1. Dustin,

    There is a letter floating around the college FB world you may or may not have heard about or read. It is from Coach Mike Sherman, sent to hundreds of Texas HS FB coaches just weeks after he was let go by Texas A&M. It reveals the class act A&M elected to shed. Many times good guys win even after loosing. I am trying to remember where I read it after a buddy informed me about it. If your search would come up zero-I will contact my friend as to where it was posted. It so offers a different side of FB we often don think about or reported on.

  2. Why wear a jockstrap when you don’t play with any balls?
    The 1st half OK

    Do we loose by 20 pts if we turn it loose and play not to loose? Ok maybe we loose by 20 pts, if we run or weave.
    When I say run I mean 2 passes look to the basket(Cody) or drive to the bucket. The defense is settled in on the third pass of the weave, it is over.
    Leaders of the team are Victor and Cody Hulls is compliment Sheehey is a leader Hulls is a compliment
    The leader does not have to be the point guard He is a great shooter, but if he isthe concentration for the opposing defense and gets stopped 28 feet away from the bucket, well there are not enough seconds on the shot clock to regroup.
    Yogi I watched his highlights going to the bucket uncontested but in the Big Ten somebody is going lay him out. Go Hoosiers I am really all for you just commenting
    after my 2hours of fun.

  3. Hulls, Roth and Cody need some one setting an off-ball screens for them. Instead of having Cody fighting for post position, which he hasn’t been winning much lately, they need sets that allow guards/wings to pass to Cody while he is moving off a screen, IMHO. On defense, alot of IU’s problem seems to be effort related. I think I have noticed that in the last three games their collective defensive stance is higher and higher each game, especially the off ball players. Maybe they just can’t hold that low stance against the better teams? I’m not a coach, and our coaches know what is happening and I have faith they will figure it out.

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