1. I think at some point CTC needs to hold some players accountable for bad play. Some of the things that went on in the second half. I have yet to see any get in your face coaching. I can appreciate trying to stay positive but throughing up a three pointer from NBA range with no passes?

  2. Ok, so here is my excuse column… I just watched the last 10 minutes again to watch the refereeing and see what role it truly played in the final score. No beer this morning, just coffee. Already know the outcome so I am not getting caught up in the time and score.

    Just as I contended last night when I was emotional, the refs are the #1 reason we lost the game. If you don’t care about this analysis -Stop reading. If you’re interested in the disparity, well here it is. Last ten minutes broken into 3 categories…

    Calls for:
    – Clear foul on a watford post up – IU 2 FT (7:07)
    – Foul on Zeller post up – IU 2 FT (3:02)
    – Hulls fouled to stop clock – IU 2 FT (0:40)
    – Hulls fouled to stop clock – IU miss front end (0:24)

    Calls against:
    – Offensive foul on a screen away from the ball called on Jones, only call like that made all game – results in IU turnover (9:53)
    – ticky tack foul on Pritchard on a made Diaz jump hook, replay shows no contact at all, made FT for +1 extra pt (8:30)
    – travel on Dipo (5:13)
    – travel on Zeller on the baseline spin move he does every game and is never called a travel (5:13)
    – Richardson fouled by Jones, replay shows no contact, made FT’s for +2 extra points (0:42)

    Blatantly missed calls:
    – Watford hit across head and knocked down on tip in attempt, no call, NE fast break results in made 3 pointer, +3 extra points for NE, potentially -2 points taken from IU (about 6 min mark)
    – Diaz standing out of bounds when loose ball hits his foot and bounces to teammate leading to NE fast break that ends in made 3 pointer, +3 extra points for NE (3:25)
    – McCray travels blatantly on a pump fake as Watford flies by, offensive rebound for NE results in a foul and 2 made FT, +2 extra points (1:58)
    – Verdell clearly fouled on dribble, but is forced to call time out with only 9 seconds on shot clock. Instead of 1&1 we are forced into a bad shot which leads to NE transition, potentially -2 points for IU (1:15)
    – Zeller pulled down by TWO players on a missed 3, no call results in an offensive put-back, +2 extra points for NE, potentially -2 points for IU (0:25)

    Conclusion – the Hoosiers were up 53-46 with 10:00 minutes to go and got the lead up as high as 11 in that time. IU had 12 quality possessions in the last 10 minutes compared to 7 poor ones, meaning they got a score, FT’s, and open shot, or multiple attempts, so offensively they were certainly good enough to win.

    IU received exactly 2 calls in their favor in the last 10 minutes, and zero in the last 3 minutes. The last two calls sending Hulls to the line were essentially intentional fouls the refs had to call. Nebraska received 5 calls in the last 10 minutes including one phantom foul that resulted in NE being down only 1. IU also had 3 turnovers “called” on them by the refs, while NE had none.

    I tried hard to be objective and really looked for an opportunity to find a call that went unfairly or was missed towards NE and I could not. There were 5 blatantly missed calls that all went in NE’s favor and resulted in 9 extra points (points directly attributed to refereeing), and simultaneously resulted in IU being penalized the opportunity to score at least 4 points. There were also 2 badly made calls that went in NE’s favor that resulted directly in 3 extra points.

    This means that as a direct result of refereeing NE was given 12 points. Even if IU misses all the FT’s that would have resulted from correct calls, and missed every shot that would have resulted from a possession from a correct call, IU would have won by 10 points.

    Ok bring on the NE spammers and people that don’t want to hear the excuses.

    (by the way I also have written on this site how we received the benefit of the refereeing in the OSU win)

  3. It’s so funny how myopic our fans are. ‘The team is melting down and our coach is awful.’ Sure, just like Louisville and their terrible coach, and North Carolina and their terrible coach, and Connecticut and their terrible coach, and Michigan State and their terrible coach.

    We have a very flawed team. Is that a news flash? Hopefully, they can improve and make the post season. hoosierfromky had an hilarious line, something about ‘You won’t make the tourney with a .500 record in THIS league.’

    This isn’t the SEC. A .500 record in the Big Ten is pretty much a guaranteed invitation to the NCAAs unless you’ve lost all your non conference games.

    We have a pretty good team that has lost a couple squeakers we probably should have won. Didn’t most people think that would happen over the course of the season?

    Take a breath.

  4. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, so I don’t know what is wrong. There young kids, who I know want to win, and they will again. Most people thought they would win 18 or 19 games this year. Looks like 20 is possible, and next year will be even better. The Big ten is tough, teams are beating up on each other, so IU is still there. The Hoosiers aren’t dead people, so let’s go IU.

  5. Chet- you are comparing IU to UConn, Lou, MSU, and UNC….? Really? All 4 of those programs have shown that if they lose a game or two they can bounce back. IU has shown not one bit of evidence it can do anything close to stop a slide, check the past 3 years….8 total conference wins in the past 3 years…and check reality…3 straight losses. But yeah Chet they’ll bounce back like those other 4 programs and make the Elite8…..hmmmmmmm

  6. Actually, take away 3 seasons and IU has a richer history than any of those programs save UNC.

    It’s been three bad seasons.


  7. Hmmmm…. If you want to sound completely stupid, please bring up the “last 3 years” for any argument you want to make. Hilarious.

  8. Chet- we are not talking about tradition, you brought up those other schools and other coaches hinting that they’ve also had bad losses this season, you compared this IU squad to those current teams. Those teams have played through bad losses before and not lost 10 in a row…IU on the other hand has had major slides before. Everyone, except Cody, has been a part of major losing streaks….why can’t it happen again? Also tradition is completely overrated, the next time tradition(or a banner) scores points in a current game let me know.

  9. I may have to file that away as one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve ever read on the Scoop.
    UNC lost their LAST game by 33 points to an unranked team. They haven’t shown they can play through bad losses. Kentucky is full of freshmen. Who knows how they might implode if things go bad? Michigan State is on a two game skid. For all you know they may never win again. Louisville hasn’t recouped at all. They are a mess.
    As Geoff pointed out so well, the moment you try to include the past three seasons as a predictor of success there’s really no point in reading any more of your post.

  10. I love this site and this blog, I’m new to it, but addicted. It’s good therapy to know that I’m not alone in this heart-wrenching quest for regained basketball excellence. I really appreciate the basketball IQ on this site.

    Big 10 refs are the worst “homers” I’ve seen, perennially, except in the Pac12 where it is always awful. This is why it is so, so tough to win on the road. And precisely why you have to dismantle someone on their home floor to get a win. Which we should’ve done last night. But as it has been painstakingly made, the point is that we went brain dead and Neb. made some plays, then got those calls, and our so-called “veterans” blew it. Bad 3 by Roth on a 3 on 1 break, bad 3 by Wat(thehell)ford off a good D possession, missed FT by Hulls, bad block-out by VJ3, Watford poor hustle to his man who hits a 3, Hulls bad out-of-control drive to the bucket, botched last play. Our “vets” don’t know how to win and put a stake in the heart of an opponent. They don’t get being “the hunted” vs. “the hunter”. Period.

    It took a while but the scouting report is pretty simple, as it was detailed by another post. Hulls is a shooting guard not a point guard. (Remember when Jones had that job?!?!). Sorry, I just threw up. Why he even brings the ball up EVER is a mystery. We don’t have a true PG, until next year. We need more athleticism on the floor with Abel, Victor, Sheehey, Zeller, and rotate Hulls & Roth, whoever is hot on that night. We are getting some quality minutes from Elston and even Pritchard. Ethrington needs more minutes & Watford and Jones need less. Ethrington is fundamentally sound and he’s a true Hoosier, so he knows what it truly means to wear THAT jersey. Crean needs to play kids who ‘get it’ and care. We will improve by Jones graduating alone next year. He costs us 12 pts./game, I’ve detailed that before.

    And I’m starting to believe the Crean can’t coach line. He doesn’t coach to the teams strengths. This team has NO business running and gunning, especially with the lead. Good coaches adapt to their personnel. Good coaches make adjustments. We are always out scouted and out adjusted at halftime, it seems. Crean can recruit & create buzz, but the Xs and Os really puzzle me. Who in their right skull would’ve had Hulls inbound the ball and run down for a lay up? If that wasn’t the plan, then bench his rear-end! No consequences for bad plays & decisions. None. Have any of you ever seen Tom take somebody out, chew their butt, and sit them down after a bonehead play? It is absurd what goes on. It is an attitude of “it’ll be ok” and tolerance.

    Btw, Zeller was clearly held on Hulls’ drive. All Hulls had to do was bounce pass to him to get the call and/or a lay up. From our “PG” ???

    So, I’ll predict the remaining games and shut up:
    W PSU
    L @ Wisconsin.
    W Iowa (in a close game because they fight)
    L @ Mich.
    L @ purdue
    W IL
    W NW
    L @ Iowa
    W NCC
    W @ MN
    W MSU
    W purdue

    23 Ws & 6 of our last 7. We have a favorable ending schedule. 23-8, if I’m not mistaken. But, it’ll be tough for another 2 weeks.

  11. You lost me with sitting Watford. This team is completely inept without his versatility on the floor.

  12. What exactly are you saying Chet….? In your original post you ask everyone to ‘take a breath.’ Please let me know what you are thinking….they still make the tourney? They don’t make the tourney but it doesn’t matter cause we’ll just wait until the talent gets here next year? We shouldn’t care that they are good enough to beat certain teams but still find ways to choke…? They lost to Nebraska and Minny and barely beat PSU but they’ll still recover and win the B1G? I mean what are you saying…..

  13. Harvard….I’m saying Watford plays too many minutes & isn’t held accountable for his screw-ups or laziness. Good athlete and player when he hits his first 3 shots but the dude comes and goes like nobody I’ve seen since Uwe Blab. Some nights he looks like George Gervin and others George Costanza.

  14. Yes, they make the tourney.

    Classy. Very classy.

    I’ve never met Geoff but he certainly knows a lot about basketball.

    I’ve never met either of you, either, but you paint a pretty clear picture of yourselves.

  15. AWinAZ, CWat is one of the biggest mysteries of college basketball this season. Right up there with Anthony Davis. He doesn’t change from game to game, he changes from possession to possession. If there is an upside, that may keep him from trying his luck in the NBA at season’s end. Right now, I don’t see how he’s close. But he’s light years better than last year. He has developed a boatload of skills…when he chooses to use them.

  16. As far as CTC having an attitude of “tolerance”, it’s not 1978. Calhoun, Pitino, Williams (whom I’ve had this conversation with), Krzyzewski, Drew, Pearl, Boeheim, and pretty much all the successful coaches are ‘tolerant’. It’s probably the biggest reason RMK’s last decade at IU had more misses then hit. Kids don’t have to play for someone they don’t like. There are hundreds of channels and everyone is on television. Players don’t have to sell themselves, coaches do.

  17. I think the guys who keep this season in perspective are the ones who I’d like to share a beer with (not a room unless it’s with a lot of other people at Nick’s). Chet, Geoff and others are in the group. This team will win more games and lose more games. Kentucky and Ohio State were Great wins while Minnesota and Nebraska were Disappointing loses. They have to learn how to play with a lead and finish games. They will. Hulls isn’t ‘quick enough’ to play point with the best and these loses (including the Kentucky win) have shown this. He can be “lights out” at 2 with Yogi at point. This team is just going to get better. I’m sticking around for the ride.

  18. Do people bring up the last 3 years because they are morons or just hate CTC?? The quickest way to get discredited on most IU blogs is to bring up the last 3 years. No one is saying the Minn or Nebraska loss are good losses. Yes we should have won those games. Yes we played horrible defense but the big picture is most people know we are a good team! Life on the road is tough real tough. Illinois who were in the top of the b10 just lost to PSU at PSU who we beat! MSU has lost 2 in a row. The biggest concern for me is not the losses it’s the fact that everything we do wrong is basic fundamentals and so far CTC hasn’t been able to correct them. Now to me that’s scary. I think we have enough talent to win 6 or 7 games and get in the tourny. Unless we lose at home sunday then nit here we come but there’s NO WAY we lose sunday. And remember who said this we will go into Wisconsin and win too!!

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