Indiana ranked No. 7 in AP Poll, No. 8 in coaches poll

With a win on the road against Penn State on Sunday afternoon, the coaches and AP pollsters decided to not only vault the Hoosiers into the top 10, but to do a few better than that. In today’s AP poll, Indiana is now ranked No. 7, vaulting up five spots from last week, while the USA Today/ESPN coaches’ poll moved the Hoosiers up four spots to No. 8.

Indiana is still the third-ranked team in the Big Ten, according to both polls, trailing Ohio State and Michigan State.

The rest of the AP Top 25 is as follows:

1. Syracuse
2. Kentucky
3. North Carolina
4. Baylor
5. Ohio State
6. Michigan State
7. Indiana
8. Duke
9. Missouri
10. Kansas
11. Georgetown
12. UNLV
13. Michigan
14. Louisville
15. Murray State
16. Virginia
17. Connecticut
18. Kansas State
19. Florida
20. Mississippi State
21. Gonzaga
22. San Diego State
23. Creighton
24. Seton Hall
25. Marquette


  1. Okay, let’s beat Minnesota this Thursday and take a 16-1 record into Columbus this Sunday. Go Hoosiers!

  2. Getting ranked so high is a bit frightening. On one hand it validates the improvement IU has made; but on the other, it puts a bulls eye squarely on our backs. I like that CTC & the players keep saying there is room for improvement. With Sheehey soon to return I will feel more comfortable. Finally, I like what I see from Remy Abel and what he brings to the floor. Go IU! Beat the Gophers!!

  3. Winning teams always have targets on their backs.

    I see 8 more solid wins on this schedule, being conservative and assuming we lose all road games except Nebraska and lose to MSU at home. That would leave us with 23 big ones going into the Big 10 tourney. Pretty good for a near worst- case scenario.

  4. I don’t care if it only lasts a week, it’s nice to see Duke looking up our butt for a change. Doc Rivers schmoozes up to Crean so Jeremiah can play his minutes at our decimated house and then slaps him back in the face by showing were not good enough for the 5-star boy. I hope people remember that when their criticizing the hell out of VJ and calling Jordy short and slow. It doesn’t matter where they rank us. They have to look “objective” and place us where our record and wins against top-ranked opponents have thus earned our right in the polls. Don’t kid yourself about bulls eyes..There is still no respect for Indiana. I hope our guys never forget that.

  5. Steve… you’re such a dolt. Your father wants you back home for some more abuse.

  6. These rankings are an indicator that other coaches have taken notice and are showing respect to IU. The way this team has played this year, not only beating 3 top 25 teams, including #1 & #2, but coming back on S.C. State & MSU, not letting the PSU or Michigan games slip away when those very quickly could have been losses proves they are worthy of being ranked highly.

    Need a solid, dominating win on Thursday and have a 16-1 record traveling to OSU. If we can finish this week 17-1 this team will be in the Top 5 and legitimately so, 16-2 with a close loss (5 or less) in Columbus should keep them in the top 10-12, and they will be deserving of that.


  7. Harvard, I am fascinated by how you seem to take a persons physical description as a slight. If I start referring to Cody as tall and white are you going to take offense to that as well?

  8. That would be a game worthy of viewing on a Nick’s flat screen. Also worthy of Heineken.

  9. Geoff-

    You should describe Jordy as short…slow and steadfast …very white with great balance…doesn’t panic when on the edge of a cliff or in tight situations…can climb mountains that very few are capable…and appears to be confident he can go to the next level.

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