1. Waaay too close considering the momentum we had, and the home crowd…Verdell did his best to give it away in the end. Still, 14-1, 3 wins vs top 25 teams…. Things are looking good…. Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. OK, trying real hard to love Verdell. Big shot at the end but he almost single handedly got Michigan back in the game. I was relieved when CTC took him out near the end, but, like the ghoul in Grudge, he kept coming back to try to kill us. It was actually one of his better games.

    Deep breath…we won. Verdell scored the last basket. It must be good. We’re 14-1. Don’t be greedy. Enjoy it. Don’t kill Verdell in his sleep.

  3. Agree with posters above. In fairness, though, Michigan was lucky too. Let’s be thankful that we didn’t suffer the same fate as Wisky.

  4. Verdell’s key shot,he took two dribbles and went up.He simply can’t dribble.My god he’s scary to watch.jones Watford handled the ball late.what a freak show will someone tell CTC to watch the tapes.I love IU ,Like CTC,but honestly i’m worried .how can he stand to watch Verdell play like this?Does he have a blind spot,or does Verdell have some dirt on Crean?how else explain the minutes Jones gets?Did anybody notice Zeller hardly touched the ball late?

  5. It is scary to see ctc loyalty to hulls and jones. We can only hope he comes to his senses next year when yogi gets here! Imagine him starting hulls over yogi! That being said it’s great to see wat balling like he’s cappable of. I say this every game but how do they not see zeller WIDE open off the p&r?? WOW is all I can say!!

  6. Quite an unproductive night for Jordy. He sure sat a lot of minutes in the second half..I wonder if he was feeling ill or if Crean just felt he had different advantages with Roth and Remy on the floor. I have a hunch Hulls was under the weather…just didn’t have that normal spunk in his eye.

    Elston did a hell of a job on the defensive boards.

    Any nonbelievers in Watford’s skills out there anymore?

  7. I don’t know why Jones plays but next year it won’t be a Hulls or Yogi,it will be Hulls and Yogi. Maybe not at 1st since Yogi is a freshman but our best shooter Hulls will benefit
    having Yogi in game to pick and kick along with more feeds to Zeller. Hulls is not selfish and he is a team player and will be a senior. Yogi will not replace him but Hulls may play more shooting guard. Crean was giving Jones credit for stopping Burke but if you watch the game there were many times that Hulls stopped Burke from scoring in the 1st half.
    Still amazing to me that we are 14-1!!!! If love what this team has done and hope that WS will be back soon we need him to help on the road games. How about my other favorite team, anybody who plays Purdue and beats them, Penn State killed them by 20!!

  8. I didn’t see any special love for Jordy. Every misstep landed him on the bench. I thought he had some nice stops on D (the ones Verdell got credit for). He didn’t look quite right to me, either. I thought maybe CTC had had enough of Verdell when he sat him late but he came right back in when we needed someone to fall down and miss free throws.

    Still…a big win over a quality opponent who starting shooting the lights out at crunch time. 14-1 baby!

  9. I’m tired of saying it, even more tired of watching it, every positive Jones performs on the court he has a corresponding negative. That adds up to 0 sum game. I am really expecting Abell to start adding more from the bench. He has more to offer than we’ve so far seen. Gotta like the duo in the paint CW and Zeller are creating. CW last night could have had 32 or 33.

  10. HC; excellent summary of the situation with VJIII. No one has said it better.

    I think IU benefitted from significant home cooking last night. It’s about time we got the benefit of the bad calls.

    But hey, a win is a win and IU is 14-1. Let’s see if they can win a road game on Sunday. Assuming they stay healthy, IU should go 10 – 6 the rest of the regular season and be 24 – 7 going into the Big Ten tournament. That’s a lot better than I ever imagined they would be at the beginning of the season when I predicted a pre-tournament record of 17 – 14.

  11. On the feast of the Epiphany,which is the celebration of the visit of the Wise Men,I will just be elated for a gutsy win.Happy winning 2 of 3 tough games without Will .I love this team.But for the record ,the recall of Verdell starts again tomorrow!

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