1. They are giving us a lot of ‘conference respect’ with the rankings right now. Personally I think they belong more in the 20-23 range. After this week’s likely 1-1 (hopefully not 0-2) performance I think that’s where we will be next Monday.

  2. I think we are looking for wins now, rankings won’t advance us in the NCAA’S. There looks to be upsets in the making in the 1st rounds of all brackets… I know the teams find their flow late in the season. I would not worry if we slipped to 20 – 25 just as long as we get in the tournament. That is the accomplishment and goal this season.

    Maybe advance after upsetting some over ranked team.

    Then the help arrives for next season. I did not say anything that has not been said before. If 25th in the nation gets us in, then what the heck.

  3. yeah I agree that we could be 20-25th, it just doesn’t matter. We are 16-4, with 11 games left, if we win 5 of those 11 I believe we’d be in. 21-10 is definitely “in” the way this season has gone in college bball.

  4. Exactly where we should be. On our way to 22 wins(that total includes Big 10 tournament) and a 4th or 5th in conference standings.

    This team has too many weapons to keep out of the top 20..too deep of bench. We also have a premier center that is getting better with every game. He’ll have this Big 10 stuff pretty figured out by the end of the season. Cody might even being playing some point guard for our last home stand with how agile he’s been looking of late.

    We’ll be rolling on all cylinders come March if we remain healthy. Our long bench should help us as the season begins to grind on teams not as fortunate to distribute playing time. The lack of continuity resulting from the abundance of guys getting PT that caused the occasional hiccup will pay great dividends in fresh legs in March and battling through one-sided officiating when we have a bit of foul trouble in big games.

    Don’t underestimate what this group is capable of in March if they play withing their capabilities the next 6 weeks.

  5. I agree with Harvard, been a down stretch here but we know how well this team can play at any given point. Every team has a down time during the season, we will be ready come March for a deep tournament run after the 4th place finish in Big Ten Conference!

  6. Losing to NE should have dropped them out of the top 20. This is generous.

    If they win the next two, then they may deserve to be ranked back up at 12 or so.

  7. Let’s also keep in mind we already have 3 of 4 completed against MSU and OSU with a chance to still even the score at home with MSU at the end of the season. OSU and MSU have yet to play each other. MSU still has a rival game left with the Wolverines and a game against a Wisconsin team seeking to avenge losing to the Spartans at home. Badgers have been winning on the road lately.

    The Big 10 standings have some inevitable shifting coming down the road. Hard to predict where everyone will fall once the dust has settled. I still believe the Hoosiers are a dangerous match-up in March and a team that has the talent to raise some eyebrows again come tournament time. Maybe the ranking is a little too generous considering the recent losses against Minnesota and Nebraska. I don’t really care if we fall out of the top-25..I think we’re still settled into a spot that is realistic our depth and potential.

  8. Well, remaining ranked in the top 20 could have an impact in where IU is seeded in the NCAA, so it does, indirectly, have some importance. I’d like to see IU win a couple games in the tourney. That would be great experience for the youngsters and a great send-off for the seniors.

    But those losses to NE and MN still sting. I hoped they all learned valuable lessons from those two games.

  9. Gotta agree that ranking is very overrated as far as tourney selection goes. In a good year for a conference like the Big 10, with everyone walloping each other, overall wins much more of a determining factor; I could see 7 teams making it in if the 7th place team wins 19 games and has performed well against the big boys. I don’t think IU “needs” to be ranked, by any measure. Especially after their dynamite non conference play.

    By the way, Minnesota is sure heating up. It may not be long before we look back at the Minny loss with a different perspective.

  10. I’m just hoping for the best, Podunker. If we get into the NCAA after finishing 4th or 5th in the conference, we’ll likely be in the top 25. Here’s to hoping we can get back the swagger, pull out a couple road wins, and build some confidence going down the stretch.

    Once into the tournament, anything can happen regardless of seeding/ranking. I think just getting into the Big Dance will be a very worthy achievement for a team shedding the mental baggage of three horrific years of lopsided losses. We will be riding most our hopes on kids that deserve some limelight for their undaunted spirit a belief in the cream and crimson. The magic possible with a chemistry that comes from a group of good kids that road together through the fires of decimation, along with the skills and advancement beyond his years the headiness our freshman phenom in the middle, will make for a ton of pride and anticipation a brighter future. I’m not holding these guys to anything. I think they’ve done plenty already to strengthen my faith in the candy stripes. We’ve put ample amounts our own sting on the butts of those that underestimated the heart of our Hoosiers and there will be more to come. Considering the context of where we were such a short time ago, those couple losses feel like mosquito bites.

  11. Rankings are meaningless & we are still overrated in my opinion. End of the season I’ll pay closer attention because it ends up setting the NCAA tourney seed. We are worthy of a 4 or 5 if you believe the polls, which I might add, change each week. A 4 or 5 gets us a 13 or 12 to play against, which is typical spot for a 2nd place mid-major. A danger game, but what we deserve.

    But I think we have a favorable ending in the Big 10, and that’ll help us.

    I think Crean is spot-on his comments about shots going down vs. not & still winning. We sure do look good if Hulls, Watford, Sheehey and Roth are hitting a few. And when they aren’t, we look bad. It is very typical of a “any given night” type of team. Looks to me like we can win or lose about any night with this team. That’s what’s very frustrating because we knew we should’ve/could’ve/would’ve won.

    I was pleased with the hard fouls and toughness yesterday. We didn’t back down and knocked some of their kids on their asses near the bucket. It seemed to have an effect as PSU obviously got too frisky late. We need the same effort @ Wisconsin & then who knows. it’ll be interesting to see which team makes the trip.

  12. That is too high. I expected between 20-25 were we probably belong. I am sure a loss to Wisconsin will put us down another 5 spots or so.

  13. Right now, the wins over NC State and Notre Dame look huge. Both of those teams are really helping IU’s RPI ranking and that is what matters when seeding is done in the NCAA. The two top 25 polls are looked at, but the RPI is what matters.

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