Report: Safety de-commits from IU

This is probably an old story by now, but I just saw it. Safety Sebastian Smith of Pickerington Central High School in Ohio has de-committed from IU’s football class according to Zach Osterman and Steve Wiltfong of Smith is planning a visit to Nebraska.

The Hoosiers still have 23 commitments for the Class of 2012, including junior college safeties Tregg Waters and Ryan Thompson.


  1. That does it! Wilson has got to go!!

    Just thought I would throw that out here before one of our resident geniuses do so…

  2. Good point, Joe. But does the young man think there won’t be competition at Nebraska?

    Some times I wonder why any kid would declare early with a verbal commitment. As we have seen, they are worthless and a lot of these young men change their mind as often as they change their socks.

    Looks like IU’s best recruits are still getting stolen away by the traditional powers. We’ll know IU FB has “arrived” when Wilson can reverse that scenario a few times a year.

  3. Sebastian Smith is only ranked as a 2-star prospect on Scout, so if he can secure a scholly from a program like Nebraska then God bless him. This kid has a lot of potential, but he is not irreplaceable. Best of luck SS!

  4. A couple notes:

    * The chatter on other recruiting sites has always indicated that the Hoosiers had a slippery grip on this recruit. The assumption was he would jump at the first “better offer” he got. As of now he has no other offers.

    * The football staff told another site’s reporter that Smith hadn’t decommitted but they had withdrawn his offer.

    It all adds up to an iffy situation. Might be better off to cut ties now.

  5. Podunker- could be that early verbal commits stop alot the phone calls, junk mail, etc. so that a kid and his family can get some peace and quiet.

  6. I concur with IndySteve. I hear he was not only a very soft verbal but has academic qualification issues making him less desirable to the staff and has been told to move on.

  7. The 2012 season will tell a lot about Wilson’s tenure. I’ve had my doubts from the start, mostly due to the implementation of a no huddle offense while possesing 1 of the worst defenses in the nation, but time will tell. Only winning will help the recruiting trails. It’s a bit of a catch 22, but it happens somewhere every year, & by god it will happen hear before i die, or i won’t die!

  8. davis; I think the remedy is to move the signing date for football up by two or three months, say the middle of December, after the High School FB seasons have been completed. Either that or allow a limited early signing period like they do for BB.

    But the process of verbally committing has long since become a joke. We should be teaching young people that a commitment is a commitment. Given today’s technology, teams and players have the opportunity to research each other thoroughly and make a decision in much less time than it used to take. The rules and the process need to be adjusted.

  9. Pasadenasomeday,

    It is going to take a lot more than just next year to evaluate Wilson. He is completely changing a culture and system and if we can give our storied basketball program until the fourth year in which you only have to play 5 guys at a time, then we can give a football program that has never been anything at least that to get in at least 22 guys that can play the system you want. There is no Cody or The Movement for the football team.

    Also, why I think Wilson needs more time is that while he might be brash on the outside, internally he is setting a high standard, we did great academically and he won’t take any crap. That’s why so many guys left this year, they weren’t used to the work or the no-nonsense approach. Give him some time to get some hard working kids that can play his system in here and see what happens.

  10. Hoagland, Precisely, said in spades. In 3-4 seasons we will be damn glad Wilson was born.

  11. We’ll see the direction we’re headed this year, which will be telling. I’ve watched coach after coach after coach say all the right things..(these guys aren’t in shape, I’ll get them there, we’re gonna’ get bigger, stronger,faster, yada yada yada,) pardon me for being a bit skeptical, but untill I see the results, it’ will be that way. I do wish coach Wilson & his staff the best though, & I’m willing to wait as long as it takes. It’s alreday been 30 years so, whats another 5 years?

  12. We have been in a downward spiral for the past few years. We were getting noticeably worse every year, though it was somewhat obscured by a strong armed quarterback. If we appear to be getting better I’ll be happy. Improve every year until we have a respectable program. That’s plenty for me. Next year will be interesting, for sure.

  13. Podunker- advancing the signing period seems to make sense, but there may be some technicalities for why it has not been done.

    I’m not sure about what “we” should be teaching young people (except for my own children, and that seems to get adjusted pretty often), but I agree that the term “commitment” is a joke in the college sports recruiting context. I almost typed “contract” instead of “context,” but that only reinforces my point. Whether it be business, college sports recruiting, or romance, all “commitments” are preceded by the dance of negotiation and playing it coy with one’s cards close to the vest. Or at least should be played that way. A lad has either signed on the dotted line or he has not, so my attitude is that not too much shame is to be attached to breaking a “verbal commitment.” These recruits are entering into agreements (worth tens of thousands of dollars) binding on them and the school, so it’s manifestly reasonable for the agreements to be written and for people who haven’t signed them (including the school) to change their minds. I guess what I’m saying is “a deal is a deal, but not before the ink is on the paper.”

  14. I like that, “it seems to get adjusted pretty often.”

    When my kids were, well, kids, I’d always be amused when friends would give parental advice when they had one child. They didn’t have a friggin’ clue that kids are different people. I tried to be as consistent as possible but if I tried to do everything the same way with all of them I’d would have been crushed. (note to Dustin and Ryan, kids are different).

    While I bemoaned the lack of scholarship money in non revenue sports at the time, I’m glad now that I didn’t have to deal with the football and basketball mess. My kids essentially got the “what you get depends on what you do” plan. Or, I should say, two of them did. My baby girl went to the only D1 conference that doesn’t give athletic scholarships. Fortunately, the tuition is crushing.

    The thing about revenue sports is, it’s become show business. The money is coming from television. The monster plodding center doesn’t sell tickets even if they win games. I doubt that there aren’t any Greg Ostertags out there, they just don’t fill the seats. It’s the winged Adonis floating to the rim that gets the viewers (Uh-oh, I’m sounding like Harvard). Even the verbal commitment gets air time. Signing the LOI is a televised event. I am ecstatic that Cody made it to IU without being hopelessly jaded. God bless his parents.

    Well, I forgot what I started to post so I’ll stop now.

  15. FYI, everyone. The web site Coaches Hot Seat ( has put K. Wilson at #8 of its coaches in the hot seat. The hottest seat is occupied by Frank Spaziani at Boston College, #7 is Derek Dooley at Tenn., #9 is Bobby Hauk at UNLV.

  16. Well, chalk me up as someone who thinks that is asinine. I live in UT country and they like Dooley. I don’t know anything about the other two but I’m confident CKW is in no jeopardy.

    Just some doofus with a keyboard.

    This just in… just reported that PSU is in talks to bring back Joe Pa. Coach Sandusky, too.

  17. The Coaches Hot Seat web-site is certainly not gospel- I posted the info about KW ’cause I was surprised by it. But the site is pretty good in terms of raw information, even if you don’t buy the conclusions derived from the info.

  18. I think that one should take the time to separate ‘raw information’ from ‘pointless bull$hit’.

    There IS a difference.

    Raw information, the South Carolina obesity rate is 28.7 percent.

    Pointless bull$hit, Coach Kevin Wilson’s job is in jeopardy.

    See the difference?

  19. Chet- Yeah, we all have to sort out opinion from fact, whether it’s when reading the newspaper or college football blogs.

    I concur that KW’s job is not in jeopardy. And I don’t think it should be at this point. But from what I read here (and that’s about my limit for following college football on the computer), a lot of people do think it should be in jeopardy, and the Coaches Hot Seat site has apparently picked up on the negative vibe.

    I’m still waiting for CHS to post KW’s contract. Jerry Kill’s isn’t posted yet either, but Danny Hope’s is. Happy reading!

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