1. Everyone Alot of this discussion this week is really addressed and more.
    Sub with a purpose and results. Alot of Fun

  2. Who is THIS Jones kid that is keeping his head on a swivel & head up? Or Tom Pritchard? with 4 pts, running the floor, 1 charge, no fouls? & Elston has 8 pts and a block and hasn’t seen the floor since. And a Remy sighting??? Who is THIS team?

  3. 1. Nice win for IU…terrible defense from Iowa…2. IU does not need a 3 point shot at the beginning of the clock from Watford when up by 17 with about 12 0or 13 minutes to go (that same thing happened at Nebraska when up by 10 with about 6 minutes to go and it helped Nebraska change the game). Watford missed them both…Watford needs to play tougher inside….3. Now win one on the road.

  4. Verdell with 9 assists today…I’m used to 9 TOs. That’s a BIG change. Pritchard was unreal & played a key role along with Elston. Remy was disappointing. You’d think the time spent watching would have affected his clarity, but no so with him, further emphasizing he needs to play vs. sit.

    I realized today that Hulls is a liability, and at best, a wash each night. He gets beat on D consistently and can’t block out my grandma in a wheelchair.

    Big concern for me today is the 89 pts given up to Iowa.

    But I’ll take the W & hope for a road W at some point.

  5. Great win. Iowa defense?? but who cares we did’t play down and kept our foot on their throat and closed it out.
    Some evident adjustments making a difference.
    I was glad for alot of faces and the subbing was productive.
    Everyone checked into play hard and heady.

    Oh Verdell thank you. Pritch , Elston great job.
    Save other comments for She,Vic, Cody and others.
    Good job coaches.

    I thought if Crean would wear a SNUGGEY we could get 100pts in the 1st half.

    So, 17 wins is great!!

  6. To PB and Martha from the online chat:

    Well I hate to say it, but the Big Ten network was right about the last time IU scored 100 in a conference game.

    3/12/95 vs. Iowa 110-79

    I agree Fischer is usually never wrong, but this time he is.

  7. Hulls is a great kid & has help turn the program around, but I see his playing time being reduced NEXT year

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