1. The 2-3 zone is also supposed to prevent offensive rebounding to a degree, but that didn’t really happen.

    And Verdell’s game, to me, was just a logical conclusion of a recent run of increasingly poor play. If a healthy Sheehey gets more minutes than Verdell the rest of the way, it doesn’t bode well for the team. Abell and Roth have both played better two-way basketball than Verdell lately.

  2. Good to hear that Jones stayed after to practice his jump shot. Unfortunately for him and for his team, practicing his jump shot won’t help his decision making or passing.

  3. There were signs it wasn’t our night pretty early on, but when the pimply, shaggy-haired white kid started knocking down 18-footers in the last 5 minutes, it became too obvious.

    I expect a close one at OSU.

  4. I see Verdell “8 Ball” Jones the Third had 6 missed shots last night, 3 turnovers and one assist. Could be they counted one of those missed shots as the lone assist? It was an off night for most of the team so I hope coach is making them practice until midnight for the next two days. All of them! All of them except Verdell, that is: he was the only one that brought his usual game to Assembly Hall last night. That’s called leadership, if you ask Coach.

    And maybe Tom Crean’s mid-season Jim Phelan award was trumped by Tubby Smith’s 2005 full-season Jim Phelan award, but in my opinion Tom Crean was by far the better coach for about 73 seconds in the first half and almost half a minute in the second. I say: chalk this up as a solid moral victory IU. We gave Minnesota a good scare… On the other hand I could not help but notice that Minny absolutely showed us no respect. There’s still no respect for IU and their brilliant coach! Damn NCAA.

  5. We just just laughing at you yesterday, saying how you were afraid to drag your stupid little butt up from your mom’s basement until the Hoosiers lost. You’re so predictable.

  6. Here’s a theory: one of those little heads that popped when the mid-season Jim Phelan coaching honors were extended was in fact Tom Crean’s! Why else he couldn’t coach last night as brilliantly as he did before? But this is “just just” a theory…

  7. Three main questions: Are any of the coaches defensive minded- even the games won recently have been poor defensively; do we know how to block out: Last night, how did Jones earn 23 minutes? Also Watford was a no show for some reason.

  8. Cody is the leader of the team as a freshman not Verdell as a senior. Remy needs to play more His mistakes are equal to Verdell’s overall game but Remy can guard somebody can hit just as many key shots Sheehey sitting
    with 12 points and 6 rebounds in 14 minutes is a coaching error , if his ankle was not a factor. There was a defensive scheme that was taking the game back but was abandoned , why I don’t know. It was Victor, Remy, Cody, Sheehey and the 5th defender esapes me maybe it was Watford. Anyway the Minn guards had a body on them
    and did not drive the lane or get a 3 point look in that short period. It is when we could have made a push then the rotation changed to quickly.

    I have watched Yogi and tell me I’m wrong, but I thin k he is the next Verdell. Love the Hoosiers.

  9. Well, look at it this way, if you are right than every professional recruiting service out there is wrong. How much did you get paid for your scouting services last year?

  10. Chet Just take a look Hope Hulls is the guy throwing lob passes to the athletic frontline on the way next year.
    Hey relax Chet These are all observations no one claims to be an expert, not even you.

  11. Jr5 – actually one of the main concerns when going to any kind of zone defense is offensive rebounding. 2-3 zones usually prevent driving lanes, post opportunities, and mismatches inside due to screening. I’ve never heard the theory that a team uses a 2-3 zone to prevent offensive rebounding… There aren’t specific box out assignments…

    However in the last couple minutes of the game they were pressing and falling back into man defense, and that was actually when they were hurt the most. Verdell failed to move his man out or block out and he jumped over VJ3 for a put back, then VJ3 and CW failed to box out on consecutive FTs… That was awesome.

  12. Geoff Verdell is on the way to hurting the team as everyone knows. Remy has a nose for the ball and Verdel would rather have someone else get it and pass it to him.
    Then whatever happens, happens and that spasm rubs off on the other players. Remy is the guy Get him ready for Big Ten Tournament and 1st round of NCAA’S Heard Watford was sick all week, but even at game time. Sheehey is consistant needs to be on the court most of the time.
    Glad he is back.

  13. I guess the good news for me was that I was actually upset and mad about this loss. I can’t really say that I have felt this way after a loss for about 3 years now. When the team lost the last few years, I really wouldn’t be upset knowing that the talent wasn’t really there and the team was still rebuilding. Now that there has been success and I feel that IU is BACK, these losses hurt and make me upset again. It is actually nice to feel this way again after an IU loss.

  14. Hoosier Plus, there was no coaching error with Sheehey sitting. The medical staff placed a 15 minute limit on him for this game and he played exactly 15 minutes.

  15. Interesting that Rico Chet drags himself out of his rathole on an IU loss, nowhere to be found during the stretch of wins, typical hypocrit behavior, period! In fact I had looked specifically for any comments he made during those 3 games. Zilch!!!!

  16. BOOMER Is that same Medical advice when Watford turns his ankle and they retape him and stick him back in the game with no production.

    Was Watford sick all week? Don’t know not looking for a fight, you have information not privy to the casual observer.

  17. don,t understand his subbing,take your six or seven and play them. , running up and down the sideline and subbing on a whim is not very good coaching. dribble around pointing fingers is stupid by now they should know where to be. we set poor screens,if we can,t shoot the three we are dead, and Minnesota shut that down.

  18. Main problem for quite some time is that Verdell has developed into the Pat Knight of Tom Crean. But one good game in Columbus from him and the rest of team and all is forgotten. I think IU can win this one but Tom Crean will have to stick his mid-season coaching award into his rotation come game time. Rico Chet predicts a win in Columbus for the Indiana Hoosiers. See you guys Monday morning.

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