1. Dustin-

    You have a real future in this business. I don’t just say this to kiss-up…You are exceptional at dissecting all the key components of a contest. I would hate to lose you from Scoop, but your future is very bright.

    Any SNL fans? Is it just me, or does Ginger remind anyone else of the Tax Masters guy? Ginger looks like him, but it’s Ryan that probably feels like the guy with a miniature twin growing out of the side his head.

  2. I do enjoy these talks, but I don’t enjoy having all of you trying to talk over one/another. Let the new guy speak, IMHO he has a take I want to hear, he has the ‘fresh eyes’.

  3. Ryan, if you taze the first person that interrupts you, I promise they will never interrupt you again.

    I never interrupt my wife anymore.

  4. Chet, Is there any possibility our wives are related or do they just know one another and trade household hints? OUCH!!! Please, I’ll behave!

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