Seth Littrell named IU Offensive coordinator

Indiana officially named former Arizona assistant Seth Littrell its offensive coordinator in a press release on Tuesday. The release also says that Kevin Johns, who had been the wide receivers coach and co-offensive coordinator, would be assistant offensive coordinator and the quarterbacks coach. It did not say what position Littrell would handle. The release follows.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson announced today that Seth Littrell will join the Hoosiers staff as offensive coordinator. Littrell arrives in Bloomington from the University of Arizona, where his 2011 offense ranked third nationally in passing offense (370.8) and 15th in total offense (465.2).

Current assistant coach Kevin Johns will serve as assistant offensive coordinator and take on the responsibilities of quarterbacks coach.

“We received a large amount of interest from a talented pool of applicants, but I kept coming back to Seth,” Wilson said. “Seth is one of the most innovative, young coordinators in the country. We are excited to incorporate his successful background with the spread passing game into our offense. We welcome Seth, his wife, Becca, and his son, Tripp, to the the Hoosier football family.”

Littrell spent three seasons in Tucson (2009-11) after a four-year stint as running backs coach at Texas Tech University. He has coached in seven bowl games, played in two and was team captain on the University of Oklahoma’s 2000 national championship team. A four-year letterwinner at Oklahoma, Littrell rushed for 231 yards and seven touchdowns in 1999 and finished his career with 11 rushing scores.

“This is a great opportunity to work with a great offensive mind in Kevin Wilson,” Littrell said. “I am very excited to be at an unbelievable university in the prestigious Big Ten Conference.”

Littrell served as offensive coordinator in 2011 and coached tight ends and H-backs. He was co-offensive coordinator in 2010 and coached running backs and tight ends in both 2009 and 2010.

Arizona’s 370.8 passing yards per game in 2011 set a school record and its 465.2 total yards per game ranked second. The Wildcats averaged 30.8 points and set school records in completions (398), attempts (577) and completion percentage (.690).

Littrell helped coordinate a Wildcat attack that averaged 439.4 total yards in 2010, the fourth-best mark in Arizona football history. His five running backs rushed for a combined 1,500 yards and a 4.6 average with 59 receptions for 432 yards. Nic Grigsby and Keola Antolin combined for a 6.2 average and accumulated 1,200 yards with nine scores in 2009.

At Texas Tech, the 2008 Red Raiders rushed for 119 rushing yards per game under Littrell’s direction, the highest total in the Mike Leach era. Baron Batch and Shannon Woods combined for 1,435 yards and 19 rushing touchdowns while catching 74 passes.

Taurean Anderson closed out his career with an NCAA record 302 receptions for a running back and the fourth-highest scoring total for a non-kicker with 414 points. Shannon Woods earned All-Big 12 Conference honors in 2006 after averaging 6.1 yards per carry and snagging 75 receptions, totaling a top 15 national figure of 139 all-purpose yards per game.

Prior to Texas Tech, Littrell was a graduate assistant at the University of Kansas. The Jayhawks played in the 2003 Tangerine Bowl.

The Muskogee, Okla., native graduated from Oklahoma with a degree in communications in 2000. Littrell and his wife, Becca, have one son, Tripp (1).


  1. This looks like a good hire, however, what is CKW’s bent with co-coordinators? I really don’t like it. The odds of Co-anythings working well is against you even if you have good people. The accountability is one part of it, but mostly it is just having a clear path for those down line who know who is in charge.

    I originally thought that Co-D Coordinators was done so that they could bring both Ekeler and Mallory on board and there was no way either of them were going to take a gig lower than D-Coordinator as their next job. But now that we have this on Offense too, it seems like Wilson has some kind of organizational philosophy about it.

    I don’t get it.

  2. Johns and Smith were co-coordinators this past season. Actually the “co” designation is well accepted and working successfully whether with the big boys or down to small programs more often than not. It blends issues dealing with egos, resume enhancement, $, helps in hiring a talented staff and needing 2 heads to handle all the details of game planning the multiple offenses create. Same reasons for D-co’s. Widely practiced in business for nearly 3 decades. It is no more trouble holding 2 pair of feet to the fire than it is 1.

  3. DD, Rod Smith left for Arizona, that was one co-coach. The article states that Johns will be assistant OC, Johns was the 2nd co-coach. That indicates that Littrell will be OC.

    I am not a fan of co-coaches. Circumstances can dictate how decisions and titles are given. Wilson made decisions last year to get a staff together. Will he continue with Mallory and Ekler, I don’t know. I do feel that he is better suited to make that decision than me.

  4. Although I don’t like Co-coordinators either, I’ll leave that argument alone for now. Jay Gregg is correct; the article suggests that IU now has one Offensive Coordinator and one assistant O-coordinator.

    I like this hire. I’ve followed U of A football closely since one of my daughters enrolled there years ago. Arizona has had a great and dynamic offense during Littrell’s time in Tucson. They passed the ball well, they ran the ball well, and they scored a ton of points against the best teams in the PAC 10. It was the defense and special teams that prevented Arizona from being more successful during Littrell’s tenure. In 2010, a few missed PATs and short field goals cost Arizona three wins and a top-ten ranking.

  5. Good-sounding hire and I must say I was pleasantly surprised that higher profile people like this guy are still interested in coming to IU after the mayhem of last year. Still, all the offensive genius in the world won’t help us till we can stop the other guys from scoring.

  6. Ridiculous thread. How about we call them Arch Duke and Baron? Unless somebody is is privy to the minutiae of the inner workings of the staff at IU how can you even make any type of assumption how it will work? It’s just a title and I’m with HC, it probably is ALL about contracts, resumes, and egos and has nothing to do with day to day operations.

    He has a good pedigree and sounds like a solid hire.

  7. Well, I guess there really wasn’t a conversation or trading of thoughts. Chet says it’s ridiculous, so there you have it. I am sorry to have wasted my and other folks time. Next time I’ll wait for Chet to give his okay before posting on The Scoop. I forgot that Chet has coached high school through D-I football, was a Navy pilot, is a part-time college professor, did not like Evasville and rides motorcycles. Why would anyone else post here?

  8. It is all about the man(men)hired to do the job and to hell with the title. I already like Littrell better than RS as he responds as being Wilson’s guy just as Smith is a RR guy. Now if Carlton Hall can be enticed to Bloomington we will have an effective upgrade to our D-line coaching. His resume is if possible more impressive than Littrell’s leading me to be even more impressed with Coach Wilson’s network and rep.

  9. Absolutely nothing wrong with Chet’s slant. Hell it is a blog. Bring what you got and state it the way you want. Discuss the big picture or the minutiae. The price is the same whether you’re fighting or matching. Just so everything is on the up and up Chet is actually a 14 year transvestite living in the Yukon. He gives cooking lessons for a living and sculpting ice bowling pins is his hobby. His website is to die for.

  10. let’s hope we score a lot of points. steve in ottawa is right. it won’t matter if we can’t play some defense. go hoosiers

  11. Let’s hope the JC transfers provide an instant improvement on defense. I think all the coaches involved understand that IU must make significant improvements in the talent they recruit for defense and their performance. I must believe the Mallory and Ekler know what needs to be done. The key question is, can they recruit the talent necessary to get it done, and sooner rather than later.

  12. Clarion hasn’t followed along…

    Chet has a hot wife and lives in the sticks on a high hill with a gravel driveway. I remember he said his wife is as lovely as Sarah Palin. He has a dog he talks to in MilkBone language. Shortly after he dropped out of ISU and threw away a shot at wrestling for the 1968 US Olympic team, he saw a road sign that convinced him to join NASCAR. He told me he blogged once from a vessel he used on a sole crossing of the pond….(that would be the bluegill pond in his backyard). He loves to ride his Harley in the rain. He’s a daredevil. He nearly killed a 16-year-old kid for staring in his eyes too long. That incident inspired him to go back to school(IU) and get his degree in Optometry. He fits elderly Duke fans with glasses for free in the hills of North Carolina and earns his living as a part-time traveling saleswoman for a company that still builds coil spring mattress manufactured in Paducah. Interesting side note: His great grandmother was married to Adolph Rupp…

  13. This is a good hire. Jay Gregg said it as well as it can be said. Coach Wilson is the individual best suited to put together the coaching staff to give the Hoosiers a defense worthy of the challenge the Hoosiers face.

  14. And coach Crean is worthy of a vote of 100% confidence in his ability at picking his coaches and players best suited for his team. Right? Who cares if Wilson has the final say?..What a huge news flash…Hey, everyone, don’t wait by the phone, coach Wilson will not consult with any experts that sit on chairs in front of computer screens and throw their opinions to the wind.

    What is the point of all the pampering every decision Wilson makes? JHC, Taso, you act like Wilson is dangling from your tender nipple. As Clarion said, it’s a blog, and we should have the freedom to discuss, interpret, doubt, confirm, contemplate, debate, question, applaud, scoff, inform, critique, and whatever the else we please.

    Personally, I’m surprised Bloomington isn’t buzzing inside and out over a basketball team ranked #12 in the nation. I think these diversions into football are just more attempts to take away credit and print space that should be going to Tom Crean and his never-say-die gritty team. I sure as hell hope the town is not as dead as this place and they’re not wasting time talking about football coaching hires on the street instead of a b-ball team pulling itself out of the ashes and proving itself in the shadows of constant doubt.

    This is basketball country and we are reclaiming it.

  15. Chet-

    Your sense of humor never ceases to amaze. That was extremely funny.

  16. For the future of IU athletics, it better become more than just “basketball country.” No reason why IU can’t be great in BB and competitive in FB. We’ll never be Alabama, but we can and must get much better in football.

  17. Is anybody actually watching all those bowl games? My God, it all seems so ridiculous. I used to enjoy January when there was four or five bowl games that actually came close to featuring the top teams. What are there now, about thirty bowl games? A lousy .500 record and you’re in a bowl. I guess it is all about money.. But I wonder if that lone pursuit and the saturation will eventually wear the product thin and blasé…For me, it already has long ago.

  18. Can’t wait for the Insatia-Bowl. Oral Roberts vs. Liberty U. The team with the most pre-game pledges is spotted a field goal and granted ‘most favored’ status.
    At halftime the marching bands are doing a tribute to Tim Tebow. There will be a fly over.

    I think I can hear footsteps.

  19. IU’s next bowl game could very well be the inaugural Food Network Paula Deen Colavita Olive Oil Bowl..{a marching band interpretation of Paula’s attempt at pronouncing “inaugural olive oil bowl” will be the halftime festivity)

  20. Po, Your exactly right. The Hoosiers have to become a force in FB and there is no reason for that not to happen. It bodes well that big name programs and well known coaches have wanted assistants that Wilson identified as hires for his staff. That in its self sends me positive vibes since it had only before been a trend with our BB program before CKW’s arrival to IU FB. He has the strongest staff ever at IU. Bloomington would not be considered as part of the South but it is the most southern location of any B10 university and that slant should be leveraged when going after talent in the South. It gives a slight edge in recruiting southern talent vs. other B10 opponents. Even as much as a near 3 fold increase in income helped bring Coach Wilson to IU he knew something about our possibilities because he sees something in the location Bloomington.

  21. Hoosier Clarion, you can be flippant and base your assertions on anecdotal evidence, or you can provide some actual substance to your claims. Sure there has been “3 decades” of co-coordinators, but aside from football, I’ve been a part organizations (much bigger than a college football program) with co-heads and they all achieved fairly disastrous results. It isn’t a binary equation and I certainly wasn’t making and either/or argument, but you cannot argue with the fact that co-heads of anything make for a dilutive and graying effect on the leadership of what they are running. Maybe it can work, more often than not, the structure isn’t ideal.

    Anyway, though, we’ll see how it turns out and I hope my concerns are alleviated.

    However, your thesis on Southern recruiting is specious. You think Wilson is going to have a leg-up on other Big Ten schools because we are the southern most B10 school — aka just 50 miles south of Bloomington? Good grief, that is like saying the 5’4″ 235 loser in the bar is going to pick up the hot chick because he’s the least fat porker in the bar. It is safe to assume that geography is not even amongst the Top 10 problems of IUFB’s recruiting woes .

  22. I really do not know whether to consider that retort dysfunctional or just confusing by design. If anyone is looking for me I am in the bakery, lost, that happened just after that 1st paragraph. (Co)is popular, working, modern and very successful. Sorry about your personal observations and experiences; but the negative result simply was the personnel selected not the structure.

    …flippant, anecdotal??…in a pigs Boston butt…

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