1. So perhaps there was tension this year between he and coach. Now we know why Gunner decommitted! Dusty was obviously bad mouthing the staff after he didn’t get to play! Dusty, you aren’t that good! Chappell was 100 times better and so is Tre!

    And EWB, if he’s leaving to, then we know why we got the JUCO QB yesterday and recruited another! EWB can run, but can’t hit the broadside of a barn, especially over 15 to 20 yards!

    Tre is EASILY the best QB and it’s not even a close competion! I can’t wait to get my season tickets as usual! Looking forward to this coming season! GO HOOSIERS!

  2. Dusty Kiel made Jay Rodgers look like the 2nd coming of Dan Marino. If there is a worse QB that has taken a snap under center in IU’s semi recent history, I haven’t seen him.

    If there was any insinuation that Gunner de-committed because his brother wasn’t seeing the playing time and that he was being pushed in practice, he’s better off headed to LSU. IU football needs guys with a deep work ethic, no sense of entitlement and those who can demonstrate leadership in making that part of IU FB culture. With guys like Hulls and Zeller in ‘hoops, Crean has been able to built a culture for his whole team around guys willing to work hard (I wonder if VJIII would have been shooting jumpers in Assembly Hall all night long after a bad game had this been 2 yrs ago?).

  3. 2012 is shaping up to be another 1 win season. Tre is the only QB experienced in the system. All the backups are going to be learning a new system so I wouldn’t expect their impact to be any better than that of a true freshman.

    Another year of tearing down. Wilson is digging himself a hole that he won’t be able to climb out of.

  4. wow, I heard he was leaving a couple weeks after the season ended but nothing on EWB. It is truly sad!!! Dustin, what is this now total…like 40 kids that have left for one reason or another since Wilson came to coach?

  5. Yah 1st and 2nd year QB’s for that matter are without question overwhelmed, lack confidence and underachieve. Wisconsin and Russell Wilson proved that again this year. Have you ever heard of scUMs Denard Robinson?

  6. I don’t believe that anyone enjoys seeing people quit. While I am not in Bloomington, nor do I know anyone involved in Bloomington, these players are quitting. There probably are personality conflicts, there are almost certainly different expectations by the current staff as compared to the previous staff.

    The word entitlement comes to mind for spoiled athletes, generally at winning programs. IU may be the first losing football program to have had “entitled” players. In the standard lingo, “We wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors!” That’s it, good-bye and please don’t forget to turn your room key in before leaving campus!

  7. The kid is flat out not a big ten quarterback, even by Indiana standards. Good luck in the future.

  8. It’s pretty clear that Dusty had a good shot at the position and failed to meet expectations. Whether that influenced his brother’s decision, the job of the staff was to find the quarterback who put the Hoosiers in the best position to clearly and consistently improve. Whether the Kiel’s (brothers and/or family) had another narrative for the end, the coaches did what they had to do as professionals. It’s clear ‘entitlement’ for any reason is not in the vocabulary of this staff. So wish them luck, nice lives and success in their new, lesser challenging environments.

    I know it bothers some…but, this is now big-boy country if we are still serious about pursuing a legitimate Big Ten program which, as the re-alignment/re-definition of power conferences suggests, we need to do. So…some forty former IU players have found out a new dedication to gentler horizons, other pursuits, life in general and football in particular at Indiana. Better than wallowing in mediocrity, lack of commitment and continuous dismissal as a door mat.

    As for EWB. What we have is a rumor. Nothing else. Whether true or not, it is too early for us to begin the conjecture. If it is not true, it shouldn’t surprise us that rumors and gossip fill your lives. If it is true, then the message about what it takes to be a real football player does not change. And the cause and effect between Kiel departing and Coffman being recruited could also be explained the other way…that some are leaving because we are now pursuing and bringing players who understand football. As for those who insist to use it as another chance to slam the direction of the program and push whatever agenda they are pushing (sometimes, some may even hope the team is lousy because gossiping and failure is the only thing justifying their otherwise uneventful and unaccomplished lives)and where your sensitivities about ‘manning up’ to the reality of big time football could in fact be part of a fantasy where all you have to do to be ‘ a football player’ is buy a pretty shirt just like the real guys.

  9. Does this surprise anyone? Really? as for the rumors that EWB is gone now, not shocked there either. I thought recruiting EWB to play QB at this level was ignorant anyway.

    J Pat, I’m sending you an email.

  10. Good luck to both the Kiel brothers.

    Congratulations Dusty on your academic awards. Sorry that football did not work out better for you at IU. Thanks for the effort.

    Without a doubt if the LSU coaching staff thinks Gunner is good enough to compete for championships there, then he is indeed better off there.

    JPat, your concerns are valid. I certainly share them. My early enthusiasm for the new coach, and Gunner’s commit is completely gone. All these kids leaving the program have been through a lot and I wish them well. They have represented themselves well in school and in public. None of the embarrassing run ins with the police etc. that we see in so many other programs.

  11. Coach Wilson knows what it takes to win in big time football. The people he is recruiting must also know what it takes and want to win. Coach Wilson will have the last laugh. I just hope he stays after the program is turned around. It will take 2 or 3 more years. Steve Mc Brian

  12. Would just like to ask if any of you that are on here bashing the Kiels even know them personally? I do and I can tell you that entitlement does not even come to mind when I think about them and their talent! So before you go and run your mouth about someone you don’t even really know, maybe you should stop and think! Dusty and Gunner are both outstanding young men and anyone would be proud to have their sons grow up like them!!!

  13. I was at IU when Corso came in. I knew some football players who had been recruited by Pont. Corso made it clear to them that they were not going to play because they weren’t good enough. He got his own guys and Pont’s guys either quit, played out the string on the bench, or found a way to play for Corso. Corso did pretty well at IU until he thought he should be Notre Dame’s coach (does anyone aside from me remember when he openly went after that job?).

    Anyway…My point is that when a new coach comes in “many” players recruited by the ‘old’ coach are no longer part of the ‘new’ coach’s plans. I think that is what is happening here. Considering how well Lynch did with Lynch’s players and how well Wilson was able to do with them, give Wison the benefit of the doubt. He’ll either play his guys and do well or he’ll get fired (I think and hope it’s the former).

    Judging him on whether he keeps Bill Lynch’s recruits or not is kind of odd. Judging him on whether he keeps kids who can play for Top Ten teams (LSU and Oklahoma State) is semi-legitimate. We want those guys here and he had them on the hook but they spit it out. However, if it was you or your son, which school would you choose? That Wilson has the credibility to get them to take the hook for a while is pretty good.

    I think Wilson is going to be successful. In 3 more years we’ll know whether he is or not based upon his players. Judging him on Bill Lynch’s players isn’t fair.

  14. IULONGAGO, That is certainly the proper perspective for the situation. I have total confidence Coach Wilson and his staff can put the pieces in place. His staff is a big asset for accomplishing the goal. Other than Bill jr. and Mo I did not have much confidence in former staff assistants.

  15. IULONGAGO – Wilson needs to keep and get something out of Lynch’s players or he will dig himself such a hole he’ll get fired before he can get out of it. This is not IU basketball where you can recruit the nation’s best players and still it took Crean a few years to dig out of that hole. And Wilson will need better results by far than Corso to keep his job. Corso won about one-third of his Big Ten games at IU (27-53-2) and that’s not close to getting it done, while going 41-68-2 overall. His record was not better than Pont’s (21-36-1 in conference play, 31-51-1 overall) so it’s not like he improved the situation.

    I fear that is where Wilson, despite his potential, is headed. He is in a high-risk situation where his numbers of players and depth are going to be thin and he could wind up with another season or two that will be so lousy that recruiting and attendance will suffer and he’ll be on very thin ice.

  16. Chet, if this was Alabama, I would have no fear about being able to recruit the kids necessary to get out of the hole Wilson is sinking into. This is not Alabama. We can’t afford to have more really bad seasons and then recruit well enough to get this turned around.

  17. Wright-Baker’s pass efficiency rating this year 119.4 was better than Ben Chappell’s 112.0 in his first year as a starter (his sophomore year). Too early to write off Wright-Baker after his sophomore season, in my opinion. Could have been a pretty decent backup over the next year or two.

    IU’s good teams of the past have been loaded with experience, lots of seniors. Wilson is going to have very young teams for a couple of more years as he continues to play his youngest/newest guys and loses the veterans. I hope it works out, but it makes me very nervous and I think some of you who badmouth the guys who leave are an embarrassment to the program and its fans. You have no idea about these kids’ situations, their character or whether or not they might have become good players here under other circumstances.

  18. Hoosier Clarion said, “Yah 1st and 2nd year QB’s for that matter are without question overwhelmed, lack confidence and underachieve. Wisconsin and Russell Wilson proved that again this year. Have you ever heard of scUMs Denard Robinson?”

    Wilson was a three year veteran at a FBS school. He was familiar with the speed of the game, and UW had enough talent surrounding him that his passing wasn’t a major necessity. He had Ball and White to fall back on and was operating behind an NFL caliber offensive line.

    Denard Robinson? I don’t know why you’re including him. He shared quarterback duties with Forcier as a true freshman in 2009 on a team that went 5-7. He won the starting job in 2010, but still was pulled on occasion in favor of Forcier. 2011 was his third year. Again take a look at the UM roster versus IU. Who has more talent?

    Going from JUCO to an FBS conference still requires an adjustment. The speed of the game is still faster than what they experienced at the JUCO level. If the game for a true freshman is traveling at mach 2, then it’s at least at a mack .75 to 1 for a JUCO.

    Tre is our only experienced QB and no matter how good we believe he is he still went winless. The offense being built around him is okay as long as he stays healthy. If he goes down for any extended period Wilson will be throwing in an untested and inexperienced QB who the offense will have to adjust. Considering how poor the offensive line is there is a very high probability that Tre won’t make it through the entire season unscathed.

    Steve McBrian said, “Coach Wilson knows what it takes to win in big time football. The people he is recruiting must also know what it takes and want to win. Coach Wilson will have the last laugh. I just hope he stays after the program is turned around. It will take 2 or 3 more years. Steve Mc Brian”

    Steve are you saying we can expect a winning season in two or three years (2013 or 2014), or are you saying that it is going to take 2 or 3 more years longer than what you expected?

    I believe Wilson is four years away before ever achieving a .500 record. A 1-11 season typically does not improve recruiting or engender high profile recruits into consider playing for IU.

  19. You stated categorically all QB’s in a new system would have little impact as backups. So if TR was hurt we would be in trouble. It just is not so. DK and EWB were so worried about competing against TR and the JUCO recruit they elected to cut and run. That is the difference between Lynch style competition and Wilson’s. But you remain as fluid as the need calls for. I understand your need to restate your position since you originally painted yourself into such a confining corner. We will be fine at QB.

  20. I didn’t paint myself into a corner at all. I clearly stated, “All the backups are going to be learning a new system so I wouldn’t expect their impact to be any better than that of a true freshman.” And as of right now all of IU’s backup QB’s will be learning a new system. You decided on your own to mention programs other than IU.

    Yeah we’ll be fine at QB next year, about as fine as a 1-11 team could be. I’ll bet Tre doesn’t make it through the entire season without having to miss two or three games due to injury. The JUCO will be able to come in and perform just as poorly and we wouldn’t notice.

    We just aren’t a talented team and the small infusion of JUCO’s isn’t going to change that this season. IU would need to sign 25 JUCO’s, all of whom would require playing at a championship level. The probability of that happening is low because JUCO success is about the same as it is for high school recruits.

  21. Just as you stated QB’s learning a new system have little chance to make an impact. Somebody needs to tell Wisconsin and Michigan that. Wilson and Robinson were all the rage in the B10 during there 1st years with those respective teams. So it can happen. But be my guest, stay fluid, it keeps me sharp.

  22. Waiting; you may be the most pessimistic person on this site. If you’re depressed over this, I recommend seeking medical attention.

    Calm down people, in relative terms, this news is no big deal. At best, EWB and DK were mediocre QB’s. Their transfers will not devastate IU football.

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