1. Jeremy Price,

    I would like to know 1) why you think IU extended Coach Legette-Jack’s contract after last season and 2) how much more time you think she should be given to put together a winning program given how long she has already been here?

    Thank you, sir!

  2. Ted,
    Here’s my opinion: (1) I think with a well-regarded recruiting class coming in and a team that was clearly going to be young, the decision was to give Legette-Jack a chance to sink or swim; (2) With the contract extension, IU has to at least give it another year and see what happens. There’s no sense eating three years of contract.

    Hope that sort of answers your questions.

  3. Thank you, Jeremy, for your responses! You are probably correct, but if #1 is the reason for the extension, I think it was a very poor decision and thought process by IU unfortunately. With #2, your suggestion of waiting a year probably makes sense at this point but will likely lead to a difficult decision again as I imagine IU will be improved next season, but still not good enough to show that the program has turned a corner.

  4. YIKES. I guess that’s what happens when a well coached team meets the lady hoosiers. IU should of done all they could to keep Versyp. We looked ready to play, and thats the best effort I have seen all season. But best effort resulting in a 20 point plus loss is scary.

  5. Coach Jack has been here to long with very little sucess, her contract extension is ahuge mistake! In her postgame press conference she stated’ “We continue to grow?” Really, in what way” She went on to say that’ We solidified the fact that we can shoot the ball although we didn’t make shots.” That’s the problem, all teams shot the ball but, good teams make shots. That has been the reacuring problem since coach Jack has been here, we have been in the bottom 2 teams in the conference in field goal percentage the last 4 years. And this year we are last in the conference in field goal percentage at 33%!! Could it get any worse? Look at the scary trend over the last 3 years, two years ago we were 14-16 with a 7-11 conference record, last year we were 9-20 with a 3-13 conference record, this year we are 0-6 in the conference, does anybody see a trend here? This team in terrible fundamentally, we are last in the conference in several key stats which were shown on TV in grafics before the game. This all goes back to the coaching staff. The other thing that is terribly disturbing is the fact that coach Jack has very little interest in recruiting the state of Indiana which has as much high school talent as most states. It is time for her to go before it gets any worse, if that is possible?

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