1. You know, I do a little bit. Had some great times there. But my two best friends there either have skipped (Damon Dillman went to Charlottesville) or will skip town (Mike Barber just got the Virginia Tech job at the Richmond TImes-Dispatch). So it’s not quite the same. But Chris Simmons still runs an amazing sports section and I do miss the place.

  2. $ are always a motivating stimulus but there has been a mass exodus of assistant FB coaches out of Madison since Chryst took the HC job at Pitt. Now Weis has taken BB’s LB coach. Has success made them that hot in the industry or is something up?

  3. Someone should take down the ad for the “We’re Back” t-shirts because they’re pretty ridiculous right now considering the team is playing as scared as a bunch of little school girls.

  4. That’s the way it is every year, right HT.

    FAU’s new D-line coach is Brett Diersen. Really no surprise. Looks like Hagen will handle the duties to coach the DT’s and DE’s on our D-line. That to me is a plus. Hagen is proven.

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