1. Agreed. Forgive me for being pessimistic but this may be last time we see the top 25 for a while. Even if we beat Purdue -which I think we will – another 1-1 week might cause us to slip to 26 or 27.

  2. Rankings are frosting on the cake. They simply serve as free advertising for our resurgent program.

    I think our chances of beating Purdue in Mackey(a.k.a. House of the Corrupted Zebras) are slimmer than stealing one at Northwestern or Minnesota. If we beat Michigan in Ann Arbor on Wednesday night, I believe we will stay in the top 25 the rest of the way.

  3. To me that sounds a little low. We barely got beat by a pretty good team on the road, and blew away the same team that earlier beat Wisconsin. I expected to stay about the same. I think old attitudes about IU prevail when you get away from Indiana, most of the country still isn’t sure if “we’re back” for good yet…

  4. You know we’re not the only ranked teams with losses this week. UConn lost to Notre Dame just last night.

  5. If we fall out of the rankings, I think it only paints an extra target on our first opponent in the tournament, if they are ranked.

    I don’t think we will fall out the Top 25.

  6. 20 is fair all things considered. That’s about right where we belong. Now when we beat MIchigan (and yes I am predicting we will beat Michigan) then maybe back to 15! Anyone else care to put up a prediction on the Michigan game? Come on a blog full of experts scared to give an opinion. This is the hoosier scoop for gods sake it’s not going to make or break your legacy! I’ll single out the ones who I see on here the most and the ones that will tell me how predictions are childish and dumb.Harvard, Chet, Hulls jr oops I mean Geoff?? One guy said he doesn’t do predictions on games just on the season!@&%?? Let’s man up men and women (karen) and see where the IU faithfuls confidence level is really at? Go check out a Michigan blog and see what 99% of those guys are saying! Did anyone hear of IU sporting a new uni for two games next year? I heard through the ol Evansville-Henderson pipeline they are wanting to but some old crusty viagras won’t allow it. Also im sure most of you know there’s a kid in Evansville named Jaquan Lyle who’s a soph for the Bosse bulldogs whose been going nuts this year. Hope CTC gives a close look because Cal’s been spotted in Evansville already.

  7. Maybe Coach Crean should should throw a slight curve at scUM just as he did to Iowa and start DE or TP at center and Zeller playing the 4. Might protect Cody a little against fouls and help on the boards if CW does not. I suspect the zone D would be stronger also.

  8. Surefire Prediction: Tonight 4guards will be in winning form while partaking in the hand-washing hoosierfaninky’s last pair of underwear absent any holes worn through the itch zone. There will be music in the background.

  9. WOW it’s official that’s the first comment ever made on my underwear by a man. Feeling a little sanduskyish coming off of you grandpa!

  10. Where was this intensity the first 10 minutes? This is every road game we start very slow. What is that?

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