1. Remy Hulls Victor Watford Zeller Sheehey Pricthard and Roth Noone else should even be in the rotation

  2. How about some 2 man basketball in then out Get the ball to Zeller Starting the offense 28 feet from the basket. Man that is coaching and lame response to game conditions.
    Let Victor create send Sheehey to the basket and Zeller create.

  3. I don’t think the guys were flat. They just got ‘out athleted’ today. Vic and Cody could match up but everyone else struggled. Add in a 5 point per game player going for 28 from outside. There was a stretch where he who shall not be named turned the ball over on 4 straight possessions, which the Buckeyes turned into points and we never got back in it. Not a lot of good looks from outside and the Hoosiers missed the ones they got. Good adjustments at half time. Too little too late.

    Please don’t say ‘pass the ball inside to Cody’. He was covered up. He showed some versatility in the lane.

    Positive on Verdell, he repeatedly got the ball to an open Pritchard behind the arc.

    I stand corrected on VJIII getting his minutes cut. I was quite mistaken.

    At least the Hoosiers earned a split with the Buckeyes. I didn’t expect that much. Could be worse. UNC got trounced by 33 points by an unranked Florida State team.

  4. OSU is not a top 10 team. Personally, I think we played a tougher OSU team last year. We didn’t deserve the huge bump in the rankings and the Hoosiers got a rude awakening against a very aggressive Minnesota team. We needed to use as lesson what the Gophers brought to our stomping grounds and take an even feistier mindset into Columbus. I didn’t see it, Chet.
    I thought they came out flat. Completely out of sync. They all looked resigned and OSU’s strong start added to the stumbling and fumbling of a team that just looked unattached.

    It’s one game. Move on and get ’em next time.

    May I also add that CBS should be ashamed of their coverage. The lengthy commercial interruptions take the enjoyment out of watching a college basketball telecast. I often wonder how much momentum is killed for a team trying to come back from large deficits when as soon as they make a few back-to-back scoring plays, maybe cut the lead down from 20 to 15, and then are forced to wait during five minutes of network TV timeouts so 10 different promos for the new lineup of CBS shows coming soon can be shoved down our throats. It’s really gotten out of hand.

  5. I don,t want to beat a dead horse but ctcis not a top notch coach, we have no offense if we can,t get open for the three point shot we are dead dribble to the top or the side point your finger where you are supposed to go wonder what we do in practice. If we only had the service of the best coach in the big ten which is Carmondy of Nw He does more with less talent then any of the rest, he does have a system for the kids to run. this was never a game, over in three minutes.

  6. Yeah, whatever Elmo, say hi to Kermit. BTW, apostrophes are the ones at the top.

    Back to the real posts. Harvard, about the broadcast, I know Clark is half of their ‘A’ team but he is too much of a Buckeye cheerleader. He was absolutely giddy during the first half. Very unprofessional.

    Yeah, they were out of sync. Did it seem as if their passes were half speed? WTF was that? The second half was better but the first half was ugly.

    Unfortunately, Tubby provided a pretty good blueprint of how to defend our guys and OSU followed it to a tee (I’m sure Geoff will correct me but that’s the way it looked to me).

    Again, my ‘official’ position. We earned a split with OSU on the season. Yay for us. We are 15-3 with big wins against great teams. To me, it’s Christmas. To the slow witted, the sky is falling and CTC is a terrible coach.

  7. i’m with elmo on carmody. love that high-five offense. crean could take a few pages from it. teams are beginning to overplay our perimeter to take away our 3 pt shooting. back cuts and backscreens make a team pay for that. iu never does that. for the record, i championed carmody for the iu job after sampson was canned. i was lonely in that.

    as long as we’re being critical, here’s some more suggestions for coach crean he doesn’t want. stop with the dribble hand-offs 25 feet from the basket. waste of time effort. if you want that player to have the ball. pass it to him. if denied, back-cut. you know, old time basketball. right, carmody? quit letting players dribble as soon as they catch the ball. have zeller flash the high post and let him have triple threat from there. team never does that. weak side screen. enough said. a few inbounds plays would be nice. on d, help side ball vision. really bad at that. ball-you-man. old time basketball, coach!

    that being said, coach is a top notch recruiter and i’m happy to be 15-3.

  8. The whole thing felt like a John Carpenter movie..

    I wonder how many more games we’ll have the joy of watching football coaches getting interviewed? Bad enough to put up with Kellogg and Seth Davis munching like a zombie on our overrated rank during halftime.

    If Gene Hackman went three rounds with a Cincy b-ball brawler, would he come out of it looking like Thad Matta?

    Back to the drawing board, I guess. Maybe Matta took his Smith page out of Weber’s book considering the way Paul abused the Buckeyes at Illinois. And then we have what Roth did to Penn State? Seems to be the trend in the horror stories around the Big 10 lately..You think you have all the scary creatures figured out and then some lifeless no-name crawls out of a grave to steal the scene.

  9. I agree with the last line.

    While I am not happy with the playing time that he who shall not be named is getting, the reality is CTC is taking a team they we all (OK, except Harvard) HOPED would get to the NIT, never dreamed we’d beat Kentucky and split with OSU, as high as #7 in the polls. Even with the PSU loss we are WAY ahead of where anyone dreamed (even Harvard).
    Criticize CTC if you want (for God’s sake sit Verdell down!) but, at the end of the day, he has done an unbelievable coaching job. Hell, he might be right about Verdell but it’s pretty much gonna take an NCAA title to convince me. But, if he does, I’ll live with it.

  10. About 5 games in, I figured on 20 – 22 wins pre Big 10 tourney. Looks about right, maybe we’ll get 23. After stealing game 1, this one was a foregone conclusion. Especially with VJIII still starting & an OSU loss @ Ill. He, & Watford, need some pine motivation. Today would’ve been a great day to send that message. Roth needs to start to extend defenses even more & give Zeller more open looks where everyone can miss getting him the ball. He has plenty of open paths off of picks & nobody even looks. Next year Yogi drives and dishes it in. VJIII plays with his back (&eys) to the bucket, except on his forced shots. I’ve never tasted orange leather but VJIII must love that taste.

    We need a win @ Neb. this week because @ Wisconsin., Michigan, & Purdue are looming. Looks to me like we may win 2-3 more road games at this point with this line-up.

    Now the solution…..start Roth or Sheehey & let’s see more of Ethrington, Abel & Elston prepping for next year. We’ll win just as many games & have a legit Top 10 squad next year. Without VJIII & his 5 TOs + 4 forced shot + 3 missed block-out per game = 3 more buckets per game if we shoot 40% & 3 less for them. That’s 12 pts. per game difference.

  11. About 5 games in, I figured on 20 – 22 wins pre Big 10 tourney.


    Can you show me where on Scoop you made that claim? I’m here everyday…Could be wrong, but I don’t remember your sceen name..I can only recall one person forecasting a 20+ win season and NCAA bid very early in the season. When you say “5 games in,” I assume you’re not counting the exhibition games.

  12. Another flat game,another stylish performance by Verdud.Our main weakness is our defense at the guard position.Hulls and Jones can’t guard anybody.Add the 8 turnovers between them and it is ugly indeed.Let Remy play the rest of the year and we might show marked improvement defensively.Couldn’t possibly be any worse.Love our record and have enjoyed watching this team .But our guard defense or lack thereof is ominous.

  13. there’s always some nerd *clarion) who has to argue with numbers when they don’t understand what they see. he’s at northwestern for crissake! they evidently don’t even have a weight room! if you can’t appreciate the coaching and precision with which northwestern runs their offense, then more’s the pity for you, it’s beautiful basketball. used to be that’s what set indiana fans apart. we appreciated the beauty and precision. i guess now we appreciate the high ball screen and crashing into a pile of defenders and hoping for a foul.

  14. Yeah ctc is awful!! Really? Let’s see a win over #1 #2 and #13 yeah that’s not impressive at all. You people kill me!! I know in in the minority here and not trying to pick a fight but considering we have the worst back court in the b10 and to be 15-3 is a great sign that ctc is a good coach. Imagine if any and I mean any other top 10 team had vj3 and hulls in their back court? I think it’s safe to say they wouldn’t have ever gotten to the top 10. Maybe that’s why we won’t be in the top 10 tomorrow? Who was gaurding that smith kid who had a career high tonight?

  15. …and Bill Carmody is w/o a doubt one of the hottest most sought after commodities in the history of modern day, big time college basketball coaching…he has personal security 24/7 to beat off the never ending line of veracious AD’s pushing wheel barrows full of cash to buy his services…for 12 years running…and how many NCAA Tournament W’s does he have?…yes nerds are best suited to correcting the shooting form of grade school girls…

  16. I am not a huge fan of the offense either the way it’s being run now, but we don’t really have the personnel to break down a defense, so we don’t know what exactly this is supposed to look like.

    Ball screens are most effective when the guy coming off can do multiple things – split defenders, shoot, make deft passes, etc. Unfortunately, most of our perimeter ball-handlers have limited offensive games. When they try to go too far out of their limits they turn the ball over.

    We are most successful when we create transition and semi-transition opportunities. Once the defense sets up, we either get the ball into Cody or we struggle. Against quality, more athletic opponents we are going to struggle if we can’t get out and run and have the defense scrambling to recover.

    I think it’s far more a personnel thing than it is a scheme thing. In the next couple years we’ll know.

  17. Geoff I agree but for the rest of the season we stick to our offensive scheme? The bad hairpiece , the weave.
    Victor gets to the bucket, Watford?

    The Future
    Have you watched Yogi? I saw him live and Youtube
    What are your thoughts outside of some rating.
    Ratings for a reason, but that does not answer my question.

  18. VO, VJ, Hulls, all had poor games but, as per usual, the negative comments primarily center around VJ. I like Hulls but did anyone notice his 5 to’s, poor D, being overmatched when he had the ball on the perimeter?

    Very poor performance but at the end of the day we are in the dance if we go .500 in the BT.
    .500 means the world will end 6 more times but before the season most of us would have taken a tourney berth.

  19. Hoosier Plus – I have only seen YouTube highlights, so I am not sure about Yogi. It’s just rare that a guy rated that high doesn’t have an impact unless he sits behind numerous McDonald’s AA’s at a place like UNC…

    He has performed well enough on a national AAU level to lead me to believe he can contribute right away. I am hoping he gives a combination of Hulls shooting and leadership and Remy’s defense and ability to attack off the bounce.

    What are your specific impressions?

  20. Gents, I’ve seen YF play 4-5 times. He is the type of player who is in command with the ball in his hands. Top notch speed and quickness, tremendous vision and high BB IQ in 1 package. Better than average defender and drives defenses nuts with the drive and/or dish and possesses that shooters touch. He is not huge but well built and strong. I am 5’9″ and standing next to me was my friend who is 6’0″+ and Yogi was much closer to his height than mine. In my eyes he is definitely bi time ready.

  21. Yah, seeing how I’m not very tolerant of what that implies, I think instead of bi I meant grob.

  22. Naturally, there are the issues of posting up and getting your shot off but, Geoff feel free to correct me, but there are actually a whole new set of problems for a tall point facing a smaller, quicker point. Mugsy Bogues was a nightmare for a lot of NBA players.

  23. Geoff and HC On Yogi I am happy about all the recruits heading to IU.
    Current IU basketball is entertaining even with bumps in the road. Next season I watched Yogi and saw him getting bounced off of strong bodies. Alot of the Youtube highlights show him with a clear path to the basket.
    Without bashing him I am glad he chose to come in with our
    strong frontline. I will be patient, but I kinda see him getting elevated in the lane with nowhere to pass the ball, once teams make the adjustment. I am saying bigger teams defensively 6-9 240 lbs for instance.
    Looking to learn from comments, not spinning voodoo.

  24. Sure Chet, there are examples of it, but I also think there s prototype that is most successful. Obviously the smaller you are the more exceptional an athlete you have to be. If you could build a PG he would probably be the size of Derrick Rose, about 6’3″ athletic and strong.

    There’s simply just a wider margin for error with taller, longer players.

    Really the most important asset a PG can have is his brain, and then a distant second is quickness. There are a lot more smart, average (for basketball players) athletes at the highest levels than dumb and super athletic. Of course most of them have great basketball IQ and athleticism.

  25. We’d all like to have Magic come in, but I’ll settle for a quick, smart pg. I think Jordy will be a perfectly good point guard next year, as well. When he is not at the 2.

  26. Allow me this thought Outside of pg play, which sets the tone. Does Cody move to power forward with Jurkin{C}
    and Hanner in for the large frontline? Just a combination
    with Yogi and 2 shooting guard {Hulls}

  27. Hoosier Plus, this thread is going to be so far back that I will answer this In “Big Ten Power Rankings”…

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