1. They keep showing video of the Dukies at Cameron Indoor. Here’s my thought on the Duke fans. Steve Kerr’s Dad was murdered in Beirut in 1984. When Arizona played Duke, whenever Kerr would touch the ball the Dukies would start chanting, “PLO…PLO…”

    Classy, Dukies, classy.

  2. Watford is the weakest player on the court for the last 2-3 mins of every game, weakest player. Cannot rebound or block out, can’t wait until he isn’t a Hoosier.

  3. We’re good. We just can’t compete in the high-tension atmosphere of the last 10 minutes of road games yet. We brick free throws. We brick 12-footers. We fail to rebound. It’s nice to hold Wisconsin to low number, but can’t wait to see this team grow some b@lls on the road.

  4. We will not win until we rebound!!!! PATHETIC watching all the KEY rebounds go to Wisconsin.

    Also, when is Coach Crean going to take a stand on Zeller’s behalf, the youngster is getting mugged and no calls, Coach needs to speak up!!

  5. Worse officiating I have seen in the last 5 minutes of a game in years. Tackling, no flagrant, throwing to the floor, no call, body block on layups, no call, etc. Then tick tacks the other way. Hope the big 10 reviews this game closely.

  6. I usually do not blame the refs for losses, but man, that was one poorly officiated ball game. I hope Geoff does some analysis on this one for us.

  7. Crean needs to Tech himself out the next game we are not getting calls. To soft translates to players softness. he should of got himself thrown out tonight.

    Cody does need Crean to stand up for him.

  8. The refs called this game all based on perceptions. The perception is that Wisconsin is a hard nose, but clean team that doesn’t foul. The TV guys even mentioned something to that effect. Meanwhile, Pritch has the perception of being a thug so he walks out for warm ups and gets called for a foul. Wisconsin got away with this game tonight, because the officials hand it to them based on perception of them being a clean playing team!!!!

  9. Watched 100 plus games this season. This is the worst home cooking officiating of this season.


    IU = 50

    WISC. = 37
    REFS = 20


    CTC needs to drop a little of his salary and blast some officials at a press conference and put together a tape for the Big Ten to support the obvious. Zeller is starting to get the Prithard treatments in regars to fouls.

    Has to sit with 4 fouls and miss more than half the game. Actually he had 1 “real foul”.

    Horrible officiating!!!!!

  10. IUGRAD,my thoughts exactly, every oppurtunity to put the game away. They could have really built a decent lead, clam up like they seem to do a lot of recently and hopefully held on. But the lead was never more than what? 5. Gets old watching winnable games pissed away and then have to hear about effort and they’re almost there. For all the warm fuzzy feelings, the only gauge is wins and losses and in the last five games it’s a dismal outlook.

  11. Agree, worst officiating I’ve seen in years.Too many bad calls to cite.I normally watch replay,couldn’t stand watching this game again.We played an excellent game.Crean scouted them and we were able to get good looks on rolls to the basket.hard to drive to the rim when you don’t get fouls called in the act of shooting.Crean should have played Zeller the last 4 minutes.He might as well have fouled out.How many actual fouls did Cody make?Again ,I thiught we played a very solid game,deserved to win or at least have a shot at the end to win.

  12. Wisconsin had a lot of help from the refs tonight. How do those guys keep their jobs? In the last five minutes of the game, I saw at least five terrible calls or non-calls that cost IU this game. I think it’s time Crean loses his cool on the refs. So what you get a technical? It’s time Crean gets in some ref’s face and goes ballistic on him. Put on his best Bob Knight imitation, get a technical, get thrown out of game. But show the team your fighting for them. Crean’s a bit too soft on the refs for me. Time he shows some anger at those terrible calls.

    That’s not to say IU played perfect. What’s up with the missed free throws? Good lord, down the stretch, when the biased refs did call a foul on WI, IU missed several FTs.

    IU will beat this team in Bloomington.

  13. officiating is not something IU can control, their effort and intensity is. After the Michigan game Crean gushed about his team saying that he used to not think ‘edge and grit’ could be learned, he thought players had to have it on their own. I’m pretty sure he’s back to realizing that it indeed cannot be taught or coached. IU doesn’t have a single player on it’s roster that could get through an Izzo or Ryan practice….weak sauce, weak players, soft team. Ryan knew it too, so did Tubby, so did Izzo…they all had the same smirk on their face.

  14. Dear Coach Crean-

    If you don’t like your bangs hanging in your face, cut your hair. I’m sick of seeing you on tv pulling your bangs to the side like a little girl. Take Watford with you and have them shave the scruffy mess that’s on his face and then make him run sprints so he isn’t dead tired at the end of games and hits his free throws.

    With Zeller in foul trouble, we need sheehey and VO to step up offensively! 1-6 and 1-4 from the field isn’t exactly filling the void

  15. The worst officiating of the year was IU/Kentucky, the 2nd worst was IU/Ohio State. Disgraceful homer calls throughout….tough to be a Hoosier fan when those games are considered all right, but Crean throws a fit this game about Cody fouling. Wisconsin went at Cody (a GREAT player) but so will every quality team we face this year. Suggestion: we pass the ball in to Cody every play and let Cody make a move or pass the ball out for a 3.

  16. My unofficial tally of questionable calls went 8 to 1 in favor of the home team. Hard to overcome that. That being said, we only shot 5-10 free throws.

  17. You’re talking about the IU/UK game this year where IU had 16 fouls called on them and UK had 13, right? Or the IU/OSU game where IU had 20 fouls and OSU 22? Man, huge discrepancy there. Save the final foul when the game was out of reach tonight, IU had 17 fouls, Wisconsin 10.

    And CWIW, you realize Minnesota has been mediocre to bad ever year Tubby has been there, yes?

  18. As for the refs, I think the game situation at the time of fouls and who they are on means more than how many total fouls they actually call on a team. The complaint from my end is the quick fouls in the first half taking a player out of the game. Usually the refs are smart enough to make the stat line close when it’s all over after the game is in hand by the home team. A player for the home team can foul out at the end of the game without missing any of the actual important part of the game because they foul out with thirty seconds left and a 12 pt lead. When the best player of an away team misses huge amounts of time with quick fouls in the first half and a lot of the second half with their third foul early in the second half. References to Davis (ky). Sullinger (osu) and zeller tonight. I think the refs pick up a secret check at the respective home teams locker rooms after the game. Tonight though they didn’t even seem to try and hide it.

  19. Officiating aside, coach Crean has done this more than once this year, why doesn’t he trust Zeller enough to put him back in the game with around 4 or 5 minutes to go when he has 4 fouls on him? His absence on the court really hurt us on the boards down the stretch when we couldn’t get a defensive rebound twice with less than 3 minutes to go! Wisconsin got 2 offensive rebounds in that time period when they had a 1 point lead and we needed the ball after a missed shot. Coach Crean didn’t put Zeller back into the game until there was around 1 minute to play, this makes no sense? He is the only coach in the nation that does this, most coaches will put a player that has 4 fouls back in the game with around 4 or 5 minutes to go. Zeller is our best rebounder and certainly can’t help us when the game is on the line when he is on the bench! I really think Crean is a hell of a coach but, in these circumstances, I certainly do not agree with this stratagy, it really hurt us tonight when the game was winding down

  20. Definitely agree with that…. Say he fouls out with one minute to go wouldn’t you rather have those four minutes than just one minute? I guess he could foul out at 4:57 left if you put him in at the five minute mark but I think u gotta take that chance.

  21. Mike, I think he probably trusts Zeller. I know for a fact he didn’t trust the refs…

    I immediately erased the tape of his one because I was too pissed. So you won’t be getting a breakdown.

    I am just trying to figure out why teams are allowed to throw Cody to the ground when they want a rebound at the end of a game.

    CWIW – I don’t think they played soft tonight… Really? They were ahead the majority of the night against a hard-nosed team in one of the top 5 toughest places to win in the country…

    As far as rebounding goes… with exception of Zeller we are an undersized and/or less athletic team than everyone we face in the B1G. That’s not going to change until next year… Our rebounding has exceeded my expectations this year.

    I thought we were good enough to win the game tonight.

  22. Coach Crean count’s deflection’s….could somebody count how many time’s VJIII fall’s down for no apparent reason???

  23. we improved by leaps and bounds this year by adding a 5 star at our weakest position.Next year we add another 5 star at our weakest position,point guard.In addition we are getting help at every position as well as ending the Crean-Verdell co-dependency.By the way I’m thinking of selling t-shirts that say I survived 4 years of verdell Jones!

  24. Well said by everybody!VJ3 still front runner for worst senior starter in the conference award ! The sad part is Crean really believes he is protecting him!Worst bench coaching in the last 4 minutes of the game !However Minn. was not stellar either!Watford MIA again,still seeing KY game reruns instead of the rim,dunk the freeking ball you are 6’9!We just had so many chances to put it away,and couldn’t close.Zeller has to be on the floor no matter what happens to give us a chance!Fouls were bad but you have to expectthat you are not going to get a call on the road.Ask Anthony Davis.It was a 1 point game with 4 min to go and Cody on the bench!

  25. For the record, Anthony Davis did exactly nothing when he was on the floor. He spent more time on the bench because he was ineffective than he did for fouls.

  26. Chet and Geoff I see you two have it all figured out. At least he wasn’t out coached he just didn’t coach. He was true to his word he had Remy prepped for Wisconsin what was it 10 or 15 seconds,and oh yeah where was Cody the last four minutes I know he was probably frustated or he was saving him for the prom,but you are correct again let’e blame the refs.I’m sure you will have a great rebuttal so bring it on.

  27. Three reasons IU lost—(1) piss poor coaching by CTC at end of game ala Nebraska,(2) very uneven officiating– Valentine should be banned, the only foul called on Brusewitz was a football tackle which should have been a flagrant foul- nocall on pulling Zeller down ala Nebraska, mauling Sheehey etc., (3) lack of toughness at end of game plus poor play by the usual suspects.

    I would have more respect if CTC had received 2 technicals and booted than the way he let the officials run over him—something Ryan, Izzo etc. would not allow.

  28. OldSchoolHoosier Myotonia Congenita Or Stffy Goat Syndrome Verdell falling down for no apparent reason.

  29. I definitely liked our game plan followed by pretty fair execution(especially for Kohl)throughout the game as the lead indicated. It was a prime opportunity for Coach Crean to go all Contra on the refs and help effect the officiating. That is a missing piece of action to his coaching I criticize highly. Pritchard as I have believed since the start of the BT season is simply a marked man. He has been known as foul prone and will not be allowed to shake that rep. What difference at the end of the game does it make if your best player sitting with 4 fouls or 5? That is foggy and puzzling. We still have clutch time problems shooting. The most popular costumes for Halloween this Fall will be the VJIII Floor Mop get-up and the Ted Valentine Referee uniform. Place your orders early.

  30. You’re right CWIW. Minnesota beat us at home. That automatically makes Tubby a better coach than Tom Crean. Tubby has it all figured out in Minneapolis, what with his team behind us in the standings and fans (justifiably) starting to wonder whether he will ever lead them past a 6th place Big Ten finish and 1st round NCAA exit. One of the few teams we were actually able to beat the past few years was the Gophers. I think that says enough.

  31. I don’t need rebuttals you have all the answers. I’m so glad you feel sorry for me I’m having a barrel of fun reading your dribble. If you think having you best player sit on the bench at crunch time is smart then you should give up commenting on basketball all together.

  32. Coach Crean is here to stay for sure…but he his struggling as much as the team is…1.call time out at Nebraska with 11 second’s to go and have your smallest player on the floor drive down the lane and throw it up over his head?? 2.Refuses to play Remy and he might not be very good..we don’t know because he never play’s…but I still bet he is better than VJ3..3.down 1 at Wisconsin with 4 minute’s to play and your best player on the bench with 4 foul’s and you leave him there until 1 minute to play..4.Remy sit’s for 39 minute’s then you put him in the game..for what???Indiana is still not a very good team..yes we beat KY.and Ohio State…but have done nothing since.We win those 2 game’s and then play well and win some game’s..then truly Indiana is back…we are no where near back…just got very lucky in a couple of game’s.Now to Crean’s credit we are better than last year and the team is showing very slight improvement…we are not a Top 25 team.We cannot rebound…cannot compete the last 5 minute’s of a game..and get no respect or call’s from the ref’s.Crean is afraid he will make a player mad at him or something…and while I am very glad we don’t have to go thru the “WHO WILL TRANSFER AFTER THIS SEASON” syndrome like we used to with Knight…he has to ball up and go off on somebody to gain a little respect.Indiana is a very soft team..boy’s playing against men in a man’s conference.

  33. psych- I didn’t even mention half the stuff you have gone overboard about….I said that Tubby, Bo Ryan, and Izzo’s teams were physically tougher than IU down the stretch of those games. That’s all I said. Watch the end of those games and ask yourself who played harder, tougher, smarter and with more ‘edge.’ None of what you brought up has anything to do with what I initially mentioned.

    Geoff- I didn’t say they played soft the whole game, I said at the end when you have to make tough, hardnosed winning plays, like boxing out and getting rebounds…all those plays were made by Wisconsin instead of IU, thats how you go from leading the entire game to losing by 7. Weakness.

  34. FWIW – yeah I sorta agree with what you’re saying, but I also think they got jobbed… It isn’t a 7 point game if they call a foul on Bruiser for tossing Cody aside. He probably knocks down a couple FT’s and its a 1 point game with 15 seconds to go… actually IU wasn’t even close to 1&1 since they only called 10 total fouls on possibly the most physical team in the B1G. Either way, IU possession, down 3 with plenty of time, instead it’s Wisc up 5, and then they add a couple FT’s on a pointless late foul to make it 7.

    That’s a pretty big swing of events for one obviously blown call. That being said, I agree that we are softer than the Badgers. They are bigger and stronger at essentially every position. The two places we can compete physically are Zeller and Dipo, and both of those guys were called for ticky-tacky fouls throughout the game. So it’s tough to say they could have been more physical when you get called for the littlest shit and the other team is allowed to go over your back for rebounds.

    – Cody’s first foul came a couple possessions into the game on a VERY ticky-tacky over the back call. (Wisc got away with way worse throughout the entire game)
    – Cody’s second foul came on a perfectly taken charge that instead went for an and-1 (even the announcers said it was a charge)
    – Cody’s 3rd foul came on a spin move by a scrub 15 ft from the basket… the very same move that Cody was called for a travel on at the end of the Nebraska game.
    Again a super ticky-tacky call.
    – Cody’s 4th foul came on an airball when he and his man were just adjusting to the fact that the ball didn’t hit the rim and came at them faster than they expected. He had a forearm in his back, but he didn’t have time to push him, and it didn’t effect the play. Another BS call.

    So that’s 4 sh*tty a$$ calls against Zeller that essentially took him out of the game, and then when Cody gets tossed to the ground at the most crucial time of the game the refs decide to swallow their whistles (again) and seal the game up for the Badgers.

    Tough to be tough when your penalized for tickling an opponent… elmo… hello…?

  35. Geoff-I agree that the reffing was worse than horrible and it was best described with 4 letter words. I would like to see an additional category in a boxscore, a reffing category, they could easily keep track of blown calls. Hold those zebras accountable please. I still think IU could’ve stolen that game from Bo Ryan, Wisconsin and the ref’s hands had they just played a few things differently. I feel better after listening to Crean’s postgame quotes because he said the same thing I felt. “they got a couple big rebounds at the end of the game, at crucial times, we put ourselves in position to win but didn’t finish it off…they got a couple of big rebounds at the end, its a contact sport, and we struggled getting those balls, they did. It comes down to a couple of things, their offensive rebounds were those things.”

  36. Putting it in a nutshell but not being allowed to be physical is exactly right. I am perplexed as to how the stripes could be so one-sided on the boards considering the different positioning established on each end of the floor. Coach Crean should have protested throughout the game. I fell at a neutral site a different outcome. Still a tournament team. Hopefully we would not have to play in front of B10 refs.

  37. blaming it all on the refs is just simply the easy way out. The reffing was bad, no doubt but if you watch the last 3 mins over, IU had plenty of chances to hold on and get the win, they didn’t make those tough plays(had nothing to do with the calls). It’s their own fault, the refs will not make plays for you. If you watch the last part of the game the correct team won the game, the kids who played hard and fought for the win got the win. It’s hard to admit that but IU does not always play winning basketball, they shoot themselves in the foot more often then not down the stretch on the road, regardless of officiating.

  38. Hello,Geoff, he was true to his word had Remy primed and ready for Wicsonsin, got in there for 10 or 15 seconds and then he disappeared. On one of his sorties up and down the sideline in the last four minutes he should have looked down and saw no. 40 sitting there and maybe just maybe let him go into the game. You are allowed five fouls in a game we don’t use the four rule anymore. Scuttle butt out of washington he may be in N.CAR. NEXT YEAR.

  39. ELMO Cody once wrote on Twitter, “This year for Halloween, I’m thinking about wearing a #44 North Carolina jersey with big ears, a big nose and clown shoes.” from Nov 29th,2012 ESPN blog.

    I agree on Remy and Cody.

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