IU defensive ends coach Brett Diersen resigns

Indiana defensive ends coach Brett Diersen has resigned from the staff effective immediately according to a press release on Monday. It follows.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson announced today that defensive ends coach Brett Diersen has resigned his position effective immediately.

“We appreciate Brett’s service and wish he and his fiancée Jenna the best,” Wilson said. “We will move forward quickly in making a quality hire that will further strengthen our staff.”


  1. Has to be some good young D line coaches out there. I suspect Coach Wilson had some in mind before this announcement. Plan your work, work your plan.

  2. Word on the FB street is Carlton Hall of the Houston Cougars is in Coach Wilson’s sights for D-Line coach.

  3. Could be. If I was a young man with a family I wouldn’t leave a job until I had another lined up, though.

  4. What I’m hearing is that Diersen did leave on his own. Wilson told me a week after the season ended that he intended to keep all of his guys. Diersen’s kind of a different guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next move is out of football.

  5. Regardless of why he’s leaving, its another opportunity to upgrade the coaching staff. If a man does not want to be in the job, he will not do the job to his best ability. Coaching college football requires great passion. I hope Wilson hires a smart, young, ambitious and passionate coach that is an upgrade. I’m sure Ekler and Mallory know some men that meet the requirements.

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