1. The announcers just said that, “from where they’re sitting the refs are doing a good job.”

    They need better seats.

    Our guys are getting hammered and they’re calling every ticky-tack foul on Indiana.

  2. I really like Royce Waltman working with the Fish in announcing IU basketball radio (93.1) games………I also think Chris Reynolds is excellent working IU ball games.

    Nice Sunday home win againist an average team…Still need more movement (cutting, passing, screening, running plays) on offense plus more intensity on defense and rebounding….Better intensity and decision making in later stages of game…IU got stronger….Now, take another positive step on the road.

  3. That kind of crap is inevitable when players know the refs aren’t going to do anything. Maybe it’s Paterno sympathy thing. That foul on CWat was flagrant.

    No respect for Penn State.

  4. Pritchard thanks for not allowing anyone get to hoop without contesting. Not firty just tough around the lane and basket. Thanks for the effort.

  5. The kids rose to the challenge today. Being down at the half, it mustn’t have been easy to control the nerves and come out on a mission. PSU was coming off a win over Illinois and could have easily pulled off another upset. I give the players and coaching staff plenty of credit.

    Let’s hope the team can sit down together now and watch the Harbaugh Bowls with Mrs. Crean. Happy Sunday to all!

  6. No reason to take that shot watford. I think cream was apologizing for that with the other coach at the handshake. Good confidence builder but game at Wisconsin will be a better measure of where we are

  7. Pritch gets more crap fouls called on him than anyone I’ve ever seen at any level. It’s actually amazing. Hey ref, physics tells us that if an object with a hinge in the middle gets hit on that hinge the object will fold (and the arms will come down).

    For all those a-holes that were saying it wasn’t the refs in the NE game, that that is how Ames are reffed in the B1G… Where we’re our calls today in the last 10 minutes?

    Abel must REALLY be sucking in practice!

  8. There would have been a shot clock violation if they didnt shoot. It’s not unusual to take a shot if hats the case…

  9. Constant substitutions remain frustrating! I think Oladipo is this team’s energy and
    he needs to move to forward to utilize his athleticism. Just my opinion.

  10. Needed Vic on Frazier and every other high scoring guard from here out. We could move Vic to forward if Remy could find a way to the court.

  11. Remy is terrible. What are you guys talking about? He’ll never get more time on the court. With Creek, and a possible additional year for Roth, there will be zero need for his mediocre skills next year. Crean picked him up as an insurance policy and it’s pretty obvious he is know sending him a gentle message. Abel was lucky that he even got an offer…He looks like a nice kid and he gives good effort, but he just doesn’t have the skills of a Verdell Jones. Remy will get some garbage minutes from here on out, and then it’s back to JC ball where he belongs.

  12. I think the free substitution is to show that future recruits get playing time. What is the 1st option of line ups next year? Starting 5 would be ___ ____ ____ ___ and __, and if Mo Creek is ready.

  13. Stop it Harvard, you know I don’t think that, and even though I know you’re being sarcastic, others
    might not.

  14. Randy – if you came here more often you’d realize he is joking and that Harvard is Remy’s first and biggest cheerleader.

    See what I mean Harvard…

  15. Hoosier plus,

    To start the season Hulls, Dipo, Watford, Parea, Zeller
    By the end of the season I could certainly see Yogi edging his way into the line-up

  16. Thank Shehey and Roth for getting us going! How many more games until the rest of the team realizes Cody is on the team? Elston was on it for him in second half! We have to be much better at Wisconson to have a chance.Oladipo has left the building the last four games,I don’t get it! He used to bring it every game! If we play through Cody we can compete ! Does anyone know if Shehey will have to sit at Wisconson since he was ejected? Good to win again,lots of work ahead! Was the recruit behind the bench Veejay Anya? VJ3 Out of sight outof mind.

  17. TJAUBURN – what the hell are you talking about with Dipo? Not bringing it?!!!

    His defense on Frazier today was ridiculous, it was what put the game away in the end. He isn’t out there for his offense. He’s out there to shut down the best perimeter player – and he OWNED Frazier the entire second half.

    After Zeller, Dipo was the second best player on the court today – just dominant.

  18. Looking at this years rulebook, fighting seems to be the only thing that you would get suspended for. So Sheehey will not have to sit, but that doesn’t mean the Crean couldn’t discipline him for his conduct.

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