1. I simply see a lot of kids forcing shots and going 1 on 1 for the most part. Shots have not been falling like they were in the beginning. Defense while at times has been good has not been as good as it was. I watch last night and feel like some of the kids are selfish. I will stick with these guys but they fooled me into thinking they had turned the corner a year early. I am bummed out!!!

  2. I have been watching Big10 BB since Don Sclunt and Bobby Leonard and the Hurring Hoosiers. I know Home cooking is the way it is in the conference. Last night was one of the worst examples of bad officiating I have seen in a longgg time. I have noticed Hightower is def a homer when he officiates. When they threw Zeller down toward the end of the game with no call, was the worse example of a zebra turning his head and letting it go. This could have been the turning point in this game, altho I won’t say it was the only call, non call, that was bad. It looked like they were determined to get CZ out of the game early, and they did. I expect some home calls to go against the visting team, but wow, this was the worst I have seen in yrs. IU hung in, altho they were out shot from the foul line double. Makes a diff. in games. IU did alright, but turn overs came at most inop times. Cody only scoring 7 points, all in 2nd half was no coincidence. They took him out of the game early with foul calls. Go IU, beat Iowa.

  3. J Pat, IU shot 45.7% for the game. That doesn’t sound like a lot of forced shots to me, especially in light of how good Wisconsin plays defense. You and I maybe look at the game differently, but I saw a very effective offense with screens, double screens, set plays and players choosing plays by reading the defense. There were some mistakes and miscues but I can’t agree with you that they were playing one-on-one and being selfish.

    No IU team has won at the Kohl Center since 1998. To decide that this team hasn’t “turned the corner” because they weren’t able to do what 14 IU teams before them weren’t able to do might be a little bit unfair. We’re going to win more games this year. We’re going to be proud of this team when it’s all said and done. Glad to hear that you’re going to stick with them. Give yourself a break and don’t be bummed out.

  4. Ok – Can someone explain to me why CTC is so obsessed with the topic of the crowd? He just posted this on twitter (and several others on this topic yesterday).

    “We need our end zones to be CRAZY tomorrow. How creative can u be back there. Bring even more Big Heads. Make it STELLAR back there.”

    Perhaps he should spend his time developing a strategy on what to do in a close game or his substitution patterns…But this is what he thinks is important?

  5. Boomer…you are right 45% is a good clip. I guess I just was feeling like Wat, Shee, and Jones were trying to do too much and it was not working. It seemed as though shots were not falling like they had been especially big shots.

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