1. Great God almighty! The ‘opportunity cost’ of a hurried Derek Elston substitution finally realized!

    80% shooting from the field(4-5)
    2 of 2 on three-pointers
    2 blocks, and
    18 points!

    Stats amazing! I believe!


    Question: What do you call karen posting between comments from Geoff and Chet?

    Answer: Extra bologna on your sub sandwich!


    Love the Hoosiers scoring barrage…but sorta bummed over Remy. Poor kid was so terribly out of sync. I had high hopes for Remy. He’s really been stymied by the withholding of PT the last few weeks. So much for the swagger…Now it feels more like dagger to my heart. Still love the kid’s attitude. Signing off with my old Remy remix.

  2. Yup, it cut off in the middle.

    But rather than complain, the posting time (1:36 a.m.!!!) should serve as a reminder to all who peruse and enjoy your work to be grateful for the fact that it is here at all.

    Clearly, you guys work hard and take the time, usually late at night, to post these.

    We all need to say “thanks!”

    WestCoast Hoosier

    P.S. Don’t be late with Hoosier Morning!

    I couldn’t resist a little teasing! Just kidding! Sleep in! Please!

  3. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, January 28, 2012 – 4:14 PM EST

    The glass is more than half-full for God’s sake! We have one of the premier centers in the country and more help is on the way. As emphasized in my post from 2 weeks ago, get used to the musical chairs around Jones and Cody until “The Movement” and disparity in talent becomes more obvious. Until then, it’s everyday I’m shuffling.

    For what it’s worth, I believe we win 2 of our remaining 4 road games. I think the Hoosiers are going to sprint to the finish line and show a hunger that’s been absent in recent weeks.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, January 28, 2012 – 7:02 PM EST

    We shouldn’t be prematurely burying the Hoosiers…Sheehey is still dusting off a bit of rustiness and Elston is showing signs of life after giving up his role as Hannibal(credit to Chet for that moniker).

    This team is capable and deep.

    Have you ever witnessed such incredible foreshadowing? On Saturday, I emphasize to not get too down on this team(the glass half full) and reiterated we have one of the premier centers in the country..What happens Sunday? Cody has the biggest scoring game for a freshman in the history of IU basketball. I followed up on Saturday talking about Sheehey and Elston looking like they’re on the cusp of finding their games. What happens Sunday? Elston piles in one of his best games in his three years and puts up 18 points. Sheehey starts and energizes the team in the opening minutes with two 3-pointers…

    Am I good, or what?

    Need a big win on the road Wednesday to really get these guys to match their confidence level with their highly capable talent level. Watford is due.

  4. You are right, WestCoast. Thanks, guys! Always look forward to the Scoop Talk vids and always appreciate your analysis.

  5. Yes Harvard, nice predictions. I have been down on Elston lately so I especially didn’t see that one coming.

    I give credit to CTC for putting that chess piece in play on a night where we really needed to show toughness and dominate on the boards.

  6. I’m just happy they were able to rise above the well documented tension on the team that Verdell’s playing time has been creating.

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