1. Ryan. Get a haircut. In 15 years you will want to burn every photo and delete every video of you wearing that silly faux-hawk haircut. Trust me. I like your stories by the way. I think you are better than Kellenburger. You are gifted at setting the scene and telling a compelling story as you recreate the feel and emotions of the games. Congrats for that. But your haircut? Not so much.

  2. ^ Funny observations, Davunder. I agree completely. I’ve really enjoyed Ryan’s contributions so far. It’s impressive to me when guys can come into a new town and a new sports scene and write like they’ve been here for years. Nice addition and I agree about Ryan being a Kellenburger upgrade (and maybe even a Korman upgrade).

    My usual policy with haircuts is, “If ya got it, grow it,” but you are right, Ryan needs to take care of that business. My recommendation is to slick that stuff back, a la Alec Baldwin/Andy Garcia. It will lend a bit of maturity and toughness to his look; right now he looks like a japanese cartoon character.

  3. Someday when I am bored, I will do an autotune mashup remix of my favorite ScoopTalk moments … someday. Happy New Years fellas

  4. how cares about his haircut.
    He writes well like the stories and so did Big Kell
    Nice win Hoosiers and keep up the good work HT crew

  5. Ryan, #1 and #2 hit the nail on the head. Your columns in the HT are insightful and enjoyable. Kudos to you sir.

    Now on to the hair controversy. CH’s suggestion has merit. If I had hair, I might try that. However, in the end I would try different styles until settling on the right fit for myself. If you have already done that, just go with what you have.

  6. It is a bad look. Then again, I once got less than twelve hours sleep, played cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city, and got involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. So I am not the best judge of good decisions.

  7. Why does Dustin always seem to put down Ryan’s ideas? ryan may be the new guy, but he seems like he has a better perception of what’s going on than Dustin.

    And does anybody know what Walt is talking about?

  8. I like Dustin and Ryan. I like Dustin’s objectivity and Ryan’s enthusiasm. Hugh could barely contain his contempt for all things Hoosier.

  9. An unconfirmed rumor has Seth Littrell, former Arizona OC, is joining the Hoosier FB staff. Played at OU, served for a time working for Leach at TT. Powerful addition if true.

  10. I just don’t take him seriously as a journalist when I see him with that hair.

    Normally, I wouldn’t care.

    I just think it’s different for a journalist because the story is not about the person reporting it and I think he does that hair for the attention.

    Ryan can’t hold a candle to Kellenberger (who had the best intro video EVER).

  11. I can’t believe all of the focus on poor Ryan’s hair! If his g.f. likes it, who cares what the rest of y’all think?

    Ryan, ignore these guys!

    Thank goodness all these “fashionistas” are better at making comments on basketball than they are at fashion. Otherwise, reading this would not be as interesting as it usually is.

    Stick to what y’all do well, guys – basketball analysis, not hair-dressing!

  12. #17 Video Guy……Great video,the best IU BB related video that I’ve seen. For those IU fans craving goosebumps, check it out.

  13. I remember Sampson, even with his much-hyped team, losing to Indiana State, Xavier, and an unranked UConn team (at home) during his tenure. Not to mention the Brian Butch loss and the ugly losses after the scandal broke out.

    Thinking about those years makes me even more giddy about this season and the future.

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