I was just praying God would open up the right opportunity for me,” Coffman said. “They called me and offered me. I committed and packed up all of my stuff.”

The 6-foot-2, 190-pounder had several major Division I offers out of high school, with Arizona State, Iowa State, Kansas State, Nebraska and Wyoming among those who were willing to give him a scholarship. Coffman though, said that both Alabama and Louisiana State had shown interest at camps and he tried to wait it out to see if he could play for one of the SEC powerhouses.

“I was waiting to see if they would offer me,” Coffman said. “I was thinking that would be really cool to play at one of those two schools in the SEC. They ended up dragging me out a little bit and not offering me and by that time it was too late to take some of the other offers I had. They had other guys commit.”

So Coffman went to Arizona Western where he threw for 2,244 yards and 21 touchdowns against just six interceptions, completing 61 percent of his passes and leading the school to an 11-0 start before the 55-47 loss in the championship. The Matadors run a complex pro-style offense, and coach Tom Minnick said Coffman excelled at making all of the right decisions.

“I kind of compare him to the kid at Alabama who won a national championship for them two years ago (Greg McElroy),” Minnick said. “He just gets the job done.”

Coffman said he should have no problem adjusting to the mostly spread offense Indiana is likely to run. He played in that sort of system as a senior in high school and said he felt comfortable with it.

“In the spread offense, a lot of weight is on the quarterback’s shoulders,” Coffman said. “Everythign runs through him. I like that. I like to have the weight on my shoulders every play. The offense goes as I go. I like to be the decision maker.”

Coffman played just one season at Arizona Western, so he has four seasons to play three at Indiana.



  1. Yes, Stroud got an offer from Oklahoma State so he is gonzo.

    Hopefully Coffman has a strong accurate arm; otherwise, he’ll just be a scout team QB.

  2. On Coffman, there’s a couple highlight vids on youtube, one JUCO and one high school. Think Chad Pennington arm-wise (accurate but not strong) with the ability to scramble well. His older brothers had quite successful college careers: Chase a TE at Missouri and Carson a QB at Kansas State.

  3. I heard that Stroud’s departure was grade-related. Who knows if there is more to the story?

    Welcome Cameron!

  4. Hmm interesting pickup.

    I was looking forward to seeing Tre blossom and get most of the playtime, but this *may* throw a loop into that.

  5. Told Stroud grade issue is one that is common for IU when recruiting JC’s. Likely will get in other schools and be ok, but did not meet IU requirements

  6. This is the 1st I’ve heard about Stroud. Thats just lovely. I understand he’s legit & we desperately need him–& now he won’t be playimng here. Oh well, we should be used to that feeling by now. This QB signing will probably be inconsquential; Tre isn’t going anywhere except under center.

  7. Actually, this could turn out to be a pretty good get for Wilson & Co. If they make a move to more of a Texas Tech style offense, which is what our new offensive coordinator Seth Littrell is familar with, then he could fit perfectly. By looking at his film, he does not have a big arm, but he is pretty accurate and is capable of moving around the pocket, quite similar to former Texas Tech QB’s.

    I’m not saying he is better than Tre, but I believe he could be better suited if they indeed change offensive strategies.

  8. They might have gone and recruited this kid just to try and help pull in Steffon Martin who is a stud middle linebacker at the same JUCO

  9. They are also teamates with Chris Young, another JUCO who is a stud OLB. Getting all 3 would be huge. Also heard there’s a high school QB named Nathan Sudfeld visiting this weekend. He had commited to Arizona when Littrell was the OC there, so there is a connection.

  10. “Think Chad Pennington arm-wise…..” That would be good by me. If Chad Pennington’s arm was good enough to be a starter for numerous seasons in the NFL, it would certainly be good enough for Big Ten football. Everyone loves a strong arm, but accuracy is more important that being able to throw it 50 yards on a rope. Just ask Joe Montana.

    For a QB, good decisions, good vision, the ability to move in and out of the pocket, and a cool head are all attributes more important than having a cannon on your shoulder. Given the colleges that made him offers out of High School, he must be pretty good.

    I suspect IU’s coaches assume they’re going to lose one or more of their existing QBs soon. No need to carry five on the roster. And remember KW questioning whether he was going to recruit a QB for the class of 2012! Sounds like something has changed since early December, and I don’t mean the Offensive Coordinator. That does not mean that TR is in jeopardy, but I’ll bet one of the other two are giving serious consideration to transferring.

  11. Just the mere fact this guy was more highly touted coming out of HS than TR means there will fierce competition for the starting job. He is a dual threat QB that played in the top HS class in Mizzou and has a full year starting at the next level leading his team to the JUCO NC game. He may end up being the scout team QB but not w/o a battle. This only makes the position stronger.

  12. I was thinking about the QB situation at Florida when they had Tebow and Cam Newton. No offense to Tebow and he’s had a great run but I’m amazed he got the nod over Newton. I guess Cam’s just developed a lot since then because he’s about a million times better quarterback than Tebow now. Give Cam that Denver defense, instead of that awful one Carolina had, and you’d have quite a team.

    …and, yes, Tim is an astounding human being and I wish nothing but good things for him.

  13. I’m looking forward to watching TR develop, especially considering how far he came along last year. And, if Coffman comes along and fulfills his promise so much the better. They will push each other (do not forget we have two other good QB’s- who will be sophomores) and the Hoosiers will benefit. Rarely have we had a collection of qb talent. But right now, until someone shows differently, I am happy TR offers is so much.

    Go Hoosiers!

  14. I haven’t looked into how good this young man is, but I think overall Wilson’s staff is pulling in some players with decent potential. It’s going to take some time, but I think Wilson will right the football ship. Go Hoosiers!

  15. Seems that Kiel has definitely left the program, but not a certainty that Wright-Baker has. Ed would be making a big mistake. Tre will definitely be the #1 heading in to next season, however, Ed would be #2 and we all know that the #2 QB will play and may get the reins of the team at any moment. That way Coffman could hold on to a red-shirt until he is absolutely needed and have 3 more years left starting in 2013. I doubt that Dusty will play for a major program, but he is/was a good kid, student and person.

  16. The only way EWB would be #2 is if COffman did redshirt. Write it in concrete, Coffman is coming to compete. In fact Tre will be in for a battle for #1. Word is EWB is leaving on the heels of Kiel. Might yet be another new QB candidate poised to commit.

  17. Wish EWB & DK the best, but not particularly disappointed to see either go from a football standpoint.

  18. I’ll 2nd that. Sorry, but they both had plenty of opportunity to impress & they just didn’t. Sayonara Boys!

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