1. I would like to thank the BTN for its extended interview with the Penn State football coach.. That’s EXACTLY what I wanted to hear in the middle of an IU basketball game.

  2. I think they kinda had to, don’t you think? New hire, high profile, home game. I don’t remember but I’d guess they did the same thing with Coach Wilson.

  3. The interview is OK, only because I know they’re going to do it. But, the split screen is totally unnecessary.

  4. Man, they weren’t allowing defense to be played at the end, were they? Why bother to inbound the ball? Just go straight to the free throw line. Speaking of inbounding the ball it looked like Penn State traveled on their inbound near the end when he juggled the entry pass while running. What was with that over and back (which will go in the stat sheet as a foul on Jordy) by ‘he who shall not be named’? No one was near him and he dribbles off his leg into the back court. Pretty inconsistent officiating, I thought. The Hoosiers pretty much had to move out of the way the last two minutes. Solid all around game by Matt. Better defender than I realized. Good to see him turned loose for more than 2 minutes. I hope it is a trend.
    While it may have made the game closer than necessary, I really like the way CTC plays the bench early in the game when the score is close. The commentators mentioned it. CTC says he’d rather freshman get their minutes when they have to stick with the game plan instead of when it’s a blowout and they can develop bad habits. I thought Remy was solid. I don’t know how many minutes Verdell played but it was a LOT less then usual. He was…uh… consistent.
    Anybody notice that our guys are pretty good at three pointers?

  5. It appears that the Big Ten champion will be the team who can win on the road consistently. We seem to pretty good at home. So far so good on the road. Although this victory is open to much debate, I am just glad we got the job done. Nice game Matt. Go Hoosiers.

  6. Frustrating game to watch (outside of the amazing 3-pt. display), but a win is a win. Thank God I am young or I would have probably suffered a heart attack during the end. Might as well call this game “The Great Escape: Part 2”.

  7. Nice to see Remy Abell eating up more minutes and he wisely made advantage of them. When his man has the ball he does an admiral job staying in front of him. Looks like more bench available for Coach Crean and more available bench for VJ.

  8. No, Chet, I don’t think they “kinda had to.” A feature like that is for halftime, not live play. I find BTN coverage to be remarkably bad at focusing on the event at hand. The announcers routinely go off-topic and talk past meaningful action on the court, and the cameras sometimes miss whole sequences. Monday Night Football tried this kind of interview during live play a few years ago, and drew such howls that they dropped it. I wish BTN would do the same.

  9. Hulls caught fire hitting back-to-back triples during the interview…They could have conducted the interview without putting the damn small screen in the corner…really pissed me off, too.

    I also didn’t care for one of the announcers proclaiming MSU has the answers for our Hoosier team..One loss on the road against a team that good doesn’t mean crap. He didn’t even qualify his comments by emphasizing how tough it is to win on the road in the Big 10. After Purdue just lost by 20 points in the stadium containing the Penn State chair his butt is sitting in?

    MSU does appear to be the team with the most weapons in the backcourt, but they have not proved their full advantage over the Hoosiers until they can come into Assembly Hall and take us down with the faithful energizing our hungry team.

  10. Yes, Remy’s performance must be mentioned here… kid has got swagger. An admirable job indeed. Harvard was dead-on about this guy.

  11. I was a little distracted while watching the game, but I didn’t even notice Jones until his bonehead turnover with about 4 minutes to go (crunch time). Looking at the box score, wow, he only played 18 minutes but still managed 3 turnovers. Then I said wow again, he had 6 assists. I can’t remember a guy ever that does so much good and so much bad at the same time.

    Watford + Oladipo went 4 for 18. Ouch. When he’s “off”, Watford does tend to force the shot. Oladipo and Elston need to give up those long jumpers, it’s not their game. Abell is really looking confident now when we plays, quite different from early season.

    Lots of questionable fouls called against us, as is expected when playing away from home. Pritchard got called for a foul when he got shoved by another player, go figure.

    We’re not closing these games lately, but still getting the W. Other teams slack off and get beat, we’re still finding a way to win. Gotta love these Hoosiers.

  12. 15 and 1 don,t mean to be critical but some of the stupid things ctc does is dumb gets a 8-10 point lead take out the best players and before long its tied up again last two games he was out coached badly calls timeouts with 5 or 10 seconds to go and doesnn,t get anythingout of it they would be better off just going ahead why let the defense set up . We should have beat Penn St. 20 points

  13. I think CTC was putting reserve players in the game in pressure situations against a team he felt pretty sure the starters could take down if it got tight. It probably got tighter than he expected (never rule out the ‘VJ factor’). I’m just guessing but I really think he was planning for down the road. Some day fouls or injuries just might force a reserve to be in the game in a clutch situation. CTC doesn’t want it to be the first time.

  14. Imagine you’re a coach scouting IU and you see Michigan play our bigs one on one and watford-Z go 7-7,8-10 or so.Then you watch Penn State close out the bigs only to see 16-24 from the 3pt line.In addition IU can score in transition.Very,Very,scary.
    I think you must credit CTC for the offensive game plan the last two.Pretty masterful if you ask me.

  15. As Dichie V would say “the man can flat out coach” and as Chet stated he is always coaching forward. Remember Hugh trying to dissect the need that a different offensive game should be applied. Crean knew that new players coming in would thrive in his offense and not only learn from the staff but the returnig veterans. He knew every year he added players that could run it. …and we ain’t seen nothing yet…

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