1. So far a very typical and predictable Jones performance. Watch Abell on D he knows how to keep the man with the ball in front of him. Plays D with his head and feet. I do not know who will be the odd man out when “the movement” of 2012 arrives but it will not be Remy. Zone, zone, who would of thunk?

  2. Remy looks good. I just can’t defend ‘he who shall not be named’ anymore. Really ragged looking on offense but I think the Gopher defense has a lot to do with that. They are in a zone from the outside, way above their average. I’ll be impressed if we pull this out. Minnesota is totally in the zone.

  3. Murdered on The offensive boards tonight. Minnesota hit everything in clutch time. What can you do. I still have faith. Where was Watford?

  4. I think a classic case of the slayer looking ahead for the dragon. Rebounding practice till midnight. Ohio State won’t be the only POed team in Clumbus.

  5. I don’t know if they looked ahead. Maybe. But Minny hit EVERY big shot and hit about twice their average. They did outdo us on the offensive boards. This doesn’t bug me at all. I’d love to have won this game but everything rolled for Minnesota and we were still in this game with seconds left.

    Plus Remy, Matt, and Will played a lot (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

    I’ll take it. What are we, like 58-2?

  6. Gophers ALWAYS play IU tough. This is starting to become a rivalry series. My parents will be in attendance at Williams Arena on February 25th when IU gets revenge.

  7. I agree with Clarion, I think we got caught looking ahead. Zeller showed tonight why he will be B10 Freshman of the Year. If he hadn’t been there tonight we would have been beaten by double digits. I imagine Coach Crean will have the attention of the team tomorrow!!

  8. Maybe Roth should have come in at the 8 minute mark instead of the later point at which he did. Lots of ifs. If only Cosy had held onto the pass and scored the dunk. If only Jones had the flu. If only Wa

  9. They just looked flat. I’ve never understood how that happens to an entire team.
    Minnesota outplayed them all around. Getting tired of watching Jones dribble into
    3 men and lose the ball. But this was the whole team’s loss.
    I, too, thought Roth should have been put back in much earlier.

  10. Sampson should have fouled out of the game , he had 4 fouls with alot of minutes left in the game. Does anyone in timeout huddles say get the ball to Cody? Do the assistant coaches tell Crean Sampson has 4 fouls and we should be going to Cody? We had their key players all ready to foul out of the game. No recognition. Why is Sheehey on the bench with 12 points and 6 rebounds late in the game. Watford was not happening, Sheehey should have been the the option as we closed the gap. The defense of Remy, Victor, Cody, Sheehey and I think it was Watford were effective but were not in long enough to continue the pressure. Plus home court with Minn players getting thru the lane somebody should have laid somebody out. Oh well we are heading for the NCAA, so what the hell?

  11. Any Verdell defenders left?How about that game 0/6,3 turnovers and at critical times.Jones has tried to blow several games ,tonight he was aided by watford who was even worse if that’s possible.Grades for this game,Zeller a+,oladipo c-,Hulls D,jones F,watford F,Sheehey a- or B+,Remy B.Roth C I guess,so horrible early.We just didn’y have .They were quicker all night.Crean gets a D for not getting Verdell and Watford out they were hopeless.For the love of God ,stop putting Oladipo om the speedsters.He gets beat and doesn’t get those quick rebounds.Oh,well just one game.I am encouraged by Commander Cody practically carrying this team on his back tonite.He was magnificent!Sheehey was also quite effective.

  12. Despite the loss, we’re still the Hoosier Nation.   That said…from where I was sitting….on court…I didn’t see what we have been watching thus far this season.   There were so many missed shots that normally fall.  There were so many missed calls.   Stupid missed calls.   Now, don’t get me wrong, we didn’t play as well as we have but until I watch the replay & really watch the calls to be absolutely sure, I’m not gonna dog on the refs.  Yet, I would almost swear it was one heck of a bad act on the players part, the coaches part and most especially the Refs part.  There at the beginning of the end, I (and the ppl sitting around me in that section) flat out saw you REF! I saw you & your chatter & smirk to the other Ref during TO.   And, I’ll tell you this…we WILL prevail…we ARE Hoosiers and this IS Indiana!!  And that’s why. Period.  

  13. Two things stood out for me tonight. First, (Chet picked this up), Minnesota setting up the perimeter defense about 20-25 feet above the 3-point line. Made a non-factor of Hulls and reduced us to a silly weave above their defense. (Do we actually have cuts? lateral to and from the bottom?. A lot of people will play us like that from here on in…expand the defense to make our offense uncomfortable. I don’t know we can answer that.

    Second, the Gophers abused us under their offensive board. Just abused us…call the Mayor and the cops!…was that a Gopher version of Occupy Bloomington? It wasn’t only that they grabbed the 18 offensive rebounds (18 offensive rebounds!!!), they filled their board with their tents,… all I could see was burgundy shirts under the tree.

  14. An 0-4 team is very dangerous and Tubby Smith is a heck of a coach.They lose this game and they know they are NIT bound…maybe.Indiana just did not look like the team we have been the last 6 week’s..but still young and will have game’s like this.We will win game’s we should lose…and lose game’s we should win.No one is going to catch Michigan State so Indiana now will just have try and position themselves for a second or third place finish play well in the Big Ten tournament and try to be a 4-5 seed.I was very frustrated at this game…but remember we are still a year away.We will win 20-22 games but cannot lose anymore home games this year.Bump in the road but IU is still ok.

  15. Somebody tell me I’m wrong , but Yogi is the second coming of Verdell. I’ve watched Yogi Not a strong body for defense Get’s caught in the air trying to pass down the lane Can’t shoot I don’t think he will get to the basket driving past stronger point guards I hope we stay with Hulls Give Hulls a chance to throw lob passes to athletic
    front line

  16. Live by the three, die by the three.

    Looking ahead to OSU? Maybe. Thinking they were invulnerable at home? Possible. Whatever, it was certainly a wake-up call for this team.

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