Reports: Indiana lands Illinois running back Tevin Coleman

Not sure who broke it first, but every major recruiting website is reporting that Tevin Coleman, a running back from Oak Forest (Ill.) High School, has committed to Indiana, becoming the 24th commitment in the Class of 2012.

Coleman is the No. 39 running back in the Class of 2012 and picked Indiana over offers from Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Iowa and others.


  1. He is a good running back, 3 stars. All State. Comes from a good family and good high school. The most notable graduate of the high school has to be Dustin mentor: Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway.

    I will give the kid some credit for picking IU over some other choices he had. He will contribute as a freshman.

  2. Gerry, trying to get a hold of him and his coach. Should have more later. BeatPurdue, we had this on the blog a few days ago, but Sebastian Smith, a safety from Pickerington, Ohio, is no longer a part of the class.

  3. Broad jumps 23 ft.

    Shuttle 4.07

    100m 10.4

    Naturally fluid moves like are desired for corner if not on the O side.

    In high school was described as a one man wrecking crew.

    BeatPurdue on 1/5 Sebastion Smith a safety decommitted. He had been a soft verbal. Rumors academic qualifying issue made it a mutual decision.

  4. Fantastic! I one of the believers who thinks that Coach Wilson will be leading IU to a bowl game by his 3rd season. As President Glass indicated, this decade could become a return to the Golden Age of IU athletics. Go IU!

  5. This is an excellent example of the negative tone that shows up in nearly every story about IU sports. I can understand criticism, I can understand frustration…but Lord, this was an accomplishment and from the read of the father’s words IU, the coaches and the players who envisioned better days spoke well of their experience.

    “Tevin Coleman had plenty teams looking for his services that fared much better than Indiana’s 1-11 record this fall…[Coleman]…from Oak Forest (Ill.) [had offers] from Michigan State… …West Virginia…Illinois, Iowa, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Northern Illinois and Western Michigan — all bowl participants — as well as Minnesota, Syracuse, Central Michigan and Toledo.”

    And he picked us? Amazing.

    Even more so when the headline: “Running back from Illinois picks Indiana over major programs” borders on insulting. The last time I looked, despite the very poor, even shameful record of the last ten years, the Hoosiers are still ‘a major program’. Why would a big-time Big Ten market newspaper pay good money to staff writers to cover a minor, inconsequential athletic program?

    And, the headline writer…just amazing! I suggest a bit of respect is due.

  6. Here we are major college fans. This is from a story in a Chicago paper about Tevin Coleman. And, at the end Ive added the quote from an opposing coach (at Rich Central) about Coleman.

    “Well, he did more than play. He developed into one of the most dazzling and durable players in the area’s rich history. Coleman rarely left the field this season, playing offense, defense and special teams. He recorded touchdowns rushing the ball, catching the ball, intercepting the ball and returning the ball.”

    “In one instance against Rich Central, he did all that in one game — two rushing touchdowns, a receiving score, an 80-yard kickoff return and a pick-six during a 47-12 Bengals win….[H]e rushed for 949 yards and 13 touchdowns on just 83 carries (11.3 yards per carry). He had 16 catches for 345 yards and five scores receiving (21.5 yards per catch)…[H]e had four kickoff returns for 180 yards, including two scores. It’s worth noting those were the only four times opponents kicked to him all season. As a cornerback, he registered 44 tackles, including 28 solos, and two interceptions…”

    “[O}pponents knew better than to leave Coleman out of their site, according to Tinley Park coach Nick Johnston…’He affected all three phases — offense, defense, special teams,’ Johnston said. ‘We made one mistake of kicking the ball to him and he took it all the way on us. Every time he touched the ball, you held your breath…And many times, he took your breath away.”

  7. I’m not familiar with those schools but, unless they are charter schools or the like, this kid’s a stud. I like that he plays defense, too. Less likely to be a fragile ‘racehorse’ kinda kid.

  8. Gerry, what a waste of a straight line. You were supposed to say, “What’s a Hemingway?”

    To which surely someone would give you a snappy retort like, “Oh, about seven or eight pounds.”

    Ba dum..dum

  9. I’ve had a few minutes to do a little more reading on this athlete. He is the real deal. His Senior year was a breakout for him and magnified his prospects. He is 6’1″ and now 200 lb. He has rare ingredients that good runners have. Many of the offers came from programs who recognized how fluid and smooth his hips change direction and were recruiting him for corner and return duties. He wants to be a RB and that put IU in the drivers seat. His speed is exceptional for HS but how many HS FB players can perform his shuttle #’s and also broad jump 23′? He has threatened to move his bed into the weight room until relocating to Bloomington. Hagen and McCullough did a nice recruiting job on this commit. I think he is the kind of player we have all envisioned IU needs.

  10. Read somewhere Zakk and Jack the Hack are unemployed. The Mother Ship ESPN pulled the chain on their light. Trudeau can go back to his bartenders job providing alcohol to under age students. Chet he really must be a maroon.

  11. Hoosier Clarion; that’s best news I’ve read all day. If confirmed, that will fortify my faith in mankind.

    As for Tevin committing to IU, in spite of offers from some very successful college FB programs, that is very encouraging. Also, if Wilson is the tyrant that some (who post on this site) make him out to be, how come so many recruits, or their associates, make reference to IU Football’s “family atmosphere.” He and his staff are doing something right if they can secure the commitment of players like Tevin Coleman.

    This may turn out to be the best recruiting class in IU Football history. I remain optimistic that Wilson has things pointed in the right direction.

  12. Speaking of football, did anyone else see that IU’s former Offensive Coordinator, you know, the one that lasted about three days before returning to Boise State, just accepted the job at Florida. His salary was reported to be $500,000 per year. I think that’s just a bit higher than IU’s offer from last year (sarcasm).

    I guess he knew what he was doing by returning to BSU for a year. Interesting to wonder if he’d have gotten that job after a year coaching IU’s offense? Anyway, another indication that Wilson knows good coaching talent. He might not be able to afford what he wants, but at least he’s going willing to go after it.

    And for those of you who still want to complain about Wilson’s salary and IU’s football budget, this should be a reminder to you what it costs to hire quality college football coaches.

  13. Chet, other…Oak Forest, Tinley Park and Rich Central are large suburban, high schools just outside the southwest limits of Chicago,sort of like Ben Davis and Warren, the Lawrence schools and Southport. The strong football programs in Chicago are in the collar suburbs.

  14. I coached tev. Great young man, great attitude and a born team leader. Quite in personalty so dont expect a big rah rah speech but I’ll tell you the kid just flat out wants to make plays. Does not brag, is not cocky and shows a lot of class in everything he does. Great frame, expect him to put on an easy 20lbs of muscle in college. Tevin is already one of the most built h/s players and he has yet to truly find a wieght room. Be happy hoosier fans, you got yourself a gem.

  15. Chigago Hoosier… That’s Oak Forest… not Oak Park. EH grew up in Oak Park. Tevin Coleman grew up in Oak Forest. Very different places seperated by about 25 miles.

  16. You Hoosiers are going to love this kid. I have been watching him since 7th grade, have followed him all through high school and know him personally. He is every bit of a playmaker as he is humble. He could have went to a different school and been a workhorse and more than likely a top 10 national recruit. He got maybe 10-15 touches per game and never complained a single time. A true team player and a remarkable athlete. Top 5 in state every signle year in the long jump as well. If he plays defense, he hits like a truck too. I will definately be paying attention to the Hoosier program now, I wish Tevin the best of luck, you guys will have fun watching him.

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