1. Nebraska player has a broken nose mask on. Maybe there is only one available, which means Derek can stay seated.

  2. I like the first half game plan. Pack it in, make em shoot… Extrapolate it out you win by 10-15 points on the road… Good for me.

  3. IU played absolutely pathetic tonight. Once again we are back to last years team style of play. If there is any team who can find a way to lose to the bottom teams in the big ten, it will , like the last 3 years, our pitiful team. I am sick to death of this losing. 13th ranked team indeed. We shouldn’t even be ranked at all.

  4. FIRE CREAN. Please bench VJ and start any one else. Crean is like Mike Jagger with out the moves. Please quit micro managing every possession. Crean needs to take a seat,quit flapping and strutting and let these kids play………..

  5. Verdell was not the problem. Hulls got pressured all game on offense and had to move off the ball because he could not get a step on anyone Nebraska switched onto him on screens. It has been a constant problem in Big Ten play and seems to be the problem in plays out of timeouts.

  6. Hmmm, it sure looked like Watford was fouled on that last play. We just don’t get the call when we’re not at home.

    How can we be expected to win if they won’t allow our players to travel, clutch and grab, and call the ball ours when it goes off our player’s knee.

    We looked great against Kentucky and Ohio State.

    Where are our REFS??

  7. Been a problem all year…closing out the last 6 minutes of either half…for some reason they totally stop executing and just try to hang on to end either half. Maybe this is reality and the team has been playing way over their heads!

  8. Perhaps when they get to play at Assembly Hall where their mommies can powered their collective asses and everyone can tell them how great they are , maybe they can have the refs help them win a game. We can only hope.

  9. Tonight was an F in Basketball IQ…lazy passes, ill advised shots, driving too far with no where to go and losing the shooters….on an on.
    Need some major adjustments, smarts and confidence to know when to pull the trigger. VJ is a major problem but not the reason they lost tonight check #1 he struggled and did not come through when needed.
    Zeller can only do so much and the Big 10 teams are going to bottle him up from here on out. Get ready for it and make some adjustments Crean.

  10. I’m so disappointed in these guys and the coaches I cant say anymore or I will embarrass myself! Losing to this team u should be ashamed!

  11. Wow. Super-disappointed in this effort. A 10-point lead is the worst omen this team could have. Absolutely ZERO ability to close out games. I need to stop watching this team before full depression sets in.

    NIT is about a 50% chance at this point.

  12. I am not going to start bashing Crean again just because we lost AGAIN…but if he called time out to draw up the smallest player on the floor to drive the lane and flip up a shot and hope the ref’s bail us out…then Crean is struggling worse that the team is.We have not played a good game in 3 week’s.Outside of Sunday’s home game against Penn State..I don’t see another win this year.Jones is killing us…why is Remy not playing…best guard on the team.Hull’s need’s to be ready to shot not run the offense.Watford and Victor are lost again…Victor has no clue what’s going on.Shehee play’s 5-6 minute’s and goes out and never see him again.Clearly Indiana is not a top 35 team…the NCAA tournament is now out..just hope some way to win 2-3 more game’s and get into NIT…which is really where this team belong’s.What happened to the team that beat Kentucky and Ohio State…it clearly is not this team.Nebraska is not a top 100 team.Outside of Penn State this week…who can we beat??

  13. ABSOLUTE WORST LOSS IN CREAN ERA !! Worse than 30-40 point losses in his first two years. In addition, I know VJ3 would like to thank Hulls for getting him off the hook. Hulls play has gotten progressively worse throughout conference play. And tonight was the worst. The scouting report is obvious… pressure Hulls out to about 23 feet, both with and without the ball. He won’t get a shot off, won’t be able to make a post-entry pass and modest chance he may turn it over. At this point, we appear to have the weakest backcourt in the B10.

    Yogi… Yogi… wherefore art thou Yogi ???

  14. Crean’s late-game management is pathetic. Blown leads vs. Kentucky (Wattford bailed him out), Michigan State, Michigan (sporadic play by the Maise ‘n’ Blue helped), Penn State (at home, no less), and Big Ten bottom-feeders Minnesota and Nebraska. No sense blaming the officials; IU just looks like the same sad bunch over the last three years. Crean’s personnel decisions inside the seven-minute mark are curious, to say the least. VJ needs to graduate and move on, though he was not to blame tonight. I will say this: Has there ever been a player in Big Ten history who gets hosed more by the refs than Tom Pritchard? That poor soul gets whistled for a foul when he’s checking in at the scorer’s table. Really, really biased toward him. Still, tonight’s colossal collapse had more to do with IU’s inability to finish (some really bad shots/possessions when they led by 7-11 points late), than anything the zebras did or didn’t do. It’s a shame, because this 15-1 start looks like it will be trampled by a trip to the NIT. Those T-shirts that proclaim “We’re Back,” I guess, meant the team from the past three years is back. Brutal!

  15. Interesting… Shot 51% overall and 44% from 3, had more rebounds and more assists than NE and lost. Tough to do.

  16. The Penn State game was @ Penn State, not at home. Agreed with a poster above that said this was the worst loss in Tom Crean’s tenure here. Absolutely inexcusable to lose to a pathetic Nebraska team.

  17. the next few games will tell IU fans what crean is all about. you have to put the team in the best opportunity to win…another IU coach said this and he was a pretty smart one. lets see what happens now.

  18. Not that anyone will want to re-live that p.o.s. with me, or care to hear what will be perceived as excuses, but I am going to watch the last 10 minutes of that game and chronicle every call and missed call. It was severely one-sided.

  19. It’s a loss-it happens on the road in the Big Ten. We’re fine, Crean is a great coach, Verdell Jones is playing well, and the world isn’t coming to an end. Enough, you gutless wonders….enough

  20. Allowed 10 2nd chance pts and 16 pts off turnovers ..I would rather win ugly than lose..sit Hulls,Verdell and Roth and go more athletic with Oladipo,Sheehey and Abel…we will keep teams @ 50 pts per game

  21. > Shot 51% overall and 44% from 3, had more rebounds and more assists than NE and lost.

    They missed a ton of shots, too. The difference was in turnovers (15 vs 10), and a BUNCH of no-foul-calls down the stretch. When Verdell fell down and had to call timeout, he was hacked hard. Zeller was pulled down to the floor during a free throw, which led to an easy basket. Watford was raped the whole time. Oh well, you just can’t let the game get close because there are always bad calls.

    OK, I’m officially downgrading my expectations to slightly above my preseason expectations now. I think we’ll limp into the big dance but that’s about it. The B1G title is a lost dream.

  22. I thought all along that this team needed to win 16 – 18 games, to show they are moving in the right direction…..good chance they won’t get to 18. We are not a top 25 team.

  23. I hope you’re right, hang in. But you have to admit that this three-game stretch has been difficult to swallow. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think IU is in jeopardy of watching this amazing start go down in flames. They need to right the ship ASAP, or this will go down as one of the most disappointing seasons in IU history. … I suspect most of you are too young to remember when IU basketball was nails. Knight-coached Hoosier teams seldom lost when the talent swung in IU’s favor. In fact, many of his teams over his last 10 years were inferior in many cases, but always managed to win a good number of games. Perhaps you’re still reliving the Mike Davis Era. The point is this: When you have better talent and you have big leads late against below-average teams (Nebraska, for sure), you have to win those games going away. Yes, the Big Ten is very good. But 3-4 and 8th place in the conference sure doesn’t look very promising, considering the schedule only gets tougher. I hope I’m wrong, but it sure feels like the Hoosiers are circling the drain. If somebody can convince me otherwise, I’m all ears (or eyes, in this case).

  24. Ok it’s time to call it like it is CTC has really blown it for a few games in a row now!! He completely changed up our defense when man 2 man was working pretty well. He takes TP out after he has a career half. Not to mention he can’t get our guys to gaurd the 3 point line! Psu shot the best they have all season from 3 against us. Minny shoots the best they have all season from 3 against us now,,,,, you guessed it Nebraska has a career night from behind the arc against us. Is this not bad coaching?? Oh and the kid from Osu lit us up from 3 as well and yes it was a career high. Would’t a good coach fix this? I’ve been a CTC supporter but im also a realist and if we’re being real CTC lost this game for us. No time out at the end? Still support him and hope he can fix this bumbling effort of gaurding the three but im wondering if he can!! This is humiliating for IU basketball period!! We played hard rebounded well and lost due to wide open looks at the 3.

  25. Zero positive things from Harvard…I’m not fond of the attitude on this team. Remy should get his ass out of Indiana. Transfer to a team that will give him minutes and honor is effort. He’s a skilled baller that is being overlooked. Is he not buying into Crean’s bible study classes on the bus trips from the hotel to the stadium? I’m completely baffled..I’m also a bit tired of watching Sheehey’s cocky demeanor throughout a game. In many ways he’s another kid with the same attitude as “the chosen one.” He appears to think he’s already way better than he’ll ever be. He must know he’s the next in line to be “the chosen one.”

    Chosen One Order:

    Danny Moore
    Verdell Jones
    Will Sheehey

    This team is not void of talent capable of winning big games. It’s void of cohesiveness..It’s void of grittiness. It’s void of the proper attitude that goes with being a winner. Many of these guys on our team carry themselves with an attitude not befitting the accomplishments. I’m not sure if any amount of losing can remove that form of ingrained arrogance. If we’re recruiting that same attitude, then “The Movement” may be poop more than promise.

    It’s time to pull a Bobby K and start four new faces around Zeller against Penn State. Will that happen? …about as likely as “the chosen one” getting treated like Remy tonight.

    Sorry to go negative…but these guys need a cattle prod stuck somewhere. I’m tired of watching Hoosiers that play as if the name Indiana is an entitlement….maybe they’ll all bought into the “because” thing too much.

    One Positive: 22 wins and an NCAA trip is still possible. Get mad as hell..put people on the bench that should be there..and play with team pride represented in those five banners instead of the individualistic ego-tripping mentality that leaves me looking at nothing Indiana in its disjointed arrogance.

  26. Remy needs to play a full half, start in place of Verdell. I don’t think sitting Verdell really helps his head and readiness. So, bring Remy on, he needs the playing time .

    Neb played defense like the last few games, except their big center was laying on Zeller. Sheehey takes the rebound ,see’s no stop and fires a 12 footer.
    Verdell same situation, clunker. Sheehey needs all the playing time he can get.
    AD Glass, please ask Crean what is up?
    Geoff, I agree about ref’s, but we should have been so hungry for a win that we play thru it.

  27. The help this team needs now is Abell. The opponents defensive pressure has been turned up on JH because there is no need to focus on Jones. Everybody in the gym can see his rein has been tightened some and his confidence is suspect. The Opponents D is playing 5 on 4 1/2. Unlike Jones, Abell would demand the defenses attention and make Hulls load lighter. They both are true combo guards but unlike the Hulls/Jones tandem RA and JH are both good combo guards. I sure as hell wish Watford would show up for another game before he graduates. Damn, there are times you have to paint marks on the floor to see if he moves. I still have to believe we are 1 of the 68 teams in March.

  28. Calbert Are you the head asst coach? Speak up More of the same? Bench somebody Pritchard was playing fine.

  29. Agree with you, Clarion. We can still get there, but changes need to be made in attitude and lineup.

  30. Going to a street fight on Sunday. Better pick guys who understand it is a dark alley. Some people foul out if need be, but control the lane ,push the 3 pt shot out further, play Remy.

  31. Maybe I watched a different game because no one has mentioned the WIDE open 3’s we gave up. I know they didn’t hit many but every time we got a nice lead what happened? They hit an open 3!! And like I said this every game. I watched the big ten pre game and they said we give up more 3’s than any other b10 team! If anyone can bring themselves to watch this game again a perfect example. With 14 seconds to go in the first half coach called time out. YOu have to assume he said no open look at a 3. What happened? Their last shot was a WIDE open 3 they missed but still come on!! And im sorry to disagree with you Clarion but if we finsh in the bottom of b10 which unless we win at least 2 more road games we will I don’t see us getting in the tourny. A .500 record in this conference should not get you an invite. Do you think we can win another road game? Let’s see Wisconsin, Michigan, Purdue, Iowa and Minnesota. Let me know who you think we will gbeat.

  32. I think we beat Purdue, Iowa, and Minnesota…

    I still think we are better than those teams. We certainly need to address some things, but we aren’t untalented.

  33. Opposing Big Ten coaches have seen us on film. It was obvious that opponents would push us away from the three point line, pressure Hulls because film shows them he is way too slow to QB the offense and, defensively, they can break him when they want to. That will remain so the rest of this year.
    VJ3 is VJ3. He can not change. That’s it, there ain’t no more. I can’t even attack him. Nice kid, we appreciate the decision to come here during the bad…but that’s it! Wattford (I had actually begun to think he might do ok in the NBA). Cody looks confused. Sheepadippo are out of control but what structure do they play to? Remy…every time I look up and see his number, he produces on O and D. Pritchard not made for this game.
    But, Coach…do you have a notion of what is happening? Can you explain your own team’s breakdowns? Can we speak in specifics, beyond ‘we need to be tougher’ and platitudes of that type? Is there a point to all the agitation and nerves on the sideline? Is there a basketball explainable logic to hockey-team style free substitution? Is there a reason our players (especially our ball handlers at the perimeter put the ball on the floor before they’ve ever looked at the movement and the defense’s position? (and, of course, once they put it down, they’re out of options… (try entire scrimmages with a basketball without air). Hulls passes the ball and stands…like something out of Showalter Fountain.
    Basketball fans…next game follow Hulls for an entire 4-5 minutes both on offense and defense…eyes fixed on him 100% of the time.
    The majority here really wanted to believe we had improved; now…we are who we feared we were. So sad.

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  36. CTC is not a very good coach,so what you see is what you get,face facts,can’t close out a game too busy running up and down the sideline like a manic-depressive. But he’ll have a good excuse why it happened. He laughs every day on his way to the bank. All you CTC backers can now pour it on ole elmo,but deep down there just might be a little question in your mind that I might be right

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  40. Crean says they talked and watched film of the Minn and OSU game and they understood why they lost.We are losing because we have no guard play.Hull’s is an excellent shooter but no point guard..Jones can do nothing.Crean has already lost this team.The publicity the team got after beating KY and OSU and Penn State in a shoot out has simply gotten into their head’s.I said at the start of the season 15-18 win’s was about it.I have to admit going into the Big Ten undeafeated I thought I might be wrong…but I don’t see more than 2-3 win’s the rest of the season.Crean is a good coach and I am not going back to my old way’s of wanting him fired…wouldn’t do any good anyway…but he has to stop being Mr.nice guy and get into these kid’s alittle and let them knowTHIS IS INDIANA.Every player except Cody should be benched for Sunday’s game.Start Remy..Shehee..Cody..Elston..Pritchard.Austin should play some.NCAA is out of the question now…but try to get on a roll for the NIT and get to Madison Square Garden and build alittle for next year.But I still see no help with the guard’s we have coming next year either.

  41. Hey Elmo, I saw the apostrophe 🙂 Nice job.

    There’s a whole big world of punctuation out there just waiting on you.

  42. Elmo, concerning post #49… I don’t know that we have any reliable facts to base whether Crean is a really good coach or not. Also different coaches are good at different things. He may be a great developer of talent, practice, and game-preparation guy, but below average when it comes to in-game adjustments. I am not sure yet whether he is a really good coach…. What I do know is he is a great recruiter, and he is at a tradition-rich program in a basketball-rich state, where he will be able to attract higher quality recruits better than he ever was at Marquette. He has some great classes on the way, so until he gets those great recruits in the door I am going to reserve judgement on whether or not he is a really good coach. Just my opinion, I’m not speaking for anyone else.

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